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    Recommeded Synology packages for DS218j? First-time Newbie

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the world of NAS and I just picked up my first NAS (Synology DS218J) on black friday, along with two 8TB hard drives. Yay! I want to run RAID1 for home backup; family pictures, videos and documents. And be able to access it through my windows computer and android cell...
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    Corsair fan pricing

    Hi, i'm a little late, however, I have an answer for everyone's question! lol. I'm was shopping for fan replacement earlier today and I came across an article that explained the cost difference. "As for...
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    4K performance of 970 vs 980 Ti

    Wait until the next generation of GPU's for 4k gaming. They're currently a generation behind the developers.
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    Benchmarks: 570 gtx vs 970 gtx w/ Phenom ii x4 945

    Of couse a 6700k will out perform a 2500k, that's a 6th generation i7 and $400! I don't think you read my entire reply and/or missed my point. The 2500k is only a $75 temporary solution and with my current funds it's the best bang for my buck. I also highly doubt it will "be a bottleneck in a...
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    Benchmarks: 570 gtx vs 970 gtx w/ Phenom ii x4 945

    I completely agree, however, most of my budget went to the GTX 970. The 2500k is just a temporary solution, however, $150 for a 2500k + z77 is most bang for my buck! Considering there's little improvement over the 2500k for the 3570k or 4670k. I highly doubt it and there's hundreds of reviews...
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    Benchmarks: 570 gtx vs 970 gtx w/ Phenom ii x4 945

    spot saved for 2500k update.
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    Benchmarks: 570 gtx vs 970 gtx w/ Phenom ii x4 945

    I know, I'm way overdue for an upgrade. I recently bought a Zotac GTX 970 and 2500k earlier this week, however, I'm still shopping for a z68 or z77 board for the 2500k. So naturally, I installed the GTX 970 on my phenom x4 945 and ran some benchmarks. The Test: For the testing, I ran the phenom...
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    Attention Adrenaline Junkies: $125 Skydiving hot deal in California, San Diego

    $125 Tandem Skydiving on Groupon ($210 Value) Deal expires midnight today at 12:00AM PST Voucher expires May 31, 2012. You can find this deal here. Click Here [] Also here's a list of local prices if you want to compare prices like I did...
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    Google + invite button is up

    What is this for? ::edit:: Nvm, i just found. I'll try it out if you still have invites. Nightwing749 at gmail dot com
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    [hot] XFX 650w modular PSU @ Egg $50 AR AC FS

    My original post from SD. Thanks OP. I picked this up after reading three great reviews on different websites for this PSU. Really glad I didn't pickup that Corsair 650tx. I've been waiting for a good modular and the Corsair 650tx is a SeaSonic S12; the XFX is a hybrid between the SeaSonic S12...
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    Best card for 1680 x 1050 gaming?

    http://www(dot) hardwarecanucks(dot) com/forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/34089-nvidia-geforce-gtx-460-1gb-gtx-460-768mb-review(dot) html Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (1680 x 1050 Highest Settings) GTX 460 1GB : 50.81 fps GTX 460 768MB: 48.76 fps ..even Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (2560 x...
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    Insane? PS3 $40 + s/h

    w00t!!!!! I got my PS3 today. Thank you 1-day shipping. Proof:
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    3 Invites to, gaming torrent community

    Invites gone.
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    Terran Alpha Squadron Pumpkin, Starcraft 2

    Wasn't sure where I could post this but I figure Starcraft 2 is a PC game. I spent hours trying to think of what to crave my pumpkin this year. I settled on this project after not finding any Starcraft related pumpkins online. I wanted to do something original and Starcraft 2 is one of my...
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    Xbox live 12 month card $19.99 @ Target huge YMMV

    Not true. Ask them to ring both up and the price for the card will not come down. It was a price mistake and I just claimed false advertisement. That's how I got my three cards at two different stores. You must demand to speak with a supervisor because I was refused by the regular employees at...
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    Xbox live 12 month card $19.99 @ Target huge YMMV

    This was originally posted on this morning. But yeah.... I picked up three of them today at two nearby targets in So-Cal. Both stores I had to speak with the supervisor to get the deal with the sign being removed...
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    [Hot] Free Year of Amazon Prime with a .edu address

    Worked like a charm! Thanks OP.
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    Western Digital 2TB Caviar Black Amazon $160 FS

    $160?? Not a good deal at all.
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    CompUSA/ Tigerdirect made me lol today

    I work at a well known retail store and I can say this is no news to me. We do prices changes every week before a big sale. The price of anything that was on sale is lowered and the price of an item going on sale is raised. Ever since I started working in sales, I now think twice about anything...
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    20% BCB at BestBuy

    Wii ftw. $150 - 20% Bing Cashback = $120 Thx OP.
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    [Warm]12 Month Xbox Live Gold subscription $29.99 @ dell

    12 Month Xbox Live Gold subscription $29.99 @ dell (taken from slick deals I would say it's a hot deal but shipping is $6.99 but price still not bad. Anyone know a free shipping code...
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    Realspace Magellan L-Shaped Desk and Hutch $36 (Reg $380) + $25 Shipping @OfficeDepo

    Don't wait for the pickup email. Especially if the store you choose for store pickup had both in stock. I placed my order around 5:30am and I picked it up without a pickup confirmation email around 3pm the same day. Read my post on page 2. Bring your order confirmation email, credit card...
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    Realspace Magellan L-Shaped Desk and Hutch $36 (Reg $380) + $25 Shipping @OfficeDepo

    Your best bet is to pick it up later in the evening after the store manager leaves for the day and Corp. Offices are closed if they want to call it in.
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    Realspace Magellan L-Shaped Desk and Hutch $36 (Reg $380) + $25 Shipping @OfficeDepo

    wow... I'm really glad I did store pickup. :D
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    Realspace Magellan L-Shaped Desk and Hutch $36 (Reg $380) + $25 Shipping @OfficeDepo

    Lmao.. I just got my bing cashback email and they gave me $15.40 for combo set. I paid $39.14 after tax in the store, so my final cost after bing cashback is $23.74 !!!!!! crazy. :eek:
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    Realspace Magellan L-Shaped Desk and Hutch $36 (Reg $380) + $25 Shipping @OfficeDepo

    Picked up my espresso black desk and hutch yesterday. I wish i could of taken a picture of the manager faces because it was priceless. I walked in around 3pm and gave a guy my email printout. 15mins later there was about 4-5 employees including two managers looking over the papers with faces...
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    1.5 TB Western Digital Green $58 after $30 MIR & BCB at Tiger

    hot deal except the reviews are very not hot.
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    Corsair H50 $60 at Best Buy

    Nvm I found it. I figured out that my ad blocker is working on current browser, lol. Tried a different browser and found the link no problem. Thx.
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    Corsair H50 $60 at Best Buy

    What are you guys doing exactly to find the bestbuy cashback? I've tried going to bing -> Shopping -> then searching the keywords and checking every item on the page but no bestbuy under "see all" stores. keywords: sony hdtv TigerDirect HDTV LG HDTV Am I searching in the wrong place? Thanks.
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    Corsair H50 $60 at Best Buy

    I had no luck finding the bestbuy cashback >.<.
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    FREE Gillette Proglide razor

    "Unfortunately, while you were entering the Fusion ProGlide Challenge&#8482;, our last FREE Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide was given away. Sorry about that. Everybody must really want one! You can still purchase your Fusion® ProGlide in most stores on June 6."
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    warm ? 2x25 pack dual layer 29$

    sweet deal, except i've had bad luck with many memorex on my 360. Now i only use verbatim and never had a single coaster.
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    FRY's instore: Phenom II x4 945 + MSI 790X-G45

    Safe bet. It was simply changing one setting in bios w/o having to overclock.
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    FRY's instore: Phenom II x4 945 + MSI 790X-G45

    I bought this combo yesterday with 2x2GB corsair ddr3-1600. It does has four ddr3 slots and it does support ddr3-1600 even though the website/box says ddr3-1200. I went into bios and simply changed the ram settings from ddr3-1200 to ddr3-1600. I always found it funny how the items in fry's ad...
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    FRY's instore: Phenom II x4 945 + MSI 790X-G45

    i see it says ddr3-1200 but do you think i can get this board to run my 2x2GB corsair ddr3-1600 @1600mhz?
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    Woot Off - 4-27-10

    wootoff... old news and don't care.
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    1.5TB 7200RPM 69.99$ AMR

    wow, that's odd. If I do what you said it comes up with 12.3% but if you go under shopping and cashback stores list it says 8-10%. btw, I approve of Seagate. All my drives are Seagate and I have never had a problem.
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    1.5TB 7200RPM 69.99$ AMR

    I searched Bing for Tiger Direct and it says 8-10% cash back not 12-15%. Numbers might might be off yet again. ::cheers::
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    ioSafe Solo 2TB Disaster Proof External Hard Drive $408

    rofl... I've never seen that vid before and that was funny.
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    Seagate 1.5 TB Barracuda - $99.99 w/FS @ Amazon

    I love how there is always naysayers about a particular brand whenever a hdd deal is posted. I agree on blaming the user/equipment or bad luck if your having multiplier hdd fails in the same raid. I've used seagate for many years and never had a problem.