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    Training Vouchers

    We have a bunch of training vouchers that I have to use up before we renew our EA with Microsoft. Where are you guys doing your training with your vouchers? I don't believe I can redeem vouchers on CBT or Train Signal or the like can I since they went to a subscription based model?
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    Lets talk optics

    I am getting ready to buy about 2 dozen gbics for some new Cisco switches we are deploying. Normally I would always just buy Cisco gbics when I order the switches but they were not ordered. I have always used oem Cisco optics and have no experience with other brands but just because I was...
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    Dual Setup for Video Rendering

    I am in need of a little help from the dual processor gurus. My wife and I run a wedding video company on the side and now that we are shooting everything in 1080p my current AMD Phenom gaming system just cant cut it anymore when rendering out a 30 minute video in Adobe Premier. My wife does...
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    Win7 deactivates and looses all profiles?

    This has happened to several computers on my work domain. The computer will work fine one day and the next day the user will come in and the computer says Windows is not active and everything is gone. It looks like the computer has just had windows installed on it. It is no longer joined to...
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    Cisco POE Q's

    I have a stack of 3750G's in my main office. With the implementation of our new Avaya VOIP system we will be using POE obviously. Now if I am reading switch and phone specs correctly I should be able to power a full 48 phones off a switch if I need to. According to Cisco specs the 3750...
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    Cisco guru's: Port block scripting?

    Lets say I have a group of interfaces on a Cisco 3560. Lets say it is interfaces fa0/13-fa0/24. Is there any way to write a script so that I can shut or noshut all these interfaces at once? Basically I want to be able to easily turn the ports on and off all at once as they are only used a...
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    32" Westinghouse LED TV $200 Ends Today.

    Best buy has a Deal on 32" Westinghouse (Re-branded LG) for $200 ending today. I picked one up this morning. Watched 2 Blu-Rays already, the picture is phenomenal. Looks every bit as good as my Sony Bravia...
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    rackmount dmarc?

    I am getting a new bonded T1 circuit installed to be the primary internet for the office (goodbye crappy Comcast!) and obviously there will be a 25pair dmarc going into my server room. Just like this one:
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    enterprise instant messaging

    What is everyone using for enterprise instant messaging? I have gotten lots of requests for this sort of thing in the past year or so. I about fell out of my chair when I saw what Microsoft charges for Lync (former Office Communications Server) now. That is way too rich of my blood so I am...
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    Cyberoam utm?

    It is nearing time to renew the subscriptions on my fortinet firewall and I am looking into upgrading the box to something better that supports clustering for failover as well as higher throughput and multi wan balancing. I do not want to build anything so no pfsense or untangle suggestions...
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    storage server build questions

    I work for a broadcasting/production house and we are looking to consolidate our storage. Currently we are using 4 different NAS systems each with several terabytes of storage. We don't have the money to buy a SAN or any kind of off the shelf storage system, so I have been asked about the...
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    Train Signal learning disks

    My company has finally agreed to get some training materials for me, unfortunately there is not much in the way of local training centers. I am looking into some DVD/online video training systems and ran across these. Has anyone used the before? Anyone know of...
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    Corporate antivirus on linux

    I am looking to get a new anti-virus solution for my office (150 users) as the old sysadmin still has them running on Symantec 10. The 3 main ones I am looking at right now are F-Secure, Kaspersky, Sophos. I will never run Symantec again nor will I run McAfee. My question is does anyone...
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    RDX for backup

    Is there anyone using RDX for small/medium buisness backups? If so are you using backup software or just do batch file copies? Any problems/caveats you have run into using this technology? Are you using this in conduction with disk or tape backups?
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    Overland SnapServer

    Any IT pros have experience with implementing and using an Overland SnapServer N2000? The company I work for is looking to implement a storage solution that would allow us to offload our department...
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    video wall

    The company I work for wants to try and build a video wall on the cheap with 8 plasma tv's. I am guessing that a few video cards and maybe ultra-mon to help with the displays and it should be up and running. What I am curious about is if they want to display some high res video across all...
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    Does anyone play games through a kvm switch? I need a kvm so i can hook another computer up but i am worried about possible latency issues. I haven't noticed any when using one for basic office tasks before, but i have never gamed on one before. Comments?
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    opteron workstation help

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    critique my HTPC parts list

    I want to build a HTPC cheaply (in college). I dont have cable right now, but I am going to get an OTA HDTV antenna. I assume that I need a regualr tuner for MCE too? Let me know what you think of my parts selection. All prices from newegg. AMD Athlon 64 3400+ & ECS KN1 lite combo $99.99...
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    raid 0 vs. raptor

    which would be faster? 2 80gig 7200rpm drives in raid 0 or 1 150gig raptor 10000rpm
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    problems with my s875wp1-e

    I have a server with an intel s875wp1-e entry server board. the server will turn on but not display anything on screen. I dont think it is a power supply problem because all the drives spin and such. not a video isssue because i have tried a pci and an cgp video card. i have gotten...
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    opteron workstation help

    I am configuring opteron drafting workstation for a client and I just want to make sure everything that I have picked is going to play nice. Opteron 170 dual core EpoX ep-9npa3 ultra (is there a better non sli board for this application?) 4 gig OCZ Plat.(4 1 gig sticks) PNY Quadro...
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    smoothwall/pfsense hardware question

    I am going to set up either a smoothwall or a pfsense firewall/router. My question is how much processor and memory would i need to serve anywhere from 20-30 pc's? I have read the sites and it says what will work but it does not say how much processing power you need per user. I would...
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    200gig Maxtor 69.99 @

    Outpost has 200gig Maxtor ide hard drives for $69.99 with no rebates limit 1 per household comes out to about $75 with shipping same drive is around $125 on new egg