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  1. MrTroy03

    is there any program / way / script that will show me what is hanging at boot ?

    True for services but for startup programs, msconfig just links to task manager as that is where disabling startup items has moved. This... maybe even unplug the keyboard and mouse honestly. When you say "to boot" do you mean to the login screen or does it boot to login fast and then 15 mins...
  2. MrTroy03

    is there any program / way / script that will show me what is hanging at boot ?

    Since you used MSCONFIG you are using Windows 7 perhaps? I would run a test on the HDD to be safe. It could be the drive failing or have bad sectors in the areas it needs while booting. When did it start? You could try a Windows Restore Point to a time when it booted fine to see if a new program...
  3. MrTroy03

    Senate Wants Emergency Alerts to go Out Through Netflix, Spotify, etc.

    If they do it right, I think its not a bad idea. When you aren't watching cable/satellite or OTA TV and a Tornado is on the way, how am I to know it is on the way if my phone doesn't go off for some reason? There have been SEVERAL times where I was under a severe thunderstorm warning and there...
  4. MrTroy03

    MSN email listed on the darkweb. Attempts to sync have been made.

    Change the password immediately to something long and secure immediately. Change all your "security questions" and give bogus answers that you have somewhere offline. Like, favorite pet as a child? Geometry, Mothers maiden name? 1999 World Series etc. If you have a recovery account (another...
  5. MrTroy03

    Do I choose bridged mode if I want to use my Cable modem/wifi combo as just a modem?

    If you don't need to do port forwarding of any kind, you don't even necessarily have to worry with bridge or DMZ, it may technically be double NAT, but that works fine for must stuff honestly. Just disable WiFi in the modem (so its not interfering with your routers WiFi). Some routers are smart...
  6. MrTroy03

    no video signal to monitor

    You will lose some speed not running it in slot 1 & 3 dual channel, but honestly the impact probably isn't going to be that significant. It seems like if it won't boot with any single stick (by itself) in slot 1 (closest to CPU) or 2, then yes, those two slots are bad. If 3 and 4 work you can...
  7. MrTroy03

    no video signal to monitor

    They took that out and put in a stick of 1600MHz ram, as the mobo site says that its up to 1600 stock and 2133 is overclock. I assumed that was the problem and they took out the 2133 and put in one stick of 1600 and it booted fine. It seems like OP threw in a 2nd stick of RAM. not sure if 1600...
  8. MrTroy03

    no video signal to monitor

    Are the two sticks of ram the same brand and model? In theory if you mix and match speed and brand (a 1333 and a 1600) it should work OK, but in reality mismatched sticks often don't play well together. Try that other stick by itself to see if it boots, if it does we know its not the stick. Its...
  9. MrTroy03

    Dell T3500 PB12 error

    Right, but just because it booted backup that is not a "fix", it just started working again. It is intermittent, and after some tries starts working again. You didn't do anything specifically to "fix" the issue besides rebooting etc. If whatever steps you took to make it work again are only...
  10. MrTroy03

    no video signal to monitor

    So the Asus p8p67 doesn't have onboard CPU video output? If it did I would suggest taking the card out and see if it gives video off of the CPU video output. No beep codes or anything? It just stays on and runs? It could be the RAM, do you have anything that runs at 1600 or 1333? The support...
  11. MrTroy03

    Dell T3500 PB12 error

    Just because its intermittent doesn't mean it's fixable. If it is a flaky motherboard, I still don't see how you can "fix it." I think a 30 day warranty on a motherboard from a PC built in 2009 is a fair deal. These are all either "new old stock" or used boards. Its a computer from 2009 that you...
  12. MrTroy03

    Dell T3500 PB12 error

    I found this online "A power failure has been detected in one of the onboard system board regulators. This could be caused by a failed system board component or by a plug-in device creating a short on a regulated power rail. (PS_ON asserted, PS_PWRGOOD asserted, SYS_PWRGOOD de-asserted)" This...
  13. MrTroy03

    computer hardlocks - possibly GPU

    Try a different GPU if you have one or the onboard just to see if it still locks up.
  14. MrTroy03

    Unable to system restore window 10

    Make sure to unplug any unnecessary devices, such as USB printers, external HDDs etc. By restore I assume you mean the Windows 10 self-repair and not a classic restore point, right? Try a destructive restore IF you have all of your data backed up (triple check!). If that fails make a bootable...
  15. MrTroy03

    Microsoft Donates PC to Ghanaian Teacher after Photo Goes Viral

    Its a slippery slope, Can't give a billion poor people a free PC. I mean, there isn't even a computer there. At least now he can have the kid huddle around and show them on an ACTUAL screen.
  16. MrTroy03

    Microsoft Donates PC to Ghanaian Teacher after Photo Goes Viral

    Its not a math class, its a COMPUTER class, as in he is teaching the kids how to use a computer... without a computer. Thats like trying to teach shop class with no wood, screws, saws, metal, glue etc.
  17. MrTroy03

    Unable to connect to FileZilla FTP

    Try this:
  18. MrTroy03

    Turning Off Annoying Messages

    Sulphademus is right. It's something with THAT specific program you are using. I am sure you notice that when you launch Chrome, or Microsoft Word those prompts don't come up. The program is either set to run as administrator (required for some, especially older programs) or it is requesting...
  19. MrTroy03

    Chrome Will Soon Mark All HTTP Pages As "Not Secure"

    Oh wait, this isn't the full blown error like an invalid HTTPS cert, this just lists it in the title bar that it is "not secure", which is true. Firefox already does this with http sites. It just shows a little lock with a cross through it. Its fine. No biggie. Not as as big of a deal as the...
  20. MrTroy03

    Chrome Will Soon Mark All HTTP Pages As "Not Secure"

    The days of HTTP being acceptable are gone. It used to be all HTTP and just HTTPS on the login page or form. Anyone who wants to have a public website these days will just have to pony up a bit or use something like SquareSpace where they handle all that for you. If its a small personal thing...
  21. MrTroy03

    New PS4 Update Alllows Parents To Control Kid's Play Time

    Not unless the kid knows the password to get into the parental controls. What good would it be if resetting power to the console erased the limit? I think this is a good idea to help, especially when the parents are out and a babysitter is in, you can control that kind of thing remotely or...
  22. MrTroy03

    Microsoft Is Retiring the Windows Homegroup

    1. Set Ethernet (or Wifi) to Private on all PCs. 2. Change advanced sharing settings to "Turn On file & Printer sharing" and set to "use user accounts" rather than HomeGroup. 3. Under All networks, turn off password protected sharing. 4. Share the folder(s) or drive(s) necessary. Modify the...
  23. MrTroy03

    Net Neutrality Your Way

    This is not true at all. The FCC has been enforcing Net Neutrality for years, this is not reversing just the 2015 law. When AT&T tried to block Vonage... the FCC stepped in. When Comcast throttled BitTorrent traffic, the FCC stepped in, all well before 2015, under Net Neutrality. Then, Verizon...
  24. MrTroy03

    Net Neutrality Your Way

    No its not, its more like saying one of these two things: COMCAST: "Hey Netflix, you want access to our customers? You pay us $1 million each year for access to to Comcast customers, or, we will slow down traffic from Netflix to Comcast customers to 1Mbps." COMCAST: "Hey user, yes we know you...
  25. MrTroy03

    Stupid People Should NOT Use Waze

    Its the same thing as blaming a paper map for taking you a road that is closed or doesn't exist. People are stupid, simple as that. Its up to you to drive and not drive into a lake.
  26. MrTroy03

    I have finally arrived - free of cable internet shackles

    Lol. You guys crack me up. I pay $30 a month for 3Mpbs down / 1Mbps up (really 2.7 down on a good day by about .4 to .7 up) for Frontier DSL. The prettier the nature the worse the internet...
  27. MrTroy03

    Need help troublehshooting slow ethernet upload speeds

    I'll actually try to offer some help instead of being snarky. Try more than one speedtest site. I like Boot into safe mode on Windows 10 and see what you get. If it runs fine, then some software such as firewall or AV or something is affecting it in normal...
  28. MrTroy03

    Today Is The Last Day To Upgrade To Windows 10 Free

    I could be mistaken, but you can use things like the Windows Update for Business, which I think is basically the same thing as the Windows Update Servers on Windows 7 where you would point your clients to a internal Windows update server where you load the approved updates that you want to...
  29. MrTroy03

    Today Is The Last Day To Upgrade To Windows 10 Free

    If you are a Windows user and are not on Windows 10 at this point, you are an idiot.
  30. MrTroy03

    Group of AI's Produces Death Metal Album

    This isn't good, but it was trained off of one album. Give it the entire history of Metallica, Pantera and a handful of other music of similar genre's and then lets see what it makes. It would probably be a lot better.
  31. MrTroy03

    Windows 10: Obscure error message

    A screenshot in addition to the text would also be most useful.
  32. MrTroy03

    Facebook Using AI to Scan For Suicidal Posts

    You guys are being especially snarky today. If this works like it should, its a good thing. That's a big if. If someone posts something that will trigger this on Facebook, it is the same as writing it in a diary, or making a weird phone call, or making strange comments in person, its someone...
  33. MrTroy03

    Amazon Key Flaw Could Let Rogue Deliverymen Disable Your Camera

    I have Amazon Echo, that's one thing. But I'll be god damned if I am letting anyone in my house while I am not home.
  34. MrTroy03

    Doctor Loses License Because She Doesn’t Know How to Use a Computer

    The issue is NOT that she "can't use a computer", she lost her license because she can't review and add to the prescription drug control done by computer. That's it. Its just sensationalized to be about the lack of computer usage.
  35. MrTroy03

    Dish Expands Alexa Support to its Joey Receivers

    I actually use this and its pretty sweet. Its nice to have one hand of drink, a plate, and a arm full of snacks and just say "Computer, resume Dish" and it presses the play button for you basically as you are walking back into the room. Or my wife, who does not have the remote, can say...
  36. MrTroy03

    Drone Video Shows Postal Worker Delivering Mail in Neighborhood Ravaged by Wildfire

    It's up to the homeowner to request their mail be held at the post office. No issue here.
  37. MrTroy03

    Windows 10 detects network devices, not listed on router

    Did you used to own either of these devices or at least something from the same manufacturer? The first part of the MAC address identifies the vendor, so perhaps its finding something similar?
  38. MrTroy03

    Atari Suing Nestle for Breakout Game Kit Kat Ad

    That's not the issue, it's that Kit Kat is using Atari's property to make money, they are capitalizing on Atari's property and popularity to advertise their product. If they want to use an Atari property to increase sales of Kit Kats, they would need to contact Atari and come to an agreement...
  39. MrTroy03

    folder sharing question.

    On top of having the "Security" tab (NTFS) set to "Everyone Allow Read" and the Share permissions set to "Everyone Allow Read", you need to do this: Network And Sharing Settings Click on Change Advanced Sharing Settings Under Private (assuming your set to Private) area... File And Printer...