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    Best 24 port raid these days

    I am looking to setup a 24 drive norco box. My google results are all 2 or 3 years old. Whats the best bang for your buck these days? Mostly media. Nothing heavy. Also if i populate this with 8tn or even 10tb drives.. Can windows see the full drive or whats the cap? Thanks
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    [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread {2017}

    May as well get this started with the new year, we missed 16 :) Welcome to the new, simplified [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread Anyone can post here regardless of system specs, but only standout systems will be shown in the "featured" systems section. For example: 50TB+ 10+ Drives Unique...
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    Hardware Vs. Software for larger servers?

    Been trying to catch up on all this. And it would seem port multipliers are getting bigger Are these supported by most motherboards now or is a card needed? As it seems win10 etc. all support raid and expansion options now, and pretty easily. I'm trying to decide which way to best go to reach...
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    Latest guide or site for Large Cap storage?

    I hate being the guy to ask a question that's been asked 100 times. But I'm looking to get a 24 bay norco, and want to set it up with a raid and expansion ability. 4TB HDDs, with expansion. Googling gets results from 2012. I know at one time a member on here had guides for this...
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    Homemade UPS?

    I'm looking for a device, which I can put in my home, and wire to Deep cycle batteries. Tie to the house power. And run a power bar for my server/internet pc, etc. Something that can be expanded for more time. All google seems to find me is half assed basterdized versions.
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    Homemade UPS?

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    Wanting to build HTPC PVR Server for XBMC setups

    I'm looking for ideas on how I can build a small pc, with dual hdmi tuner cards, that I can use to import (as well as outputs to control) my HD Bell Satalite. Than wanting to tie the two streams into something my Multiple XBMC Gotham machines can access, where the XBMC machines remotes can...
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    Advice on building Server, 3x mv8 cards?

    I already have one of the mv8 cards. Sadly it wont work with the current PC. I'm looking to build a server with expansion room. Probably run a freenas or something along those lines. Right now I'm looking for a budget motherboard/cpu and ram combo I can stick in a standard case I have. And...
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    Need to Network a 300'x350' outdoor area?

    We are in the process of launching a new paintball field. and part of this plan will eventually include area wide security cameras, HD preferebly, for security as well as for people not playing to view on screens. And a PA/music system throughout the field. This will be all out doors. and the...
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    Looking for basic DLNA server?

    My tv will play anything off usb. but using dlna server with tversity, and bunch of crap won't work. mkv for example. is this a lack off codecs on the server side? because off a usb drive the tv works fine. Just want to get this damn thing working. Any help would be great. Thanks
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    Holy Crap... I need help please! File recovery

    I was formatting some drives. and I accidentally deleted a partition of one of my 2tbs than I created a new one... Well my wedding videos were on that partition. I removed the new partition hoping to recover it. but I am unable to find the original. Theres a butt load of other stuff on...
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    SASLP-MV8 with a P5GC-MMX 1333 Mobo?

    I have the mentioned mobo. The only port an mv8 would plop into is PCieX1_16 the video card slot? Wondering if theres a way to make it work?
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    MV8 and Unraid

    I just ordered an mv8 card with two break out cables for 8 hdd's. I am wanting to get unraid, I like the idea of it. since I have a number of 500, 1000 and 2000 gb hdd's. this will allow me to easily upgrade asI can buy new 2tb's :) Question: Will unraid support the mv8 card out of the...
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    win 7 "play to" features settings? Help me out?

    I found this feature. its awesome on my samsung LED tv. issue i have. is EVERYTHING is playing with black bars all the way around. Like some dvd's etc have a black bar on top/bottom for full screen, it throws off the wide screen. am I making sense? I've checked. these vid files don't...
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    convertig .MTS file format?

    I have been looking all day.. I need to convert this to something I can work with I was lead to a program called Prism. It pixelated the heck out of the photo and stepped back the video speed.. really wierd. Also looking for something to help me crisp up the audio. take out some of the...
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    need wedding video editing software pleeease

    So my father got me a new camera for my wedding this weekend and recorded everything. I just go tit home and the files are a .mts WMP plays them fine. and I think are displayed as avchd files? Never seen this before. and google, when it comes to finding video software.. sucks. Whats my...
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    WHS DLNA?? It appear n my tv..

    I plugged my new WHS box into my router and it pops up on my Samsung TV as a media share. When I go into it. There are a number of folders and other things and I can find NO trace of this on the PC itself. I have installed nothing. and Cant seem to find it. It's not even under WMP Google...
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    Convert DTS to AC3 Audio?

    I have a number of hd vids that have the audio encoded in DTS. which is not a supported audio for my TV. Any ideas on a quick way to convert this to ac3 sound? thanks
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    unraid and the SASLP-MV8 and port multiplier?

    has anyone tried this? I'm wondering how hard a time unraid would have seeing this. as I am leaning towards it. Mainly because I get single drive redundancy, and easy to expandon the fly. plus I can upgrade older smaller drives as I see fit. also. has anyone tried a port multiplier on the mv8...
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    Just ordered Samsung UN55B8500 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz LED HDTV

    Should have it in a week or two. and Can not wait. But I am now trying to decide on the best blu-ray option. as I have yet to use one. I considered buying a ps3, since the price points are similair. but am not sure as to how friendly it is for movie playing. under 300. I am trying to find...
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    ARG! Corrupted drive sectors?

    Okay I have an issue I know I know. my fault for how I mickey moused these drives. but hopefully you guys can help Here's the setup I have 4 x500gb and 1x1tb drives I got a 4 port sata card off ebay (cheaper one that allowed me to do a 4 drive JBOD basicly) It appeared in my windows 7...
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    Looking for NAS ESATA storage option

    I have been looking for some time and had a few book marked. sadly when My windows xp machine tanked so did all those book marks. Now I amd scrambing to find a new NAS to purchase in the new year. I honestly can not remember the name of the one I had almost decided on. So I need your guys...
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    Convert Dynamic to Basic without data loss?

    Well it would seem my upgrade to windows 7 has sucked. lol My 1tb drive went missing which is full of data. It comes up under the manager as dynamic foreign ??? some research tells me i'm not the only person to have this. but all methods I find are no good. The one I liked allowed...
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    X360 and Win7/WMP12. What an Odd codec issue?

    So I finally got my WMP12 on win7 to allow my 360 to see the library! But it tells me all my video files are not supported? wtf? If I copy the same video to a thumb drive and put it in the 360, it plays fine. And WMP12 will play that same file. however it seems the 360w ill not play...
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    Adaptec 21610SA

    I have had this card sitting here for a while. and I havn't set enything up on it because the Site tells me. max drive size is 1tb and max array is 2tb... Is anyone aware of firmware update etc I can use to make this bigger? Otherwise it's somewhat of a waste. I would just buy a 2tb drive and...
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    drive missing? help please

    I was trying out a small raid card i had. hoping to simply add more drives. I had no interest in raiding anything really. So I have a WD 500gb drive with some data on it. so I plug it into the raid card, boot up the computer and the drive comes up as inactive. the card never had time to...
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    Looking for a video camera

    I am looking for a new video camera Here's what i need: HD Internal hdd. 8hrs is a good min. and spare batteries arn't a fortune. needs to be good for action shots and able to handle lower light (in the woods etc) and light changes, also in and out of tree's This will be used for...
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    Need to put cameras on 20 acres

    I need to place a couple cameras around a 20 acre lot for security. would like to have them feed back to a laptop to give realtime images. alsow ould be nice if I could set it to record when ever motion is detected. butI'm pretty sure pc software could do that. And something that captires...
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    Need a starters choice for video editing?

    I just got back from a friends wedding. I was in the wedding party, but it was really small so I also got to do a fair bit of video camera work. I now have 3 mini dvd-rw finalized in a regular DVD format of the wedding. I'm no expert but I am trying tof igure out the best way for me to...
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    Cheapest HDMI 1.3a solution?

    I need to add hdmi output with audio to my pc. I am looking for my cheapest choice in video cards? What should I go with? simply for watching movies. NO gaming. Thanks
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    Dual Gbit solution?

    I have a network of 4 pc's and a server pc right now. I transfer very large files between them and stream etc. 10-30GB a file I have been trying to find a way to speed this up (100mbit atm) I heard mention of a way to run dual gbit throughout my network. how hard is this to do? is it...
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    usb to headphone style connector?

    I am after a usb cable that goes from usb to something that looks like a headphone jack Its a piece of equipment I lost for something I own. The makers are pretty simple so I dont see it being a custom cable. But am not sure what to search for. a replacement formt hem is 45 dollars...
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    thoughts on this motherboard for HDTV

    I will not be using bluray or hddvd drives. I will on the other hand be running 720p vid files and some 1080p I saw this mobo and thought it was ideal, looking for thoughts. will it run what I want? few gigs of ram. small hd etc? Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H AMD 780G mATX AM2+ PCI-EX SATA...
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    p5gc-mx video driver for windows home server

    I have been unable to find an operational driver for this mother boards onboard graphics. Lots for every other os Can anyone maybe help find a way to get one working? Paradox.
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    p5gc-mx video driver for windows server

    as the title states, I am unable to find a video driver for my onboard graphics that will work on windows home server Anyone know of where i can find one? Or by chance know if I can force XP's to work? Paradox.
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    Removing SP2 from WHS???

    Okay pleas ehelp me. I was updating and did the sp2 install. not to install wmp11 i need to have sp2 gone for a bit. But it is not in the add/remove prgorams section (even with show hidden programs enabled) and im finding little to no info on google. when i right click my computer...
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    arg help. hdd crash. data lost???

    Okay here's the story i will try to be brief. but i have a tendancyt o ramble. please ask for any more needed into. I have a 300gb hdd. I created an 80gb boot partition. installad windows XP Pro sp3. this worked well for me. The rest was used for a storage drive. some Time again I use...
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    virtually merge multiple drives??

    I have a number of raided drives in my system. 3 to be exact. I have data on all 3 raids. 1 is 2x1tb 1 is 4x500gb 1 is 2x750gb I do not want to raid these all togethor. but I have been searching everywhere for a way. to make a new fake drive of sorts? that will show everything on...
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    cheapest possible 21 Drive setup??

    I plan to use the norco 4020 Plus an os drive. probably widows server, So I am trying to find the cheapest way to do 20 drives, if I go single raid card they are like 1 grand :( so mobo/cpu and raid card(s) combo options? a way to do 3 cards of 8? or two 8 and 1 4. etc.. looking...
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    xbox 360 webcam issues. need help

    I have an xbox 360 webcam, Windows with service pack 3. all the latest updates I plug in the camera, xp detects it, installs "something" and then.. nothing. I search drivers and there is nothing there under webcam cameras etc. the driver shows up under usb devices. Under the control...