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    Computer won't turn on

    while i was away from home at school, my family killed my desktop at home, somehow. It stopped turning on. situation: if i press the power button, nothing happens. However, if i turn the psu off, then turn it back on, wait a second, and then press the power button, the fans will get some...
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    laptop is restricting server access

    i have windows vista :( im not sure its a virus software update problem but ill have to try to update malwarebytes another time. but i have superantispyware and its not detecting anything at all what i dont understand is how firefox works but ie and chrome dont, i reinstalled chrome and i...
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    laptop is restricting server access

    that WURT link does not work for me. i had a friend try it and it doesnt work for him either....
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    laptop is restricting server access

    i ran like 3 different virus scanners nothing... and im stll having update doesnt work either :( i don't know what to do!
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    laptop is restricting server access

    ok, i dont know what happened or what i did but a few weeks ago my laptop started to restrict me from connecting to certain internet servers. examples: google chrome and ie just stopped working, i couldn't load any website on them, but firefox still works. i cannot use windows media...
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    how would i install windows 7 old desktop is virus infected (thanks mom), has random files and programs all over it, needs to be fixed. i used to just put in the windows xp cd, and defrag the hdd and reinstall windows. however, i lost the cd and key. right now i am downloading windows 7 on my laptop for...
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    LF low budget $500 laptop

    this is for my cousin. for what he needs it for $500 should be fine. He doesnt know anything about laptops at all. He can use one, but hes never owned any computer before. So im predicting like 50 start up programs :D. Lots of ram would be nice obviously. Main thing hes using it for is webcam...
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    windows takes forever to load

    i have vista home premium (32 bit) after the login screen, before the desktop shows, all i get is a black screen for a minute or so where all i can do is move the mouse. it seems like my laptop just stops loading things and decides to take a break, and then after a bit everything seems to be...
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    i need a new touchpad

    i have a friend that has a "newer" hp laptop. the touchpad got scratched and now it causes the mouse to jump a little bit at times and its it really pissing her off. ill get the model in a minute, but how would i go about replacing the touchpad and finding a replacement for it? and just using...
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    my computer wont turn on....

    blah, it was working so i kinda let it go, but now i have the same problem... when i completely disconnect the psu (unplug and switch both thingies off) and wait a few minutes, the fans move for like .025 seconds and then stop....i let it unplugged a little longer, and then it took a little...
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    my computer wont turn on....

    nothing is overclocked, if my os has been "borked" my comp would still turn on, it just wouldnt do much....i dont have another pc, just a laptop that im useing now. the point where it "turns off" is completely random to actually acted like this before, where it turned off randomly...
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    my computer wont turn on.... comp was running for about 3 weeks straight...i was lazy, didnt turn it off... then i had to leave town for the weekend, so i turned it off, when i came back, it wouldnt turn back on :eek: i keept trying to turn it on here and there but it seems to be dead, it turned on yesterday...
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    Sniper Games or good FPS

    sniper is not that good in tf2....if u want the sneaky hide and charge up ur shot and beam someone real fast and hide again....go for it, but no one likes those people ........i think the sniping is way too slow in TF2.....if u want fast paced sniping, its the wrong game
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    How Good is [H] at TF2? Post Your Best TF2 Moments!

    and maybe everyone had 35k health then
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    How Good is [H] at TF2? Post Your Best TF2 Moments!

    how is that possible with only 13k dmg...
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    How Good is [H] at TF2? Post Your Best TF2 Moments! i know what ur thinking..and no i was not hacking!
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    getting into another computer using my network pretty much in order to do anything i need to install something on his comp......ive heard of booting from a cd to bypass the login stuff and then i could plant the program into some random folder and hide it..... the main thing is will a virus scanner detect it? thanks for all...
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    getting into another computer using my network

    well..getting into his room isn't a problem, having him be loged in - kinda. but do you guys have any names for a RAT or VNC client?
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    getting into another computer using my network

    well, after searching the web for a bit...i think what i pretty much need is a "backdoor" which is like that logmein thing but runs in the background without the person knowing. - correct?
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    getting into another computer using my network

    that psexec program looks i just need to bring someone else inside to test it out, hehehe :p thanks for the speedy replies :D but i dont know the user/pw
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    getting into another computer using my network

    i don't know if this kind of question is permitted in this forum so if it is not can someone pm me a link to where i can find out how to do this... i live in a dorm and my neighbors are always playing little pranks on each other. our computers are connected through the schools network. they...
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    COmpaq Presario R3000

    i dont know if this helps but....when my vid card was messing up on my computer, the guy on the phone told me to take it out and see what happens....and i just heard a few beeps
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    how do i put games on my cell phone?

    Ok, I just got a LG Trax aka CU575...I know its a little old but it was free with our family plan and I dont need much....... I know how to put stuff on it like mp3s, graphics, etc via bluetooth. However, the games I've found on the internet don't work on the phone. it seems like the phone...
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    Would my laptop slow down due to heat?

    hello, i have a dell 1520, video card is 8600M GT....and in games after i have been playing for a bit, i will get considerably lower in tf2 ill start to average 20 fps. now, i am guessing that my laptop could be getting hot and slowing down as a precaution - if this is true, is there...
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    temp files.......

    NO!....i mean...what are u talking about :confused:
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    temp files.......

    thats the thing.....i opened a word document from the internet.....wanted to save it...i pressed save instead of save as and didnt know where i saved it, i clicked save as and it was in the temp i opened "my computer" and tried to find the folder manually...but it was...
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    temp files.......

    ok, i knew computers made temp files of stuff on the internet.....and as i was messing around...i foudn this folder that was originally hidden under my user folder.....and there i found clips that i downloaded months ago, i want to know how i can get rid of this stuff....just delete everything...
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    ...80 fps idle...30 fps in battle....10 fps in heavy battle??? is tf2 i know i have a laptop but comon?......css is almost the same way... all settings are on low, resolution is low too - 1280 x 800 (16:10) ---SPECS--- Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T7300 (2.0GHz/800Mhz FSB/4MB cache) 2GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 667MHz 256MB NVIDIA®...
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    how to connect laptop to tv?

    ok.....scratch everything i had before.....i figured it out....i had to change some settings on my laptop....however.......when i switch the view to my tv, the max resolution drops down a lot....would this be due to the cable i am using? laptop is widescreen but this tv is an old...
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    Travian (Web Based RTS-ish Game)

    speed server is full /cry :(
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    .........ummm.....yeah.....flash games are supposed to be fun, right? :confused:
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    Reaction Testing Superman Game

    reaction testing my ass...that camera lags!
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    MMO Powerleveling/Gold Transfer

    i dont know if im allowed to do this but...i recently stoped playing would i go about selling a character?
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    Boxhead, Zombie hunter!! Fun game!

    luv it!
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    choppy dvds

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    choppy dvds

    ok, she runs windows xp professional norton antivirus and ad-adware se amd turion 64 mobile, 792 MHz, 896 mb ram ati radeom xpress 200M --its a HP livestrong laptop, Special Edition L2000 thanks a lot, i hope this helps:)
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    choppy dvds

    ok, this is for my cuz so i dont know all the details but, she has a laptop and when she plays dvds, they dont run smoothly, they are very choppy as if the fps is too low, now...i really dont know whats the problem, i tried looking threw the settings on the movie player but i didnt see...
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    tf2 actin funky

    i have a 8600M GT > playin on a laptop.... thx for the advice.....ill let u know if the problems stop
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    tf2 actin funky

    ok, first off, the highest res i can get is like 1280x1024 ...when my monitor supports 1680x1050 (its what i run the desktop with) 2nd, every once in a while when i try to start it hl2.exe doesnt respond.. 3rd, every once in a while while im playing the game hl2.exe doesnt respond and the...
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    i need a fps with good mp

    i need a first person shooter thats more focused on online multiplayer... something in the lines of counterstrike where u can just keep going back to. i was thinking about TF2...