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    Tesla Fans Are Begging Elon Musk to Stop Tweeting

    Stocks down 7.2% because of tweet or stocks down 7.2% because almost the whole market took a dump last week and Monday. You decide!
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    RTX2080 and RTX2080Ti Reviews online

    More NVLINK Benchmarks:
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    Few Are Pleased at EA’s Latest Take on Command & Conquer

    Did I just see Lady Jaye and a male version of the Baroness on the same team?
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    Students Protest Apple Addiction as 911 Calls Pick Up

    If they think cell phones are addicting, wait until they try donuts, pizza, or a computer... FTL
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    Ajit Pai Openly Mocks Net Neutrality Protesters with Dumb New Video

    I wonder if he got permission to use that movie as a background... can you still pirate movies apparently?
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    This Game is a Star Wars Themed Online Casino

    I think the real problem is all these kids with credit cards... because there's no way there is a parent involved in their bad decisions.
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    “Gamers Aren’t Overcharged; They’re Undercharged,” Says Wall Street Analyst

    I didn't read the article. Did it list what games he played? I'm thinking his resume sucks.
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    Microsoft Hololens $3000 At least they won't be sold out soon :)
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    Microsoft Hololens $3000[AllocadiaActivityID]_SEM_xrBWg1E7&ocid=Push_sem_pmc_pma_GOO_Push_microsoft hololens At least they won't be sold out anytime soon... oops prob should have put in VR :(
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    Apple Announces Watch Series 3 with LTE Connectivity Hopefully that isn't the plan for Verizon. $10/GB no line access fee.
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    Gearbox Teases That 90% of the Studio Is Working on Borderlands 3

    ↑ What they said, and Probably what they said ↓
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    Dolby Atmos Comes to Netflix

    I read so far the only movie they have is Okja, does anyone konw of another Atmos title on Netflix?
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    Asus Gtx 1080 Ti Rgb 780t Setup

    That chair glows nicely, clean setup I like it. Camera skills is a little wonky. Try using Sony Vegas to cut shorter pieces of video and put them together. More steady shots. Case looks clean too, better then mine that's for sure.
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    Post Your Workstations 2017

    Clean setup, I like your surround.
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    Aorus X299 pictured at

    You could do that. I'm like German Muscle , I want 2. But I always have a main drive and a storage drive. That way I can always format and reinstall if I want to, and it takes me what 1-2 hours to have a fresh computer. Copy a few games back and I'm done. I wish someone would make a...
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    Aorus X299 pictured at

    This is Intel's new chipset, not AMD. It was cool to look at but the lighting is so overkill. We're all crazy about something though. My friend loves the lights on this board and wants to upgrade almost just for that.
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    Aorus X299 pictured at If you like lights...
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    Windows Sonic vs Dolby Atmos & 7.1 virtualization in Creators Update

    I see, and I agree with you there!
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    Windows Sonic vs Dolby Atmos & 7.1 virtualization in Creators Update

    Oh. That's what I'm trying to show you in the picture above. It's more buggy then anything. It will say any sound is an Atmos signal. You speaking into the microphone is an atmos signal. Now common sense... it's not really Atmos. If your receiver supports Atmos, your sound hasn't changed at all...
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    Windows Sonic vs Dolby Atmos & 7.1 virtualization in Creators Update

    I'm confused what Stanley is testing. Windows Sonic for Headphone, Atmos over HDMI to Receiver... Are you plugging your headphones into the Receiver? If so, and I don't know about other receivers, but with a Yamaha you're not getting Atmos. You're getting Dolby TrueHD. It tells you if you hit...
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    Don't Tell People to Turn off Windows Update, Just Don't

    I only update when I want to like when CU came out. The windows update service is stopped. My computer consists of games and games, Chrome Browser, Photoshop. Everything else is backed up. If you steal my computer oh well. If you encrypt my computer oh well. There isn't anything there I cannot...
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    Windows Sonic vs Dolby Atmos & 7.1 virtualization in Creators Update

    I see. Are you using the Dolby Access App? Spatial Sound turned on? I've played with this extensively for the time being. The app is totally buggy. You can make anything say it has Atmos signal using that, but it doesn't actually. Medieval war 2 in Atmos YEEE, nope... actually 2.0 audio...
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    Windows Sonic vs Dolby Atmos & 7.1 virtualization in Creators Update

    You should guess youtube doesn't sound any better, it doesn't support Atmos. It should sound the same. What movies have you listened to? Did they support Atmos? (There aren't many). Most shows don't support Atmos either. Do you have Game of Thrones on Blu Ray? You may not be listening to any...
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    Ranger is Back in QUAKE Champions

    You guys are awesome when it comes to NDA :P Might as well start posting screenshots and videos and your bank account info.
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    I have a Soundblaster Z card, do I need a DAC?

    This guy had his coffee. +1
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    I have a Soundblaster Z card, do I need a DAC?

    What speakers did you decide to buy? And how crazy are you? How attached to your wallet are you? Most people, soundblaster Z will do the trick. If your looking for an upgrade, your going to end up buying a different sound card for $100+, and not notice near $100+ difference from your...
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    Samsung "In-Traffic Reply" App for Android

    This is why I like Carplay. Never have to look at your phone. Still can do most everything.
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    Verizon Extorts Users with Fee to Keep Landlines Unlisted

    Well shoot, i'd hope it'd stop the calls... if that was a service I'd pay for that...
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    Verizon Extorts Users with Fee to Keep Landlines Unlisted

    Why can't I pay for my cell to be unlisted, take my money...
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    Atmos in the Windows Store. 3-31

    I've played around pretty intensely with the "Atmos for Home Theater". In short, it does nothing and it is buggy. In long, it's buggy and does nothing. When Spatial is turned off, everything works with Atmos still (That is Atmos content). Battlefield 1, Battlefront, Movies, Movies and Tv...
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    Call of Duty WWII - April 26 Live Feed 10am Haven't played a Call of Duty game in forever. Kinda interested.
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    Atmos in the Windows Store. 3-31

    Good find for anyone having problems with Dolby Access App during Trial or After Purchase:
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    20 Worst PC Setups for March

    Gotta love the benjamins laying by the keyboard...
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    Large Soundstage vs. virtual surround.

    In your case you do what you gotta do. Seems you've found a specific pair that have done you well too. I used to live in an apartment upstairs, and walking across the living room was too much sometimes, let alone having speakers of any sort would not have been welcome.
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    Large Soundstage vs. virtual surround.

    I'm with B00nie on this one. You jumped to some $3500 cans, and I'm sure they sound great, amazing, mind blowing. I'm not spending $3500 on cans. (I'm sure you don't plug those into the back of your computer either). I'd rather put all that into a Yamaha CX-5100 and MX-5100. Get a fully loaded...
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    Atmos in the Windows Store. 3-31

    To be honest, I don't think it really does anything at the moment. Some say in older games that you can force the audio setup to 5.1 like Diablo 3, they noticed a difference. Like you said, with receiver, all that was Atmos, was and is still Atmos. (It actually still all works if you leave...
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    Star Wars: Battlefront II Makes the Imperials the Good Guys

    That sounds like fun. What are you uprading too? I have 5.1.2, and I really wish I had 5.1.4. I think then I could be content. What I really wish was available was 7.1.6. Have you heard Atmos before? Are you getting ceiling, wall, or reflection speakers?
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    Star Wars: Battlefront II Makes the Imperials the Good Guys

    Because George Lucas wrote them into a story some 40 years ago... What an asshole in 2017 right?
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    Star Wars: Battlefront II Makes the Imperials the Good Guys

    Interesting. Hope it supports Atmos again.