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    Looking to price my gaming rig to sell

    What do you guys think a fair price for this rig would be? CASE: NZXT H500 MOBO: Asus TUF Z370-Plus PROC: 8600K MEM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance LP VC: Evga 1070 PSU: Corsair 650W SSD1: OCZ 120GB SSD2: Samsung Evo 1TB SSD3: Samsung Evo 1TB
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    PSU Wattage suggestions

    Please suggest a couple PSU's to power the below specs How much wattage would you get for the below? CPU = AMD FX8150 MOBO = ASUS M5A97 LE MEM = 16GB DDR3 VID = XFX 7870 CASE = CM HAF 912 HDD = 2 x SATA 6gbs 500gb
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    Testament to the CM Hyper 212 EVO

    It knocked 15 degrees centigrade off my load temps. Freezer 7 pro was around 70, Hyper 212 Evo stays below 55. Same paste, AS Ceramique 2. It's a good cooler!
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    Upgrade from 5870?

    thx for the reply magoo, guess i'll run this 5870 into the ground.
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    Upgrade from 5870?

    I recently upgraded from a 775 build (q9550) to an 1155 build (3570k) and have enjoyed a huge jump in fps on Guild Wars 2. Most of this I attribute to going from PCIe 1.0 to 3.0. My 5870 runs at PCIe 2.0 and I am now wondering what kind of jump I would see if I upgraded to a PCIe3.0 card...
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    Question about frame rates

    I recently upgraded everything except my video card (hd5870/PCIe 2.0) and am now getting 100fps higher in GW2. I was expecting a modest bump, but nowhere near what I got. The one thing that I am most attributing to the increase is that the old mobo was PCIe 1.0 and the new one is PCIe 3.0...
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    CPU Cooler that works with Corsair Vengeance

    Looking for a cpu cooler that works with Vengeance, the new Z77 board I got has the ram pretty close to the cpu slot. Any suggestions? Maybe someone else has my mobo and vengeance and can tell me what they are using.... mobo: Asus P8Z77-V LK current cooler that doesn't work: Arctic Cooler...
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    Geil DDR3 2400

    Anyone have any experience with this? I'm generally Corsair, but have used Geil in the past and it works fine.
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    Best Aftermarket Cooler for 5870

    Mine sounds like it's about to break, everyone seems to be pointing to the AC Accelero extreme What I have read is don't go with the cheaper 2 fan accelero for the 5870 because it cools less than the factory fan. I...
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    5970 fan rattle

    I think i'm getting the same thing u are, what brand, mines xfx and the fan rattle is disturbing
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    Best Aftermarket Cooler for 5870

    Can anyone suggest a good cooler for the 5870, my xfx fan is starting to get REALLY loud
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    How are ATI Drivers these days?

    I was VERY unpleased with the 5870 / Cataylst 9 and 10 drivers under Windows XP, after upgrading to 7/32bit all of my driver issues vanished, and I freakin love my 5870, which is my first ATi card in at least half a decade of frequent hardware upgrades
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    Noob 64bit OS question

    Whats the practical application of a 64bit OS beyond it's ability to address more physical memory?
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    Coming back to AMD..whats best chipset?

    thx Omega
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    Coming back to AMD..whats best chipset?

    Any advice on the best chipset to pair with an x6? PC will be Gaming and general use.
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    5870/BFBC2-Loads into grey screen between rounds

    Between rounds in bfbc2 my card will flicker and then load into a grey screen. I can see all 2D aspects of the game, but all 3d terrain is just a flat gray screen. I have tried 10.2 and 10.1 with the latest 10.1 hotfix. I can usually play the first few rounds without any issues, then about...
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    Which 5870

    Yeah, my 8800gtx is 10.6" and the 5870's are 11.1" I think my case (Antec P182) will be ok, i have removed the middle tray to allow for more room for the 8800gtx. I hadn't thought about the card power connector placement in relation to the AM cooler, may have to research that..
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    Which 5870

    I just meant spec wise they are the same, when I invest in high-end gfx cards I always put an aftermarket cooler on them, my current 8800gtx has a thermaltake duo-orb, and this 5870 is gonna get a Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo Pro
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    Which 5870

    trust me the $400 took ALOT of her tax refund to work for a truly worthy cause...60fps in BF:BC2
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    Which 5870

    yeah...thats what I went with...they have double lifetime as long as you register the card...pretty cool
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    Which 5870

    So, I talked my gf into dropping $400 on a 5870 for me. Looking at the asus and the xfx. I have been brand loyal to evga for several years, but since they're not in the radeon market I am forced to look elsewhere. I am leaning toward the xfx because I think I have heard they have a...
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    SoundCard for increased FPS?

    I was also thinking about that as well, given that when theres alot of explosions going off there's alot of debris flying around and my gfx card has to account for that. Well...good to know, I was gonna try and take the $100 way out, (sound card) but now looks like i'll have to go the $400 way...
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    SoundCard for increased FPS?

    I have noticed a significant amount of lag in BF:BC2 when there's alot of explosions, gunfire, and/or alarms going off simultaneously. I am playing on med. sound settings in game. I am currently using onboard sound on my ABIT IP35-Pro which uses a Realtek ALC888. Being that I am only seeing...
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    Upgrade Advice Plz

    Currently on Abitip35-Pro/C2Q9550/8800gtx My question is, is there a big difference between pcie 1.0 and 2.0. If not then I will just upgrade my video card to a 5870, if there is then I may need to go all the way...
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    Galaxy - 8 weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 6

    Free gfx cards? huh?
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    Just broke 1k threshold in rank

    What kinda rig are you working with?
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    Just broke 1k threshold in rank

    Prior to my last reformat I occasionally used the gpu client on my 8800gtx, and that sucker turns out the points. Any idea on when a fully supported native linux gpu client will be out? I have heard about the current gpu client running on wine...
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    Just broke 1k threshold in rank

    I didn't really look at the point system when I setup this client, I just set it up w/ defaults and let it run. I was looking over the team rank list and noticed that I have 208 total WU's for a total of 260k points. Some of the people around me have, in some cases, 2 to 4 times as many WU's...
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    Just broke 1k threshold in rank

    Finally broke the 1k ranking threshold. Took about 3 months almost to the day. Most of it was done using an intel e2200 which was recently upgraded to a q6600, the whole time running the Linux SMP client 24x7. I wonder how long it will take to break the 500 mark, position gains became...
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    Thinking about replacing my 8800GTX...

    i bet it's S*****8. If thats the case, my q9550 @3.4 and 8800gtx @1680x1050 can run it @ native res w/ everything on high......great game btw...
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    Thinking about replacing my 8800GTX...

    I put a Thermaltake duorb on my 8800gtx right out of the box back in 07'. That card can still play whatever at 1680x1050 on high. I'm kinda wondering which game your beta'ing now?
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    Q9550 + IP35Pro

    Thats the same setup I'm using +4gb Corsair CL4. Runs fine at 3.4 (8.5x400) out of the box with no volt increase (1.3 is lowest and what i'm running). I'm using an arctic cooling freezer 7 pro for cooling. I haven't tried for 3.5 but I'm pretty sure you could achieve it no problems. I am...
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    Section 8 Closed Beta

    I was a huge tribes fan, and I can say that this is a very well thought out and executed attempt at making a Tribes clone. This game is good, and the beta is definitely polished and playable
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    Temperature Apps -- Who to trust??

    I just got done installing a Q9550 into my abit ip35-pro. The first thing I fired up was coretemp that showed 98 degrees centigrade, I double checked with speedfan, and both showed high 90's so I shut down and replaced my older freezer 7 pro with a newer freezer 7 Pro. Booted up and l dl'd...
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    Link to OCCP?

    Doh!!! Yes OCCT, thanks so much
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    Link to OCCP?

    I lost an un-backed up hdd this weekend and have been looking on google for like an hour for OCCP stress test software. Can anyone link me?
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    Podcast for the [H] minded individual

    Didn't really see a good place to post this so I'll post it here. What podcasts do you guys listen to? I think extremetech is my favorite. It seems like most tech podcasts lean towards tech news and not hardware news and benchmarks. Is there anything out there besides extremetech that covers...
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    [H] Folding Question

    thanks for the replies.
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    [H] Folding Question

    I ahve DL'd the F@H client and set it up and also registered my Folding name with a passkey. I have the client folding now under team 33, but when I try to register w/ hardfolding it asks me for a stats ID. I read the F@H console client setup guide and I cannot figure out where I get my Stats...
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    [H] Folding Question