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    multi-year multi-million infrastructure overhaul

    Hopefully you mean this in a positive way. Great work to the OP. Clean and professional.
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    Official Red's server room thread

    Where in Canada do you live exactly? I am in Southern Ontario, and while a UPS is more expensive than the US, it's no where near $900. What are you running that you need such a high capacity setup? Have you considered Colo? A UPS isn't meant to run for hours. As mentioned before...a...
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    Official Red's server room thread

    Not sure I still get the point of all this... You mentioned your reason for going with an automotive battery was to save cost. I don't see how the cost of inverter, acid drip trays, shelving, hydrogen monitoring, etc. can cost less than a new or refurbished UPS. Especially taking into...
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    Post Your Home File Server Specs

    This is a terrible idea....You should google, or even youtube why its a bad idea to charge car batteries indoors.
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    Strange NFS ESXi all-in-one issue - Help!

    This is where I get confused... Can I not have a management VMkernel, for connecting to ESX on my 192 network? Actually the greens are working great. No issues. All NFS shares are on the blacks....
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    Strange NFS ESXi all-in-one issue - Help!

    I should mention this is all over NFS.
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    Strange NFS ESXi all-in-one issue - Help!

    Hello, I have the following all-in-one setup: Supermicro X9SCL Xeon E3 1230 16GB ram Perc 6 2 Arrays 4 x 1TB WD Black 3 x 2TB WD Green Open Media Vault VM with the Perc6 passed through directly. 2 networks: 192.168.160.x - vSwitch0 - General network - 1 Intel NIC...
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    Network pics thread

    I'm not even using iSCSI. Maybe it's a switch config error..hmm...
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    Network pics thread

    Did you have any problems with Openfiler? I am running 2.3 w/ NFS & ESXi 5 and get constant disconnects or 'pauses' in my VM's. I like the interface of Openfiler, and the fact that it's linux. I don't like the slowness of CIFS on FreeNAS, and don't need ZFS, but the problems with...
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    Network pics thread

    Sorry for the repost of image, but does anyone know where to get the cable management that Krazypoloc is I can't seem to find anything.
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    Server OS drive, RAID1 or single SSD?

    If you have THAT much logging going on, and aren't concerned about losing them, why not have logs write to SSD? Keep the OS on the disks like you mentioned, and keep your hosting data on an array as well. So Port 1 - Array 1 (Raid1) - OS drive 7200rpm sata Port 2 - Array 1 (Raid1) - OS...
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    Sandy Bridge Boards -- Which ones have vt-d?

    I naively bought a H67 board, which supposedly wont I probably wont even try. Even Intel reports only one of their P67 boards supporting vt-d. sigh...
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    Sandy Bridge Boards -- Which ones have vt-d?

    Any update on this? The only board I found was the Intel DP67BG, which isn't available yet aparently.
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    Server Upgrade on a Tight Budget

    He's bang on. I didn't want to say anything to get you discouraged on your first project. IMO running ESXi on that box will only make things worse. The overhead is too much for it to handle. Take some time, put together a detailed quote and proposal, even explain to them what everything is...
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    aes-ni on esxi

    I'm looking to encrypt my FS volume with either luks or truecrypt. Will the VM be able to take advantage of AES-NI support from the CPU? I'm trying to keep the overhead to a minimum on a ESX test box, while keeping power to a minimum as well.
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    Best Drive Layout (Exchange Server)

    Maybe raid 10 with two partitions, one for OS, one for logs. and raid 1 the two raptors for your datastore. If you outgrow it, you could always create a new datastore/partition on your raid 10 array....
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    ? about san storage

    I think you may be SOL. You're most likely missing a card. The bigger issue may be not having hard drives. Usually you need dell (emc) specific drives, with dell (emc) firmware on them.
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    Need Solid WAP for Manufacturing Warehouse

    The only reason I went with switches was because they were cheaper than transceivers, and I needed a switch there anyways. Either will work, just depends what you find I guess.
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    Need Solid WAP for Manufacturing Warehouse

    If you find 2 switches with mini gbic ports (like this: and some sfp modules (like this: Buy LC-LC fiber cable in the length...
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    Need Solid WAP for Manufacturing Warehouse

    Copper is copper, lightning is lightning. Use Fiber, it's relatively cheap to setup.
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    Can the Adaptec 2610SA 1.5Gbps SATA RAID controller be used with SAS drives?

    This is one of the SLOWEST controllers I have EVER used. Although it was free, I would highly recommend NOT using it, ESPECIALLY in an ESX setup.
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    Way to ping-check routers using a cron or web-script

    Check out nagios. Fairly simple to setup, gives historical data and alerts.
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    good psu=no post/cheap psu=post???

    I have a tyan 2466. 512mb of ram, no cards installed and a xp1700. Enermax 430w = no post Enermax 430w = no post Enermax 300w = no post Enermax 300w = no post Aopen 300w = Post No Name PSU 300w = Post Powerman 300w = Post Why is the board posting with the cheapest power supplies I...
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    My friend's internet is severely messed up, please help!

    Replace the NIC cards. I stumble upon situations likes a lot, especially in the summer due to thunderstorms. Nic's are very sensitive to power fluctuations.
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    sharing files with friends...

    Why not just FTP?
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    Windows A.D. vs Samba

    Like I originally said, I don't know what A.D. is. This had been cleared up earlier. I then asked if it was similar to OpenLDAP. Thanks for clearing everything up guys.
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    Windows A.D. vs Samba

    ok, so active directory does basically what openLDAP does? centralizes all user information?
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    Windows A.D. vs Samba

    I'm not 100% sure what the benefits of AD are. Can anyone explain the advantages of running Windows 2000/2003 Server over Samba as a PDC?
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    2x 512mb Performance series not working on NF3

    I'm having the same problem with a Epox 9NDA3+ NF3. I havn't tried in single channel, but dual channel will only work if the computer is powered totally off for an extended period of time then slowly it gives me a memory boot error. I am about to RMA my board, I was possibly going to get a DFI...
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    raid 0

    Reliable? Are your hard drives reliable? You run twice the risk of losing your data. If one disk goes, you lose all your data.
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    Mac radeon 9600 in PC?

    Your computer wont post without a video card, unless you have onboard.
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    amd64 slow ram bench. Help!!

    Wow! 1T made a huge difference. 6443MB/s :D Thanks for the help guys.
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    amd64 slow ram bench. Help!!

    Its on AUTO in the bios, altho I'm pretty sure its at 2T
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    best way to backup files 4 small business

    How big are the files you need to backup in total? Just backup daily to a DVD-RW and replace monthly. Raid1 is good for redundency but is not a backup.
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    amd64 slow ram bench. Help!!

    Ok. I think i just got desperate and bumped the memory down figuring that was what was holding me back. Erm, don't know what I was thinking. Ram is back to 166 Newest Settings: CPU: 2577.27 HTT: 257.73 Memory: 214.77 Memory at 5266MB/s now in sandra. What should I put my memory...
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    amd64 slow ram bench. Help!!

    My Ram is set to 133 in the bios, Is this what you are talking about? Even at stock settings, it runs a little bit faster closer to 5000mb/sec. I appreciate everyones help so far.
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    amd64 slow ram bench. Help!!

    Yeah, it is definatly is in dual mode. banks 3&4. Bios, CPU-Z reports as dual channel. Picture up now, sorry.
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    amd64 slow ram bench. Help!!

    Heres me setup Epox 9NDA3+ AMD64 3200 Winchester OCZ 2x512 3500EL (one stick is questionable, reports as 2700 in cpuz. OCZ and people say thats normal) ATI 9600XT Right now running HTT: 260 HT: 3x CPU: 10x 2.7v memory AGP: 67 memoy: Cas: 2 Ras to Cas: 3 Ras precharge: 3...
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    Question about DiamondMax 10 and Maxline III

    Heh, I hope the maxline 3's are good and reliable! I just installed a raid5 with 4 disks for a business.
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    Need a PHP in/out board

    Doesn't seem to fool proof though.Couldn't employees sign in for other people? Either way, this would be pretty easy to setup. There might be some scripts out there for you.