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    Case for old desktop-gaming PC into new HTPC/couch-gaming PC.

    Alright, hardware problems, please help: Problems: old computer; see My reservoir is cracked My pump is too loud My radiator is an old 360mm rad I'm an idiot and I through out my stock air cooling stuff I want: an HTPC...
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    What do i do with my "old" gaming PC?

    Regarding steamOS on proxymox: I think my goal, using a proxmox host: SteamOS in VM, passthrough Bluetooth (for controller), USB (for ??), GPU; plugged into home theatre something (edit: Turnkey core?) to host docker images a valheim server...
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    What do i do with my "old" gaming PC?

    This was my thought too, but ive never configured such a complicated network on a VM before nor have I ever used GPU pass-through. Could be a fun project. But what really annoys me now is the form factor. I dont want to use my current case, but I need a place to mount a triple 120mm radiator.
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    What do i do with my "old" gaming PC?

    the synology nas runs a little plex server. if you ask it to transcode things on the fly it can get a little wonky, but with a solid local network connection it does just fine.
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    What do i do with my "old" gaming PC?

    Dude the Q6600 and the Geforce 8800s were possibly the greatest CPU and greatest GPU's of all time. Keep them for sentimental value. I never had a Q6600, but the 8800 GTS? with its wierd 320 bit bus and 640mb memory? That thing hauled ass. kids today think 30% generation-on-generation is good...
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    What do i do with my "old" gaming PC?

    The old machine: Ryzen 3700X Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro wifi 32GB DDR4 3600 512Gb Samsung 970 pro, WD Black SN750 2TB, WD 1TB disk.
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    What do i do with my "old" gaming PC?

    I'm wondering what you guys usually do with old hardware. Ever since I first replaced a computer I've hoped that one day I would stitch my old laptops and old desktops together with some high speed ethernet and run some Frankenstein linux hyper-V that could do a kind of cluster computing on...
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    AMD 7700X + 32G GSkill 5600 + Asus B650 Prime = 💩

    bump. pendragon1 the ram is exactly the same SKU; they wont want to change skus without some kind of charge right. I'll ask them to give some DDR5 they having laying around --asuming they have some-- a shot. I updated the issue, at this point they've tried swapping literally every component...
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    AMD 7700X + 32G GSkill 5600 + Asus B650 Prime = 💩

    no its a brand new seasonic Focus 650+, its not the top-of-the-line from seasonic, but it is a seasonic.
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    AMD 7700X + 32G GSkill 5600 + Asus B650 Prime = 💩

    That was the first thing i tried the first time pendragon1, but it didnt fix the issue the first time. At this point an OCCT failure with hundreds of memory errors in the first few seconds implies some kind of event has happened that has done damage to the memory hardware, right? The fact...
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    AMD 7700X + 32G GSkill 5600 + Asus B650 Prime = 💩

    yeah so I paid for a new motherboard and $200 (!?) for Microcenter to do a motherboard swap. The thing ran their 16 hour stress test and just ran for 8 hours today including gaming without any issue. Now the thing is having trouble staying in windows for more than 5 minutes without a BSOD...
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    AMD 7700X + 32G GSkill 5600 + Asus B650 Prime = 💩

    Hey guys, I'm being tortured by what I thought would be a nice upgrade for my girlfriend. I'm in the nightmare hellscape of debugging, so any help/advice is appreciated. AMD 7700X ASUS Prime B650 A AX 32GB Gskill DDR5 5600 with nasty cas latencies :( Sapphire Radeon RX 6650 XT Inwin (?) 2TB...
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    Thoughts welcome: watercooled Ryzen for Games, FEA/CFD, and java/kotlin+IDEA

    thanks to @Kelijan for this post that outlines 570X motherboards: thanks to tangoseal for the AMD slide pointing me at 3600/3733Mhz ram
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    Thoughts welcome: watercooled Ryzen for Games, FEA/CFD, and java/kotlin+IDEA

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a build --in Canada, this is my current list: This is my home machine, so I'm looking to use it to write software and play games. Needs: Monitor; cpu + mobo + ram + gfx; main-drive. cpu waterblock, gpu...
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    Ryzen 3900x build: feedback sought

    I am in a very similar boat to the OP and came here thinking "I'm going to have such a hard time getting up to speed on whose got better voltage regulation and which ram chips can get pushed hardest" and then in a single post you've solved half my problem. Many thanks. (before I head into the...
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    $2k to $5k build for (buggy) software QA

    Hey Guys, So I just typed this out, accidentally closed the tab, so no I'm typing it all out again (in nodepad++ this time) Firstly: There's a tl;dr with the build template at the bottom, so if you want to skip the backstory you can. So I work for this company, and right now our QA...
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    Canadian Spy Agency Tracks Millions Of Downloads Daily

    My favorite is the workflow slide titled "Filtering out Glee Episodes" :D Nothing here seems all that unexpected to me, any country with even a moderately well funded intelligence community should have these capabilities. I'm not sure how they retrieve those user agent strings though, I'm not...
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    $1000 US ($1200 CAD) build for girlfriend

    Thanks so much for this, I've never heard of Price picker, that alone has made this thread worth it. Hooray for aggregate searches!
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    $1000 US ($1200 CAD) build for girlfriend

    I want all of games with all of the eye candy. In other words Assassins Creed Unity. anybody but NCIX. this questions a bit complicated, Probably I'll just install a copy of windows 8.1, and if she hates it, I'll go with a copy of windows 7. by "bridged-in" what I was referring to is USB...
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    $1000 US ($1200 CAD) build for girlfriend

    Been a while since I've been on these boards so bear with me: 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? This questions a bit complicated. Ultimately we've got $1200 CAD to spend. I've got an...
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    Predicting the future of tech is futile

    I think he's referring to the validity of that quote, which nobody's quite willing to give a good citation on. That said, the sentiment stands, X86 has gone as far as it can, we need a new architecture to continue moores law a 32 bit address space aught to be enough for the IP stack a 48...
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    Few newbie Quesions on C#

    real players in the internet business. What are you talking about? Pick the best tool for the job. Regardless of your choice, you'll have challenges. One of my favorite stacks to work on was Windows, IIS, Mongo and .net. Now I'm writing GUI's in Java for Linux with our model persisted in flat...
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    Few newbie Quesions on C#

    I really like C# Though I like Scala more than F#, I still really like the .net framework. the await keyword in C# 5 with WinRT is a masterstroke... though WinRT is kind've a clusterfuck. Anyways, this seems like an excellent time to plug my soon-to-be-on-maven library: Linq-A-Like...
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    YABR - $1100 CAD, its been a while

    firstly, think I can I start an acronym: Yet Another Build Request (YABR)? It would follow in the long line of FLOSS "Yet-Another" acronyms. Anyways, to follow the template: 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc General purpose. Diablo III is as extensive...
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    SSD 1 compatability with SSD 3 - PLZ HELP!!

    yeah you're fine. the SATA spec is intrinsically backwards compliant, so your motherboard will attempt to drive the SATA 3 controller on your drive at SATA 1 speeds, and the drive will simply accept that. And before anyone can chime in about the performance hit, the drive will saturate the...
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    Botched my first loop; dead 6950 with a new cap

    The units are correct, if the cap is being used as voltage regulation, then you can have whatever capacitance you want as long as the actual voltage put over the cap is below the (advertised) break-down voltage. Anyways, I baked my card for 8 minutes at 385F last night, no change. So I guess...
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    Botched my first loop; dead 6950 with a new cap

    ok so in the debate of who gives better advice, HardForum or Bit-Tech, Hardforum wins (I figured I'd post there because so many of their mods are so incredible, but I guess the guys making those don't post on the boards or read "help me" threads) Yeah, I should mention I've done a fair bit of...
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    Botched my first loop; dead 6950 with a new cap

    Hey gents, I've been meaning to get into liquid cooling for a long time, so a couple years ago I bought one of the old asetek liquid cooling loops on clearance. I've been purchasing my way out of catastrophe ever since, and I'm starting to lose hope. I'll let you read all about my first...
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    The Microsoft Blues (rant)

    Afternoon gents: This is a rant. I'm not happy. Does anybody else think Microsoft's on a significant decline? I like metro, but windows 8 is baby-with-the-bathwater tech. I've got a longer rant here, but they really did write-off huge portions of legacy code. Microsoft has always...
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    Creating own wesite (advice)

    Take a look at square space, in about 4 hours I was able to put this together. I am a software developer and I have worked with CSS and Javascript before, but I didn't have to touch any code to get that page to the state where it is now.
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    Nvidia or Amd or nothing yet ...what a Dilemma

    Who told you overclocking reduces the lifespan of hardware?
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    College Expels Student For Finding Security Flaw

    We like to think that north of the 49th we don't do those kind of things. That article is more than a bit sensationalist. He wasn't booted because he found a whole, he was booted because he tested a whole against a live system. We don't know the details of that test. If you find a whole in a...
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    Blizzard’s Jay Wilson Leaving the Diablo 3 Team

    I really liked D3. just goes to show you that people can be really emphatic about things they're wrong about. The Stormwind, Helm of Command, and Justice Lantern are the corner stones of modern blocking barbs. There are more than a couple legendary items that are worth a billion gold. I...
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    Dual booting Windows 7 & 8 on separate SSD's

    Does your motherboard have SecureBoot/UEFI? I'm not familiar with the specifics of how bootloaders work, but you can almost certainly do this with GRUB (which you can skin with BURG if you want to). I believe this guide will get you to where you want to be...
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    EA to cannibalize THQ IP's.

    Does it sadden anybody else that Darksiders II and Saints Row III can come out, both good games, and have their publisher file for chapter 11? Games industry is not looking healthy.
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    Multi-card for Cuda?

    I'm gonna bump this for the sake of completeness: I removed the 9800GTX+ a few days ago and left my driver situation relatively as-is (uninstalled CUDA compiler, uninstalled VS 2010, left display drivers remained in-place). A few days ago I took out my 9800GTX+ without issue, again...
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    Multi-card for Cuda?

    Huh, its nice to hear these things play nicely together, nice enough even to have both driver suites installed and running side-by-side. I just finished plugging in my 9800GTX+. On boot my Displayport monitor refused to come up, but after unplugging it everything seems fine. I'm a little...
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    Multi-card for Cuda?

    Hey guys, has anybody here successfully plugged 2 totally unrelated graphics cards into a single system? I'm working on an assignment that requires Cuda, but my current box has a 6970 in it, and I'd like to keep it that way, but for this assignment I've got a homeless 9800GTX+ lying around...
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    Let the battle for giant smartphone begin

    in the interest of disclosure: I'm currently a 4th year undergraduate with 2 work terms as a .net (windows) developer, and I very much believe my future is in the .net community. Silverlight sucks; while I'd argue the tooling around Microsoft's mobile operating system Windows Phone 7 has...
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    Microsoft Announces Windows 8 Mice and Keyboards

    So I'm 22 and apparently I'm an old fart, because nothing about that hardware comes even close to my use-cases. Going off on the windows 8 digression for a second: Windows really is arcane. Thinking about my desktop objectively, there's a huge amount of wasted space that does very little...