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    Terrible playback for 1080p Videos

    Hi, Whenever I play a 1080p movie file, some parts of the video are perfect, but others are completely unwatchable (any videos up to and including 720p are fine). Sometimes the audio will go out of sync with the video or the video will look pixelated. I use Media Player Classic to play my...
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    Processor Averaging 80 Degrees Celcius!

    Recently my computer has been randomly shutting off. Sometimes when I turn it back on, the BIOS gives me a CPU Overheat Error! or a CPU Voltage Error! I used REALtemp and my cpu temp is average 80 degrees Celcius, which I know is way too hot. I tried remounting the cpu and I get the same...
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    PowerDVD Plays Blu-Ray Audio, but no video!

    Title says it all. I have AnyDVD HD installed, and the PowerDVD 7.3 suite that comes with the LG SuperMulti Bluray/HD-DVD drive. The bluray/hd-dvd movie will play, but no video shows. I recently installed the CCCP Codec pack. Regular DVDs play fine. Anyone know what's going on?
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    Hannspree 28" Slow Hi-Def Video

    I just bought my Hannspree HF289H 27.5" monitor. Everything works great, except when I try to play either a 1080p or 720p movie, the video skips/is slow/is lame. All standard definition movies work fine. Does this mean I need to upgrade my video card?
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    Blu-ray Burner Questions

    First off, is there a good software program out there for burning a blu-ray movie? (to back-up one I purchased) Second, this drive states that it burns blu-ray, but it doesn't say anything about reading... I'm assuming it does, but can you guys confirm...
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    Hannspree 28" XP?

    Does the Hannspree 28" LCD work with windows xp? I heard there are no drivers for xp or something like that...
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    1900xt 512 MB to ???

    I currently have an ATI 1900xt 512MB, and was wondering what a good upgrade would be for me. I don't really like this card because it gets way too hot, to the point where certain games start artifacting and sometimes the video out to my monitor even stops working. I want a card that is at...
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    I Need Your Opinion

    So I'm in the market for a new LCD monitor and the most I want to spend is $500. I want something for watching blu-ray movies, gaming, and regular computer stuff. Suggestions for this criteria? I want a good balance of quality and size of monitor. I also want it to be at least 26".
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    Soyo 26" Monitor $325 shipped after coupon, Paypal

    I definitely don't take credit for this, it's ripped from theshocker on SlickDeals. I just wanted the people who don't frequent SD to see this. Officemax has a 26" Soyo LCD monitor on sale for $380 with free shipping...
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    e6600 92 Celcius Idle

    My e6600 processor is running at 92 degrees celcius idle, according to my ASUS Probe II monitor. However, it also says that the motherboard temp is 39 degrees celcius, which I believe is considered normal. Does anyone have any idea why my CPU temp is shown as this high? Could it just be the...
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    HD DVD Player for Xbox 360 $150
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    Corsair DDR2 1GB (2x512MB) $19.99 AR

    $60 rebate. Free shipping.
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    Viewsonic 22" widescreen LCD $199

    Going for around $330 average on pricegrabber. It's refurbished, yet still a great deal.**.node2%7D/product/5124896
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    Limited or no connectivity, I hate you

    For some reason I can't connect to my school's wireless, and I never have been able to. All I get is "Limited or no connectivity". The signal strength is always Excellent. I just updated my drivers and the same thing it's still happening... this also happens back home. The only places I can...
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    "xxx" --- What???

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    Scuzzy Floppy Drive?

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    iPod or PDA?

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    Dead 6800GT? :(

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    DVD Burner Problem

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    "Sexy" Case

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    High quality screensavers

    Does anyone know of a site that offers really nice, high quality screensavers?
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    Team Fortress 2 Trailer 2

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    Xbox 360 game with 90% destructible environments

    Yayyyy... I was waiting for this. Red Faction was so fun...
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    ViewSonic 20.1" 8ms Widescreen LCD + 1GB USB 299.99 AR
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    Oblivion help - Charging items

    I was wondering if there was a cheaper, more efficient way to charge my weapons on Oblivion. I still have one Varla stone left, but that is really valuable and I was thinking of selling it. So is there a skill I can attain to charge my weapons, or someone cheap who does it?
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    More noob Oblivion help!

    So I just got shot like 7 times by an archer and now I don't know how to remove the arrows that are stuck in my do they go away or how do I remove them???
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    Your favorite energy drink for gaming?

    With energy drinks rapidly encumbering themselves into the mainstream, there is now a wide assortment available to consumers - including the geek/gaming enthusiast. I find myself at this very moment drinking a Monster Khaos energy drink, and I have to say that I prefer it over all others I have...
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    Late bloomer - Oblivion help *possible spoiler*

    Alright so I finally decided to buy Oblivion for my 360 because I've been tired with the recent arrangement of games on this console. So far I like it a lot, but I seem to be stuck in the Sewers. I just chose my class after the Emperor was assassinated and after going through the small...
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    TV Tuner/Video Card for College

    As the title says, I'm looking to buy a TV tuner card for college as I'll be heading off to USC in the fall. They provide free cable in the dorm rooms (around 70 channels I heard), so I was wondering if anyone knows a good tv tuner card for this purpose. Also how are the ATI All-In-Wonder cards...
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    Acer 20.1" WideScreen LCD $190 AC

    Staples has it. Use a $50 off $200 online coupon as can be found on ebay to bring it to $189.94. Note: there isn't DVI.
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    Microsoft Wireless Laser 6000 Desktop Bundle

    Woot has it for $39.99 + $5 shipping. This package is going for double the price like at Circuit City and other places retail locations lol. Jump on it like tonto before the day ends. Tonto! Jump on it! Jump on it! Jump on it!
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    19" Widescreen 8ms $179.99
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    Bad video quality

    I have a VX2025 monitor. How come when I play any DVD fullscreen on my computer, the picture quality is decreased...I can only play it looking in its perfect glory at a very small window size. Is there any way to fix this?
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    Video game system external enclosures

    Well, I'm heading off to college and in concern of security from people walking in and out of my dorm room and what have you, I want to make sure my Xbox 360 is safe from theft. Has anyone heard of any external enclosures that can be locked to keep my system from being stolen? Any websites out...
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    Disabling Vsync on integrated graphics

    Is there a way to disable vsync on Intel Extreme Graphics 2? I have a Dell Inspiron 710m and want to know how to disable it. I know it's enabled because CS is capped at 60 fps, and I've already tweaked everything else.
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    New RAM

    So basically I'm looking to slowly upgrade my computer in preparation for Vista and DX10. I currently have a pretty good pair of 512 MB sticks. I want to upgrade to 2 x 1 GB. Here's exactly what I do: I love to play games, and I'm looking forward to playing Crysis, BF2, HL2: (all episodes)...
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    2 GB Ram Sticks?

    When will 2 GB Ram Sticks become available?
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    Rent any Blockbuster movie for $0.99

    Only good once per account.
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    About time to upgrade?

    Hey guys, Well, with all of these new games out I am sad to say I haven't really had the chance to play them in all of their glory (because my 6800 GT recently died), I'm starting to think if it is time to upgrade my rig. The main problem is I still have an AGP setup, and the mainstream is...
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    Wrong Chipset Display...

    I have an Nvidia FX5500 and it displays under the Display options as a this due to the drivers? Was I really sent a 6600 LOL?