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    Surprise, my HD5850 threw a stripe-screen-of-death. Was there ever a solution?

    I know this topic has been beaten to death already, but please bear with me. I bought my card in May of this year, several months after the first reports of the GSOD/stripes surfaced. I was actually hoping AMD would address the issue in this time, but I guess not. Did you guys ever come to a...
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    Corsair 750TX and 650TX same price, but I don't need 750W.

    Which do I get? At most I'll probably be pushing ~500W with the following setup: i7-920 @ 2.8-3.2GHz 3x2GB DDR3 Radeon 5850 I've read that PSUs are most efficient when total load is around 80%. That would mean I should get the TX650, right? But of course more is better and 750W would...
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    Has XFX stopped making 5850 cards?

    Can't find one in stock at any of the major retailers (Egg, ZZF, Amazon, TD, etc.). What's going on?
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    Let's talk about the Radeon 5830

    You know, the one set at a $229 price point. The one that should essentially be a 4890 with DirectX 11 capability. Maybe a little more juice. The one that keeps getting delayed :mad: Any new word, or are we still looking at late Feb/early March?
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    ASUS P5K Deluxe - Primary PCIe slot doesn't work.

    So for some reason I don't think my primary PCIe slot is working. The P5K Deluxe has 2 slots, but only the primary one is 16x. The other is only 4x. When my graphics card was in the first one the monitor wasn't receiving a signal. I tried the monitor and cable on other systems and they worked...
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    So I tried installing Vista SP1 and now it says my copy isn't genuine.

    Let me preface this by saying I do own a legal retail copy of Vista. I tried installing SP1 today. It downloaded and got through 2/3 of the installation, then failed for some reason at the 3rd stage. When I logged into Vista, I noticed at the bottom-right corner it says: What's that about...
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    Dynamic disk recovery software? Preferably freeware?

    Here's the long story: I bought a 500GB hard drive last month, and immediately partitioned it into 2 pieces. I had one 20GB partition, and the other ~445GB was another partition. The intent was to install Fedora on the 20GB partition so I could dual-boot Vista (on another hard drive) and...
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    Does the P5K support a 1:1 memory divider?

    I'm thinking of doing a mild overclock to my E6550, bringing it up to 2.8GHz (400x7). I have DDR2-800 RAM which would run great if I could to 1:1 (400MHz). Of course, all the DRAM settings are shown as memory speeds (DDR2-667, DDR2-1066, etc.) so which one do I pick for a 1:1 setting?
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    Is there any way to force my E6550 to run at 2.33GHz all the time?

    Right now it's sitting at 2GHz, and I'm assuming that when I run something intensive it'll crank back up. Is there anyway to just have it going at full speed all the time?
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    My new computer keeps shutting off after a few minutes...HELP!!

    (Specs are in my sig, below.) My computer was working fine yesterday, all day, and now I can't have it on for more than 10 minutes without it randomly shutting down. It's not a problem with the wall socket because my monitor stays on the whole time, so I figure it's a problem with the tower...
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    P5K Owners: Your thoughts on the board?

    I'm pretty much set on the P5K-E for my new build, but I'd love to hear what some of you guys who already have it think of it. Also, if you have any tips/hints or things to keep in mind, I'd appreciate that as well. The boards on Newegg don't have the latest BIOS, so I hope I'll be able to...
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    P5K boards - how to flash BIOS to work with 1333fsb CPUs?

    I'm thinking of getting either the P5K-VM or P5K-E, but according to Newegg reviews, they aren't shipping with the latest BIOS, which means I'm going to have to flash it before I can even use anything. I don't want to buy a floppy there any way to do this with a USB memory stick...
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    So are there any good cases out there with Top-Mounted buttons and ports?

    Since I keep my computer on the floor, it's better for me to get one with everything on top for easy access. So far the only such cases I've found are the Coolermaster Centurion 532, Ammo 533, and Mystique. Please tell me there are more, because all of these have their own little quirks that...
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    Does anyone know where to find Intel's new prices for September?

    I heard that Intel is going to enact broad price cuts on its full range of processors in early September. Does anyone know if the new prices have been published yet? I found new mobile prices, but nothing about desktop CPUs.
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    Quake Wars or Crysis? Which would you get?

    If you could only get one of these two, which would it be? This is based solely on whatever preview material the general public has access to, like screenshots, videos, and gameplay information. It's tough, but I think I'd take Quake Wars on the basis of a much more in-depth multiplayer mode...
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    Doing a clean install with Vista Upgrade edition -- legal?

    I saw a guide online, allegedly by a Microsoft employee or something, that showed how you can use the upgrade version of Vista to perform a clean install. I'd prefer to use the upgrade version because it's not much more expensive than the OEM, and you get full support from Microsoft and access...
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    Step-by-step guide on how to build a computer?

    I remember when I was here awhile back there were a few guides with pictures that showed how to actually put the parts together and tips on what to watch out for, etc. Can anyone link me to one of these guides? Preferably a more modern one than the S754 AMD ones I saw all that time ago. :D
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    Are the nVidia 600i series chipsets 100% guaranteed to work with Penryn?

    I've narrowed my choice of motherboards to the P6N SLI and the P5K-E. The P6N uses the 650i chipset and the P5K uses the P35. I've heard that P35 chipsets will natively work with Penryn, but haven't heard anything from the nVidia side. Will Penryn work natively on 600i chipsets? Will you need...
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    Good solid case in the $50-100 range?

    I haven't kept up with most of the computer scene, so I have no idea what's good right now. If someone could make a couple of recommendations, I'd appreciate it. Preferably no PSU and no side window. :)
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    Best mATX board?

    Hey all, I'm looking to make a mATX system and I'm not really sure what motherboard to go for. Here's what I want: - Stock stability - Ease of use - Good OC'ing capability/features - Nice port selection I put the Gigabyte DS2R on my short there anything better?
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    Critique my build...$1500 budget for college. Thanks!

    CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 Mobo - Gigabyte G33M-DS2R RAM - OCZ Platinum 2GB DDR2-800 Graphics - XFX 8800GTS 640MB HDD - Seagate 320GB w/ 16MB cache Optical - Lite-On 20x DVD-RW Monitor - Samsung 206BW 20" LCD OS - Vista Home Premium 32-bit OEM Audio - Sennheiser PC150 Headset Case -...
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    Networking problem - What are my options?

    Here's the scenario: My parents have a wireless network running in their home (802.11g), and everything works fine. Signal strength is strong on the second floor, where the router is, and good everywhere else, it's secure, and never drops. However, my dad received a laptop from work, and it's...
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    AIM wasting CPU cycles? ARGHH

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    Verdict on the Dell E207WFP? This looks like a really good deal to me right now. I've been looking at the Ultrasharp line, but it's just too expensive right now. The 207WFP seems to be all the good things about the Ultrasharps, but...
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    ASUS P5B/P5B-E...anything I should watch out for with memory?

    Here's the board I'm looking at: ASUS P5B Is there any RAM companies in particular that I should avoid? For reference, here is what I'm looking to purchase: G.Skill 2GB DDR2-800 I've been hearing about some of these 965P boards being rather temperamental with certain RAM manufacturers...
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    Hey, does this look like a good deal to you too? (Dell)

    $1691 - 30% discount = $1184. It's basically loaded in my eyes, and I can't think of a reason not to pull the trigger. Is there something I'm missing, or is this really that good? :eek:
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    Rate my E1505 there anything I should add or take out?

    I was basically going for a 15" laptop with decent graphics, a big hard drive, 1GB RAM, Bluetooth, and good battery life. All for under $1000 with free shipping...not bad, right? I'd have preferred an X1600/7600 but I can't find a reputable company that sells that with a 15" laptop.
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    Rate this AM2 build...

    My friend wanted AM2 on a $1500 budget, and wants to game on his 2005FPW. This is what I came up with: ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ OCZ Platinum 2GB DDR2-800 WD Caviar 250GB SATA-II eVGA 7950GX2 Lite-On DVD-RW Coolermaster Centurion 5 Enermax Liberty 500W Logitech G5 +...
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    Best SINGLE SLOT video card?!

    I'm getting a Shuttle SFF, and I need a single-slot video card since their onboard sound is pretty much worthless. I was also thinking about getting a VX2025WM, so whatever video card I get should be able to play most games at 1680x1050. Is there such a card on the market right now? The main...
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    My SN27P2 Build - Comments and Critique Please!

    Since Conroe isn't out yet, and this 1.6GHz P4 is starting to bother me, I've decided to bite the bullet and upgrade now. Also, since K8L is due early next year, I don't feel so bad about not going with Conroe. Here's how it's looking so far. I haven't ordered yet, since I wanted to run it past...
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    So what's going to happen to the ATI forum...

    Now that ATI has been incorporated into AMD? Will ATI continue to make its own products, or will it supply chips to AMD now? If ATI as a company is discontinued, this forum's gonna go soon after :(
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    Graphics: X1600 vs. 7600GT vs. 7900GS

    Which graphics card do I want? Assuming all other things equal, which would net me the best performance in the following games? Battlefield 2 Oblivion UT 2004 GTA San Andreas And the like...those are really the only 3 options available to me. Which should I go with? TIA! :)
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    Talk me into getting a Macbook Pro...please...

    So, I have about $2000 to spend on a notebook, and I've come across several options. I've narrowed it down to basically a PC vs. Mac. The PC notebook will most likely be a Dell Inspiron or something to that extent. That's irrelevant, since I was at the Apple Store yesterday and was blown away by...
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    8900GTXXX Super Ultra Hyperclocked Special Limited Edition?

    Is it just me, or are these naming schemes getting a bit tedious? I mean honestly, what brilliant mind in the marketing division of these video card companies actually proposed that adding in words like "ultimate" and "KO" would increase sales? And if it's actually working, that is a horrible...
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    7900GTX vs. X1900XTX -- a true trade-off

    Well, my roommate has decided that his 6800GT just isn't cutting it anymore. He managed to get ~$600 somewhere, and I'm not exactly sure where :p. Regardless, he's buying a 250gb hard drive for about $100, which leaves him $500 to spend on a video card. Here's the current tradeoff [in his eyes]...
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    Overclocking a Core Duo?

    I ordered an Inspiron laptop with a 2GHz Core Duo processor, and I wanted to know if there was any way to overclock and/or tweak with it. Is it possible?
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    Tell me why I shouldn't get a Presler.

    [This is hypothetically speaking, of course, since I already have an Opteron.] I would like this to be considered seriously. So please, none of the brand-loyalty here. If your only contribution is going to be "AMD > Intel" or "wtf intel sux get amd pwn", then please hesitate to post...
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    Centurion 541...opinions?

    To be honest, I'm getting sick of my full tower. It feels really bloated - I'm only using 3 of the expansion slots and there's a lot of empty space. On top of all that, it's huge and I have to leave it on the floor. Hence, I'm gonna make the move to SFF. I haven't heard much about the 541 in the...
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    Opinions on the Abit AW8?

    Being one of the cheapest good 955X motherboards, the AW8 looks very attractive for a bargain Presler combo. Do any owners or previous owners have anything to say about the board? I'd like opinions on stability, service, overclocking...the usual :)
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    Non-DFI motherboard that can consistently do 300+ HTT

    My DFI board has been giving me a lot of trouble lately, and I think I'm gonna scrap it and get a new motherboard. My concern is finding a good one for overclocking with, since any other board pales in comparison to a DFI. Here's what I've been looking at as of late: - Epox 9NPA+ Ultra -...