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    Can someone recommend a modem/router for Comcast/Xfinity?

    Hi All. I moving & I can't use DirecTV anymore. I'm stuck with Comcast. I called them the other day & they now charge $14.00 a month for their modem/router! That's insane. Any insight would be great appreciated. Thanks All!
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    Discontinued Boston Acoustics M25B 2-Way Speakers $129.99

    I just bought these 2 weeks ago & they simply rock for $259.98 (pair) Running them thru an older Marantz SR-4600 receiver via optical cable from a Sound Blaster Z. Insane sound. The build quality of these speakers are top-notch. Just thought I would throw it our there...
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    Offworld Trading Company 50% Off $19.99 Steam

    I wouldn't say this is super hot, but if you liked MULE, this might fit the bill. I'm very addicted to the game. Early Access & I guess Mohawk/Stardock are still a few months off until the retail release. Too me, it's worth a $20.00. Some might not agree. Just thought I would throw it our...
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    Golden Ear Aon 3's Amazing!

    I picked up a pair of these while I bought a 4K Sony 55" TV (850C) They were too expensive to buy new. But the salesperson said "I'll let you have then for $250.00 for the store demo" I couldn't resist. I ask if I didn't like them @ home if I could return them. He said "no problem" They're in...
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    $100 Video Card Help?

    Hi All: I'm down @ my parents home in Florida. Usually I don't play too many games down here. Here's my rig I built about 18 months ago. AMD A6 6400K APU (Dual Core @ 3.9 GHz) w/ 8470D OB Graphics 8GB DDR3 1600 WIN 7 Pro 64-Bit WD Black 1TB HD Corsair CX430M (Modular) PSU AOC 27" 1080P This...
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    Asus Strix R390X Coil Whine

    Hi All: I've had this GPU for about 6+ weeks. Love it as it rips thru all of my games @ 2580x1440 res. on my BenQ 32" display. I noticed about 2 weeks ago a slight coil whine. In all my years of computers, I never had this issue before. I guess some people say it has to do with the PSU. My PSU...
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    Queston about Windows XP update

    Hi All: I'm going to build a WINXP rig for some games that doesn't play nice with WIN7. Will Microsoft give me the latest updates? I understand the OS is no longer supported, but can I get to the last update? Any insight would be appreciated.
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    Damn Microsoft & the Windows 10 Update Crap!

    I just built a new rig (Windows 7) & I knew not to allow MS to install KB3035583 update. It worked for 3 days & then I noticed I has some more updates yesterday. There was no KB3035583 in those new updates. Then this morning I boot-up my computer & there's that damn WIN10 icon in my tray. Did...
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    Help with Case Fans & Splitters

    Hi: New build. Everything thing is fine, but I'm having a slight issue. I have a Gigabyte GA-Z97MX Gaming 5 MB. I have 3 4-pin System Fan Headers on the MB. I'm using 3 of these 4-pin fan splitters here...
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    Couple of Warm Deals on R390X

    Tiger Direct: $379.99 $25.00 Via Checkout $354.99 The easiest deal with no rebates to deal with. Newegg...
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    AudioEngine 20% Everything

    Not a bad deal. Use BF20 code. You could get a nice pair of A2+ for $199.99 Free shipping & no sales tax.
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    Harmon Kardon HKTS 2MkII 2.1 $109.99 Free Shpping

    Found this in my Newegg e-mail. Shell Shocker @ $109.99 for a 2.1 set up (amp required) I have no idea how they sound, but the sub alone is worth that much. The satellites have 2-3" drivers per speaker. Maybe if you have an inexpensive T-Amp with a sub out (Topping TP-21) Might make a nice...
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    Difference between R390 vs. R390X? LE versions?

    Hi All: I'm in the market for a MSI R390 or R390X for my new 2560x1440 monitor. When looking @ the specs on Newegg they look so similar. Both have 8GB RAM, clocks are just different. R390 (standard version) @ 1010MHz ($309.99 AR) R390 (LE version) @ 1000MHz ($319.99) I guess it not on sale...
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    EVGA 980Ti GTX $589.99 No Rebate

    Just got this from NG in my mailbox. If you have an American Express card you can also bring this price down $25.00 ($564.99) Free shipping & no rebate to deal with. Free game as well...
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    Strange Issue with Resolution with new Monitor

    Hi All: I just received my BenQ BL3200PT 32" monitor. Native resolution is 2560x1440. When I installed (using DVI input) it & right-clicked @ the desktop to change the res. It wouldn't go past 1920x1080 (my last setting with my LG 27" display) Tried everything & no-go. Also I couldn't get into...
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    Has anyone puchased a monitor from Jet?

    Well I took the "Jet" plunge this afternoon. Picked up a BENQ BL3200PT monitor for $449.99 ($50.00 off your 1st Jet purchase) Newegg was @ $549.99 no more then an hour ago. Now they're @ $499.99 (same as Jet early this morning) Looks like NG is trying to stay competitive. My luck it will go on...
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    Cambridge Audio Minx M5 2.1 System $99.99

    I know pre-packaged computer systems are frowned upon here, but I still think it's a good little system for $99.99 w/ free FedEx shipping. I bought these for my wife as her very old Cambridge Soundworks speakers (lasted over 13 years) died @ her office. I set the system up & it sounds decent...
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    Need new VC $300ish Range Any Help?

    Hi All: I've built a new rig a couple of months ago (see specs) Using an older Radeon 7870 from my previous build. It's time for an upgrade. I'm buying this 2K BenQ 32" monitor here: I want to...
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    Warm? Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD $341.99

    Use Promo Code # EXLAVKT22 for the extra 10% off. NG Link: Sale Ends Today @ 11:59PM PST
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    AMD Phenom X4 970 Served me Well!

    Been an AMD fanboy forever. I finally had to make the switch to Intel i7-4790K. My quad-core AMD did a great job & overclocked well (4.1GHz) with a Corsair H50 water cooler (push-pull) I wished I could have purchased an AMD CPU! Dame shame that it has come to this. A few months ago I was...
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    Windows XP Update Question

    Hi: I going to build a short money Windows XP rig for some old games I would still like to play. I have a fresh copy of WINXP. Does Microsoft still do updates? I understand it's no longer supported, but will they install to the last update? Thanks All.
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    Help with two Z97 MB Picks

    Hi All: Microcenter has a sale going on right now (in-store only) for some Intel combos. I'm looking @ a i7-4790K @ $279.99 I'll be building a new rig early September. My 2 choices I've narrowed it down to: Gigabyte GA-Z97X Gaming 7 MB (Combo Price $424.98 AR $20.00 Rebate)...
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    16GB the new "Standard"?

    Hi All: I've been buying my parts for my new build come this September. My last item I need is RAM. I'll be using WIN7 Professional 64-Bit (Again. Love this OS system!) for my next build. I'm using 8GB RAM now & I feel it's enough. I'll be bumping-up to PC3 2400 (from PC1600) Should I go with...
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    Mushkin SSD's any Good?

    Hi All: I have always purchased Western Digital Black HD's in the past. They have served me well. I know nothing about SSD's. I'm building a new computer @ the end of summer & I'm collecting parts now. I have always bought Mushkin RAM & again, no problems. I think the gold standard is the...
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    Quick Question about Antec Neo 520

    Hi All: I sold some parts from my computer (see signature) I'm building a new rig & I'm downsizing of sorts. I use to play a lot of games, now I'm playing old games that I bought from GOG (Good Old Games) These are software titles that require almost no real graphics muscle. I decided to go with...
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    Definitive Technology Incline Speakers $249.98 @ BB

    These are somewhat obscure 2.0 computer speakers. They usually run @ $399.99/pair Yeah...They might be pricey, but they are so damn nice & @ 249.98, they are a steal IMHO. 4" main driver, 2" mid, 3/4" tweeter & 4" passive bass radiator. Bi-Amped @ 40 WPC x 2 (80 watt total) These are tall but...
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    Using a Mushkin XP-800AP PSU for my next Build?

    Hi All: I purchased this PSU for few years back for short money ($45.00) brand new as Mushkin got out of the PSU business. It's an older Topower build with decent caps & it's almost fully modular. Here's a quick review of the XP-800AP PSU from OvercolockersClub...
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    Warm: WD Black 1TB HD $69.99

    I know many of you don't like buying HD's from NE. They have gotten better with their packaging. I own three & love them myself. Use promo code : EMCPCHF223 for $10.00 off...
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    GOG Games Summer Sale 700+ Titles

    I just received an e-mail from GOG Games. It's their summertime sale. Maybe not as good as the Thanksgiving sale, but pretty solid. I LOVE GOG!
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    Sewell 50 WPC T-AMP on Sale

    I purchased this Sewell T-AMP a few weeks back for $65.00 Now it's $54.95 This is a solid amp for the money. The fit & finish is wonderful. Beautiful aesthetics & comes with just about everything you need for a plug & play scenario. Driving a pair of PSB B4's & sounds pretty good overall...
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    PSB Image B4 Speakers $179.99/pair Crutchfield

    If anyone is in need of a solid smaller bookshelf speaker for a 2.0 or 2.1 set up, there speakers are excellent for $179.99 for the pair. Dark Cherry is out of stock, but the Black finish has availability. The Dark Cherry will be in stock on 6/18. These speakers usually run anywhere from...
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    NewEgg: AMD FX-8350 $159.99 72 Hours

    Thought I would post this here. Solid deal for $159.99
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    T-Amp Questions

    Hi All: I noticed from many of the threads here that many of you are using T-Amps. Seems like you like them overall. I was looking @ this "Sewell Silverback AMP @ 50 WPC @ 8 ohms. Link:
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    ASRock MB any Good?

    Hi All: I want to put together a cheap WINXP build for older games. I can score an ASRock FM2A88M-HD+ MB & an AMD A6-6400K APU bundle from Micro Center for $94.98 I was always under the impression that ASRock was sub-par. I have always used Asus, Gigabyte & MSI for my builds. Any insight? Pull...
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    WD 1TB VelociRaptor vs. SSD?

    I'm going to build a new rig within the next month or two. Newegg has the WD VelociRaptor 1TB HD on sale for $169.99 I was thinking of buying a 240GB SS drive for my OS, then maybe a WD VelociRaptor for my games. Good call or not? Any & all insight would be appreciated!
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    Cambridge Soundworks getting out of the PC speaker business

    Just an FYI. I know this forum is more for receiver/speaker scenario. But for those of you that like a simple/easy 2.1 set-up Cambridge Soundworks is getting out of the PC speaker business. Too bad because they'll produced some decent speakers. The "Microworks II" system is on sale for $139.99...
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    Windows XP Question

    Hi All: I'm going to build a Windows XP based system to play some older games on. Windows XP as we all know is going away April 8th. My question is if I decided to build another XP rig down the road, will MS still give you access to the final updates?
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    WD Refurbished HD's?

    Hi All: I have always purchased WD Black HD's for years now. I never received a bad unit until a month ago. It's only a 500GB drive for a Windows XP build. The RMA process was easy thru WD & I received the replacement drive within a week & a half. My question is if the replacement WD...
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    What the hell happened to Asus website?

    Thread title says it all. Trying to find drivers for an Asus A88XM-A MB. Asus's new format is for COMPLETE sh*t! Please humor me & do a search on Google for Asus A88XM-A. It will come-up right away on their website. There is no "download" tab anymore on each motherboard. Instead...Look below @...
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    Question about 3 & 4 Pin Case Fans

    Hi All: I purchased a bunch of these Rosewill Hyperborea 140mm & 120mm fans. It uses a 4-pin connector. Link: Will this 3-pin fan power splitter work with 4-pin? If so, will the fans just run @ full speed? Also do you...