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    iPhone X and more recent iPhones with the use of screen protectors

    I have to have a screen protector. I cannot stand staring at a scratch on the screen.
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    Win 10 for Workstations

    its crazy that an 8 core ryzen can beat that score for $300.
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    Best mouse for cs:go?

    any mouse with 1000hz polling and an optical sensor. after that its what feels best in your hand.
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    The front panel header and what sound card it uses

    So that isn’t two sound cards. It has an amp on the front panel header, but it still uses the same sound card.
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    The front panel header and what sound card it uses

    The long cord that runs through the case I could see introducing some noise. That isn’t out of the realm of possibility. But there is no motherboard that I know of that has a second sound card for the front panel.
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    The front panel header and what sound card it uses

    Every gpu these days has one on it. What he is saying is if you use the front panel audio header it uses a lesser quality sound Card than the one advertised by the manufacturer.
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    The front panel header and what sound card it uses

    So I just watched a Paul’s hardware video on YouTube and I had to come here and ask this question. According to Paul some motherboards front panel audio connection uses a different sound card. This sounds about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If a motherboard had dual audio chips I’m sure...
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    I have that modem/router, but use it bridge mode. Does it run hot?
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    Boeing 747s Use Floppy Disks to Get Critical Software Updates

    I still keep a usb floppy drive at work. All of my coworkers laugh at it.
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    do people still tweak and overclock memory?

    The guy above 100% wrong. It is definitely worth it to tighten the timings with ryzen. Hell, theY make a calculator for it. You only see a few percent differences in synthetic benchmarks, but in gaming it can be 20%+ in 1% lows.
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    Ryzen 3950 / 3600 CL14 - can’t boot

    have you tried setting all of the timings from the dram cal?
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    Motherboard USB splitter?

    My 011 doesn’t have two usb 3 headers. One is usb 3 and one is a type c header.
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    i7 4770k overclocking help (BSOD-ing)

    My 4770k was never 100% stable at 4.3.
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    i7 4770k overclocking help (BSOD-ing)

    That’s where I would start
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    Low r20 3700x

    so you have the 3700x at 2400 stock and the 5700 at stock?
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    SEGA GENESIS HOLY GRAIL Blockbuster World Video Game Championship II

    The 2 time, back to back, 1993 1994, video game world champion, would say it worth $1,000,000.
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    Low r20 3700x

    what was your r20 score? i just went to the old bois and set it to 4.3. been using it like this for a week now.
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    Let's Talk IPV6

    so how does any device on your network talk to other devices On your by hostnames?
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    Let's Talk IPV6

    so when you run ipconfig /all on your pc what do you get for a dns server? I got a million on your routers IP address.
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    Call of Duty physical edition

    I thought this was funny. Can you imagine how long it would take to copy all that from a dvd drive? I would bet a 100mbps connection would be faster.
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    Let's Talk IPV6

    so you run dns on your router
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    Let's Talk IPV6

    so when you need to bring up google in a web browser do you type or
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    Let's Talk IPV6

    how do you not run dns? do you have a rainbow table for a host file?
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    Low r20 3700x

    i think i need to go a roll back (if i can). this new bios is really bad. ive seen r20 scores on my system as low as 4150. the thing that is really weird to me is that the single core score is still right above 500, normal.
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    Low r20 3700x

    You should be able to get 4800 all day long on a 3700x. When I was running 4.3 all core I would get 5100+. The weird thing is my single core score is 500, about normal. It’s just the multi core that is down. All cores are boosting to 4.0 during the r20 run and temps are around 75c.
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    Low r20 3700x

    I’m only getting about 4300-4500 after updating to Anyone else lose like 400 points?
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    Asus X470 bios, where is docp?

    Ok, really Asus, where is docp in the new bios? If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.
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    What's y'all's read on the 12-pin PCIe rumor surrounding the 3080ti?

    3 x 6 pins doesn’t even equal 2 x 8 pins.
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    What's y'all's read on the 12-pin PCIe rumor surrounding the 3080ti?

    I think this adapter is going to need 2 x 8 and 1 x 6. I don’t think they’d do this just for 2 x 8 pins. That’s a lot of power. Something we haven’t seen since the dual gpu cards.
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    What's y'all's read on the 12-pin PCIe rumor surrounding the 3080ti?

    I like the idea of using one connector for the gpu. Anytime you can reduce the number of cables in the case I like it (I hate you rgb). But, it looks like they’re doing this to get more power to the gpu. Like 350w. So instead of having 2 x 8 pin and 1 x 6 pin they came up with a new connector...
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    Is Corsair still a good brand for PSU?

    I have cx750m in one of my PCs. The fan runs at 100% all the time. I can’t stand to use the system because of it. my other system has a EVGA gold psu and I couldn’t be happier with it.
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    Dt 770 pro for gaming?

    Got my Fulla 3 today. Going to set it up tonight. I’ll let you know how it is compared to the onboard codec.
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    convince me about Ubiquiti

    it is some like a regular managed switch. It had a web interface and you can ssh. No controller is needed. The unifi aps will still need a controller to setup. What I’m trying to say is there’s no unifi integration in edge os.
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    I am so Jealous of the New 3800XT ,my e-penn is damage but I am fighting back

    I wish it was that price when I bought my 3700x. I would have got that instead. That said, we’re just a few months away from zen 3. No reasons to go xt now.
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    convince me about Ubiquiti

    This is why I went edgerouter 4 and edgeswitch 16 with UniFi aps. I understand the need for a controller to manage aps, that’s kind of normal. But I don’t want to setup my switch and router with a controller.
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    Ubiquiti Sanity Check

    i would go with at least an erl if not an er4.
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    Corsair sp rgb fan does not turn on

    you might need to set the number of pins to 3 or 4
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    Any cool ideas for using this old Dell Precision 390?

    put unpatched xp on it and surf the internet