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    New Lian Li PC-V354 m.atx case : Specification & Feature

    Did anyone ever figure out what thumb screws work for the side cover of this case? I remember seeing a picture with thumb screws and asking the person where they got them, but I either never got a response, or didn't check this thread enough.
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    Sega Working on Dreamcast Retail Collection

    PC version of Ikaruga please! The only reason I haven't sold my Xbox 360 by now is because of the XBLA version of Ikaruga.
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    A-DATA S599 AS599S-64GM-C 60GB SSD Benchmark

    Well, according to the OCZ guide, I have trim enabled. Is there a better way to enable/check the status of TRIM? AS SSD says I'm using the msahci driver, which is the Microsoft driver if I recall correctly.
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    A-DATA S599 AS599S-64GM-C 60GB SSD Benchmark

    I did 1 100MB this time since that's what you did. Also not sure how much my drive being filled and yours being empty affects the benchmarks.
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    New Lian Li PC-V354 m.atx case : Specification & Feature

    Yes, please post a link! I need thumb screws for this case! It would be such a nightmare to disassemble this case at a LAN party with the tiny sidepanel screws that it comes with. (Hopefully I wouldn't have to disassemble at a LAN, but you never know. Cables come loose during transportation...
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    [H] Flickr Group! and post your Flickr link here Thread Currently I only have pictures from one day over the summer that I took with a borrowed Rebel XSi. I'll be buying a 60D shortly though, so expect to see some more added :)
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    A-DATA S599 AS599S-64GM-C 60GB SSD Benchmark

    Not sure. My P5Q Pro Turbo apparently has "5+2" Sata 3GB/s ports. I'm thinking the "+2" might be 1.5GB/s ports. I'm going to try a different port in a little while. My bad. I posted that as soon as I woke up this morning. I meant to say that my rig is a known good computer, as it worked fine...
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    A-DATA S599 AS599S-64GM-C 60GB SSD Benchmark

    Well, my rig is a known good SSD. Worked fine with the HDD, and still is working fine other than the SSD being slow. and I don't know anyone else who owns an SSD. but the SSD is plugged into SATA Port 6 on my P5Q Pro Turbo. Would that make a difference? Should I rearrange and make sure it's...
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    A-DATA S599 AS599S-64GM-C 60GB SSD Benchmark

    AS SSD says I'm running msahci. 1024k. Edit:
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    A-DATA S599 AS599S-64GM-C 60GB SSD Benchmark

    My results don't look nearly as good as yours. I wonder if I did something wrong setting it up? I installed Windows on it today in AHCI mode...I'm not sure what else is necessary. It's the same drive though, so I don't know why my numbers are so low.
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    Lian Li A04 - New MicroATX case

    Why couldn't they just make this one full ATX? It'd only have to be a tiny bit bigger. Then it would be like a PC-A05N, only better due to having more than three 3.5" bays. I'll stick with my V354 for mATX.
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    Gigabyte Holiday [H] Give-Away!!!

    I love Gigabyte boards. There's a P55A-UD4P in my Mom's closet right now waiting to be opened on Christmas :p
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    DDR2 1066 Ripjaws?

    I have DDR2 1066 G.Skill Tridents, and I'm very pleased with them. Allowed me to get my Q6600 stable at 3.6GHz.
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    How much RAM do we need?

    I don't see a need for any more than 4GB of ram (for a normal desktop/gaming system) at this point in time.
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    Microsoft Explains XBL Price Hike

    They're charging us more because they're giving us the chance to pay them for DLC before anybody else. That makes absolutely no sense. On a side-note, god, I hate DLC. I will never pay for maps. Ever.
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    Desktop Linux: The Dream Is Dead

    I never did understand why Linux on netbooks was so popular at first, and then suddenly every netbook I looked at had Windows XP instead.
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    Gene Simmons Responds to DDoS Attacks

    I was happy about his site being attacked, since I thought he deserved it after reading what he said. but now that you've mentioned it, you're right, it's just giving him tons of free publicity:(
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    Album Price Should Drop to $1.60

    I agree 100%, especially with the lossless or at least 320kbps part.
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    How The RIAA Took My Vintage Mustang

    Poor guy. I can't believe this is still happening to people. Either settle with us for a a few thousand dollars, or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting us? That's completely unfair. Haha, that is true, people would.
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    NES PC Build Project

    Great work! I loved your custom intro screen.
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    Q6600 Nowadays

    Is the Q6600 a great chip? Yes. Do I love my Q6600? Yes. Would I recommend going from an E8400 to a Q6600 for $100? No, I'd say save your money for an i5/i7 setup. Your E8400 should run Counter-Strike Source just fine.
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    Another Reason To Secure Your Wireless Connection

    I've been secured with WPA2 for a while now.
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    Best CPU's of all time?

    It's hard to define "best", but I'm particularly fond of the Intel E2140. I had one that I overclocked all the way up to 3.4GHz. It was a nice chip to hold me over until I could afford my Q6600, which is another great processor. It was affordable (for a quad core at the time) and was also a...
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    New Lian Li PC-V354 m.atx case : Specification & Feature

    Jeeze, that's an expensive mobo for somebody on a budget. but yes, looking at pics on Newegg, I would say the U9B will fit. It looks like there's a decent amount of space between those heatsinks and the CPU socket, and the U9B is smaller than you think once you see it in person. Anyway, I've...
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    New Lian Li PC-V354 m.atx case : Specification & Feature

    This Noctua NH-U9B SE2 is very quiet. Is it out of your price range or something? For an extra $30 you get great mounting hardware, and 2 very quiet fans. I'm sure anyone who has used a Noctua fan will tell you Noctua fans are pretty much completely silent. I can barely hear my rig, despite that...
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    Gettin' it on at Fry's

    I lol'd at the title. Then I read the article and felt bad :P
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    Help with htpc v blu-ray v roku

    I'd go with a dedicated GPU if you're going to watch Blu-ray. Nothing fancy, just an HD5450 to make sure playback is smooth.
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    Is Single Monitor Gaming Dead?

    I have an Eyefinity setup, but don't actually use it very much. The only games I like using it for are racing games (pretty much any of them. NFS: Shift particularly, and I'll probably pick up F1 2010 soon), and H.A.W.X. Other than that, I'm perfectly happy playing RTS and FPS games on a single...
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    Starcraft II

    Speaking of Funday Monday, I was trying this week's challenge (play as Terran and don't use Marines, Marauders, or Tanks), and boy was it rough. Against Protoss they just scout me and see that I have no Marines so they Void Rays, which is like an instant loss. You pretty much NEED Vikings if you...
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    New Lian Li PC-V354 m.atx case : Specification & Feature

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Conroe (the 65nm 1.86GHz version) GIGABYTE GA-73PVM-S2 DDR2-800 2x2GB OCZ VisionTek Radeon HD 4850 512MB Western Digital 5000AAKS-00V1A0 SeaSonic M12II 620 Bronze 620W I'm running the E6300 at 2.1GHz (300x7) and my idle temp is 37c. Load temp is 45c (running OCCT). Keep...
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    New Lian Li PC-V354 m.atx case : Specification & Feature

    I used a Seasonic M12II 620watt. It was $100 + shipping and tax from Newegg. I got my build finished tonight :)
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    New Lian Li PC-V354 m.atx case : Specification & Feature

    Yeah I won't be going i7 for this rig, but I'm sure it will be fine as all Micro-ATX boards should be around the same size. I'll be using a Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2 board with a SeaSonic M12II 620 Bronze PSU. Thanks for the help :) UPS should be swinging by with the case any time now! :)
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    New Lian Li PC-V354 m.atx case : Specification & Feature

    Just pulled the trigger on one of these tonight. I'll definitely post pictures when I get everything in it. As for my heatsink I'll be using a stock Intel cooler for now, but I'm thinking about going with a Noctua NH-U9B SE2 later. Do you guys think that would work well in this case? I'm...
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    Did Best Buy Cancel Anyone Else's SC2 Preorder?

    Oh okay, I thought it was June 31st. but Best Buy BCB is down to 3%, so the deal OP got doesn't exist anymore.
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    Did Best Buy Cancel Anyone Else's SC2 Preorder?

    Best Buy has given me a $10 coupon to be used when I re-do my order. :D
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    Did Best Buy Cancel Anyone Else's SC2 Preorder?

    Yeah, they canceled mine too. I pre-ordered for full price in June. Oh well, no big deal for me, all I have to do is re-order. Oh, and I'll sign up for Reward Zone before I do order this time, so I get that $10. I'm really sorry for you OP, it sucks that you had used BCB for 20% off, and BCB...