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    windows 10 pro v 10 home

    I'm curious, if I get a copy of windows 10 pro, will I end up with all the bloat that comes with the free version of home? or can anyone answer this question, a web link would be nice.
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    windows 10= garbage the garbage part comes from me, I was using it but stopped yesterday, the search, SUCKS. device and printers. just trying to get to things to make changes SUCKS, I finally got tired of it and uninstalled it. using windows...
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    reclassifying internet service as a utility i know there is going to be a lot of people here that will enjoy this, the question to ask is has the Utility companies in your area done good for you? can you say this will forever create a...
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    microsoft outage

    I came home for lunch and my wife asked me if we were having email problems at work, we host our own email, my wifes company uses office 365 and yes they are down. wait until everyone starts buying computers with cloud os. lol...
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    linux blow to windows

    i know this will upset a lot of die hard windows fans here on this forum, but i found this really interesting, HP has created a server with a size that will reduce the size of data centers, but what I like is this the operating system they are going to start developing will be base on linux and...
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    as someone who works in Information Tech, I would HATE to find this out. "The hackers who attacked Target Corp and compromised up to 40 million credit cards and debit cards also managed to steal...
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    System upgrade

    i have a intel system now, I want to upgrade give the system i have to my son, who is still running a AMD 754, yes old BUT very good system. we want to buy starcraft 2 and supereme commader 2. plus the other FPS games. Im looking at MSI 770-G45 AM3 AMD 770 ATX AMD OR GIGABYTE...
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    System upgrade

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    a stupid question

    I have been using scsi drives for, will I haven't ever used ide, I have been thinking of getting a sata, the 3 geg. I have been wondering is there is a difference between the 1.5 and the 3 geg cables?
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    MY PROBLEMS with Vista

    ok here we go, I like the look of Vista, the problem is the freaken screen blinks like 10 times. then there is the damn access crap, where I ahve to click allow or continue. if I can get these stupid things to stop I will like this os.
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    windows xp key question

    If i upgrade to vista, from xp, will I lose my xp key? that means I won't format hard drive just install over xp
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    new activation

    I want to buy a copy of vista, but I have 2 computers to put it on, can I just buy another act key, and where do I get it?
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    Corsair VX 550W PSU - $68.04 AR Corsair VX 550W Power Supply Our Price: $83.04 Price After Rebate(s): $68.04 Shipping: FREE Total Price: $68.04 Shipping is like 1 to 2 weeks if you go for free shipping. if you haven't used...
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    motherboard, what would you get, Im on a budget... I have been able to build a dou system for under 600, with out the motherboard. I don't overclock, so that isn't a factor for me. if you had to chose a board what would you pick? is just a intel board ok? yes I am going to be gaming.
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    Could this

    be the beginning of the end, of vista.
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    NEED help bad

    I just ordered a new processor, the one from tiger direct, the Oem, well it is a 64 bit proicessor and I have a 32 bit windows xp, is anyone runniing that combo, and if so is it runniing good? or should I just cancel the order?
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    A new AGP card

    I was wondering if you had to chose a card, which brand would you pick. Bfg, XFX or Evga, Im looking at getting a new Agp video card and don't know if one is better than the other. ps I don't have 1200 to upgrade my pc, but I do have about 300 to spend. Amd 3200 Abit Nf7s mobo 1 geg of...