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    Long lasting specs for a low resolution display?

    O.k. so here's the deal. I want to get a PC that will allow me to game well into the next few years at lower resolutions. Please don't poke fun at me for this but I want to get a PC for gaming on the HeadPlay HMD. The resolution is low enough on that device that I figure I shouldn't have to get...
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    Will a 3850 benefit me with this system?

    First of all, I have an AGP system (I know, shame on me :( ). Besides that I have an A64 FX 53, 2Gb of Corsair XMS, and an HIS X1950 Pro. Everything is at stock. I generally game at 1280 x 800 on my Sony FW900 and I'm happy with playing at that resolution. I'd like to know whether I would see...
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    A cheap upgrade

    A quick question. I currently have a 3500+ in my machine but I have an opportunity to get a X2 3800+ . Although the the X2 3800+ is 2.0ghz , will it be faster then the 3500+ ? I do a lot of gaming (RPG and FPS) though I don't do the overclocking thing. Also, I can get the 3800+ for $20 so it...
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    Suitable replacement fan for Stock Athlon 64 HS?

    I need to replace the fan on my OEM (Ajigo) Athlon64 HS but the 70mm fan that is on it is a Delta rated at 3050-6000 rpm and I'm not sure what CFM. Anyone know of a suitable replacement fan or where I could buy one? I can't seem to find a 70mm that goes up to 6000 rpm.
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    Replacing a power supply fan

    I think one of the fans in my power supply is going out but the PS itself (Enermax EG465P) has been good to me so I'd like to just replace the fan. Is this difficult or does it rquire any specific skills. I've never opened a power supply but I'm computer savvy (above average) and have built PC's...
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    Zalman Fatal1ty FC-ZV9 on HIS X1950-PRO AGP

    Does anyone know if the Fatal1ty FC-ZV9 will fit on the HIS X1950-PRO AGP? I bought an ICEQ3 model and the card is good but the fan makes a clicking noise. I'd RMA it but I can't be without a card that long so I want to put a Zalman on it (I had good luck with a VF700-CU on my old 6800GT). Also...
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    HIS X1950PRO AGP ICEQ3 Turbo frequency problem

    So I got the HIS X1950PRO AGP ICEQ3 Turbo (512mb) and it's running fine but the frequencies for the core and memory are showing up as 587mhz for core and 770mhz for memory. The product spec shows 620mhz for core and 1480mhz (740x2) for memory. Anyone else have this problem? Even if not, anyone...
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    Adding RAM question

    Short and sweet because I know these questions are common: I have an Alienware rig with 1gb (2x512mb) of ddr400 (unknown brand and timings). I just ordered 2gb (2x1gb) of Kingston HyperX to put in. Should I utilize the 512mb sticks with the 1gb sticks or will it slow me down. It would be nice...