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    Cheap SB-E! Intel Core i7-3970X $700

    Where on earth did you find a SR2 that cheap?
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    Warm? Velocirapper 150 $60 New

    This is not the case with any of the newer 2.5" sized ones. I cant hear either of mine over the fans in my case.
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    A small datacenter build and other projects

    Huh? UCS chassis are rack mountable. From an infrastructure management standpoint UCS is the the way to go. Best investment our company has ever made.
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    Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System $100

    In a round about way. You have to determine the local number for you 911 center and program that in to the Obi. Google on its own will not let you dial 911, 411, etc.
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    Cyberpower 1500va -900w UPS for $111 or $91 w/Amazon visa

    Use this:
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    Small datacenter build-out

    I would agree on the CRV statement. You have the space to extend the rack row for 2 of them if you remove the DS unit. Otherwise if your building can supply chilled water you can go that route. I use APC in row chilled water units and they are great.
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    Network pics thread

    Whats with the Cyber Command logo on the screen?
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    Warm ? Geforce 560Ti 1GB $99.99 refurb @ microcenter

    so does that mean it would be worthwhile for me to upgrade to the 560ti or not?
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    Netflix Secretly Cropping Movies?

    Its not like people watch stuff on netflix for the image quality anyways. If you are that big of a cinophile that something like this pisses you off then buy it on bluray so you can see it in proper cinescope format.
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    Warm ? Geforce 560Ti 1GB $99.99 refurb @ microcenter

    worthwile upgrade from a 5830?
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    single cable vs multi-cables

    I hope you are using Plenum rated cable if you are running it through air ducts. If not it can create very poisonous gasses if it ever catches fire and now it is blowing around your house since it is in the air ducts.
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    Raspberry Pi Powered Bark Activated Door Opening System

    i am confused why he did not just use an electronic strike instead of that crappy metal i could kick open.
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    Nook Sales Extended!

    any idea how long the sale is good for?
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    This virus is killing me: w3i.iq5.fraud

    The only way to guarantee a virus removal is to reformat and reinstall windows.
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    3 Gallon Fishtank $24.99

    Yeah, on glass tanks. This is a seamless acrylic tank.
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    LAN\WAN desktop video conference software

    We use RadVision and it accomplishes everything you are looking for. We have "meeting rooms" that can be sheduled, impromptu rooms that can be spun up instantly, desktop clients, room systems, and an iOS app.
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    Apple WWDC 2013 Liveblog

    LOL @ the people who don't understand broadcast video in this thread. Have fun trying to edit a 4k video stream when it is stored on a SAN with your thunderbolt adapter. Fiberchannel is alive and well in big production houses. And to answer whoever asked yes a decent SAN can saturate several...
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    Another Anonymous Member Raided By FBI

    O snap they seized a Back Track CD
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    flat ethernet cables ??

    They will work fine, but are more susceptible to interference and crosstalk. I would keep them to short distances if you really need them.
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    PWs when you die?

    Put all your logins in a KeePass file. Put the master password to the KeePass file in an envelope in a safety deposit box. List the envelope in your will as to who you want to have your passwords. You could even go as far as to keep a copy of the KeePass file in your safety deposit box.
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    Training Vouchers

    We have a bunch of training vouchers that I have to use up before we renew our EA with Microsoft. Where are you guys doing your training with your vouchers? I don't believe I can redeem vouchers on CBT or Train Signal or the like can I since they went to a subscription based model?
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    HP EliteBook 6930p Core 2 DuoP8600 2.4GHz 2GB 500GB -- $259.99

    I know that because this is a computer hardware forum you guys are all stuck up on the system specs. This machine is perfect for normal office computing. And the build quality is absolutely bulletproof. We have about 200 of these in deployment at work and believe me if our users can't kill...
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    mobile device management

    We use JAMF but it is iOS only keep that in mind. Works great for what we use it for.
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    Juror Jailed For Texting During Trial

    scroll down and read.
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    Juror Jailed For Texting During Trial

    Ummm what? Your employer is required by law to pay you while you serve on jury duty.
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    Amazon Shows Off Its First 'TV' Shows

    Link for the lazy:
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    Network pics thread

    Here is a grainy pic of part of my UCS environment. For those who are interested this site does a great job breaking down why the UCS is the most bad ass chassis technology available.
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    Network pics thread

    everything is redundant and hot swappable, even the backplanes. Also generally you have more than one chassis, and the shared fabric between the cabs will move the failed units to other blades in another cab.
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    Cradlepoint Routers

    Used to use them. Hate them. They are very picky about what air cards they work with. The newer ones might be better but the ones I used a couple years back were shit. Personally I would just get a dual WAN router and buy a backup dsl or cable line. It will be much faster too.
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    Network pics thread

    This pictures thread has been devoid of pictures lately. I'll help. Got some new 2960S 740W POE at work to configure up:
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    Talk to me about Cisco UCS

    We have 4 UCS blade enclosures here. AMA. Probably my favorite feature of the UCS is the ability to move service profiles from blade to blade. This moves the physical server installed on the blade to another blade, but not only that it also moves the MAC address of all the adapters so as...
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    Cisco question.

    How is the port on the HP configured? Normally from Cisco to Cisco I would run a trunk port. Keep in mind that a trunk port in Cisco lingo =/= trunk port in HP lingo. From your Cisco port config it looks like a single access vlan port, but if the HP is passing multiple vlans this could...
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    Fighting spam.

    My experience is the exact opposite. In my organization it stops about 95% of all spam with 0 false positives. Users don't log in to the portal to even check because it is that good.
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    Looking for a 10gbe Switch.

    Is this only for connecting your SAN to some servers? If so have you considered fibre channel instead? It can be cheaper and faster depending on how you go. If you must use ethernet physically how close are the boxes? You could look into using a cx4 cable instead of utp or fiber cabling...
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    Fighting spam.

    Forefront. Hosted by Microsoft. Works great. About 500 mailboxes.
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    Cisco related educational books or e-books?

    Todd Lammle's CCNA books are good. So are the Cisco Press books obviously. I recommend 2 or more sources of reading. Buy the books used on Amazon and you can get several different books for the price of one new one at the bookstore.
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    Silent Push Out of Adobe Reader XI

    apply for a distribution license: they will send you information on where to download the msi files. There are several command line switches you can use, and I know I have a registry setting to disable protected mode. I will have to look...
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    New home, new network advice needed.

    Yup. Running a 10G link on some test equipment in my office right now over a standard monoprice cat5 cable ;)
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    Cellular WAN Routers

    Opengear cellular stuff is tip top quality. The other thing to keep in mind is operating temperature range. Some of the Opengear units will run at -20 or 30C. Most consumer stuff like cradlepoint would not.