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    5000:1 Static Contrast Ratio in 2012

    BenQ GW2750HM 27-inch A-MVA 1920x1080 Monitor w/ HDMI, 4 ms This monitor from 2012 (8 years ago) looks like a better office/productivity screen than most of the stuff selling today. Do you know any 2019/2020 models with 5000:1 static contrast? Back in 2012, it seemed like BenQ was devoted...
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    Best way to clean your high-end screens

    I turn off the screen. I spray a solution of 50% food grade white vinegar (5% acetic acid) and 50% distilled water onto a soft microfiber cloth, and I gently damp the screen with this, and wipe dry. Is this an ideal long-term technique for weekly cleaning without doing any damage either to a...
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    "All IPS monitors causing eye strain. TN not."

    He says: Other useful anecdotes: One more response to share:
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    "No Eye Strain with sRGB mode, any ideas why?"

    This is from another forum. They state: They also state: They also state: I found these on sRGB mode because the monitor I'm testing out now informed it was in sRGB mode and that this meant I couldn't adjust the brightness nor contrast due to California law. The sRGB mode seemed...
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    24'' Class Full HD TN Monitor with AMD FreeSync (23.8'' Diagonal) Anyone know which panel this uses and how it fares? This is a budget 75Hz TN unit that receives almost universal praise. From what I can tell, current generation TN is vastly improved and probably should be called Ultra-TN or something to...
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    Backlight bleeding with VA?

    I read this: "Pas très satisfait de mon achat , backlight bleeding avec une qualitée d'image tres décevante , le noir est plus gris que noir . Apres avoir tester ce produit plus en profondeur je ne l'aime pas du tout surtout a cause des probleme mentionner plus haut. Je vais essayer de la...
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    Do newer versions of the same monitor model tend to be inferior?

    Something I read: "I've replaced the 2nd unit with another, and units made in the May 2018 batch are quite a bit more mediocre than my original model from December 2016." I've encountered this theme a few times, and some suggest manufacturers want their best work in the initial product runs in...
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    Three models: which VA panels?

    I'm wondering about ASUS VA249HE ViewSonic VA2452SM Philips 272E1CA If you know anything about these units and which panels they use, I'd appreciate the commentary.
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    Saw a really washed out, crummy looking TV at a pub

    Would this old unit have been IPS? Some of the newer units were outstanding. However, there were two older LG units that were not clear and lacked contrast. I'm assuming they weren't VA.
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    "Difficulty focusing on text on VA panel"

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    Thoughts on these two similar Asus monitors?

    ASUS VA249HE 23.8” Full HD 1080P HDMI VGA Eye Care Monitor with 178° Wide Viewing Angle Asus VA24EHE 23.8” Monitor 75Hz Full HD (1920x1080) IPS Eye Care HDMI D-Sub DVI-D The second one is IPS and newer. The first is VA. Same price point.
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    LG IPS vs BenQ VA Panels which one is the best for you.!?

    I have to say the VA looks decidedly better.
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    Custom RGB

    I read someone's monitor came with defaults of 50, 50, 50 for R G B. He upped those values to 65 63 63 and said his screen came to life. This prompted me to look at my RGB setting. It's 255, 255, 255. When I lower this an even amount, such as to 175, 175, 175, the screen is darker, and this...
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    LG 24BK400H-B 24" Black LCD Monitor 1920 x 1080 FreeSync 75Hz 1ms HDMI VGA

    Any thoughts or comments on this model? I ask because though it's TN, and seemingly nothing special, the reviews are surprisingly good. One says: Pros: I just want to start off by saying that this monitor is seriously the greatest value that I've ever seen for the specs that it has. -FreeSync...
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    Backlight Bleed

    Here's a good backlight bleed test. I'd be curious to know which screens you're using and how they perform against this test. Of course it should be run full screen. My two HP IPS screens are surprisingly excellent. One is almost perfectly uniform and the other is very close as well. I...
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    ASUS VA249HE Panel

    Does anyone know for certain which panel this monitor uses? One source says: "The monitor uses a 23.8” 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) VA (Vertical Alignment) panel, more than likely the AU Optronics M238HVN01.0 AMVA+ (Advanced Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment ‘Plus’)" But I can't find any corroboration...
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    VA better than IPS for eye comfort and reading?

    I've read conflicting things. The latest Asus Eye Care monitors are IPS at 75 Hz. There's a previous generation that is still readily available that's VA at 60 Hz. What is the rationale for why VA sometimes is considered more comfortable? Just higher static contrast? And is 75 Hz noticeable for...
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    Eye Strain Reduced with Low Haze

    Anyone else found a low-haze or glossy screen reduces eye strain vs the typical 25% haze? Also, are VA panels generally better for extended comfort?
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    Monitors sold out on Amazon

    I'm seeing model after model after model showing "temporarily out of stock" -- but I've seen temporarily out of stock for over 2 months on some models. Do you expect it to continue to be so difficult buying monitors over the next few months? It's not just the limited stock, but how quickly...
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    Philips Computer Monitors 272E1CA 27" Curved Frameless Monitor, Black/Silver

    Any thoughts on two of these for a high-performance home workstation? I understand VA screens are easier on the eyes. Thoughts?