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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    I take it as tacit acknowledgement that there has been no extra work done on the PC version. Forget dedis, a server browser or any options that one can expect from a competent port these days.
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    BF4 just doesn't feel right

    I had some trouble adapting to the game in the first couple of days. Felt like I was being outclassed by other players and I couldn't get my bearings around the new/modified game systems. I reckon it's just a part of the process of learning the nuanced changes from BF3. I'm doing better now than...
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    Teach me how to be a jet master (BF3)

    Air Superiority mode is the best place to learn jets.
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    Battlefield 4 Beta Discussion

    DICE confirmed that the revive timer is bugged in the beta. It'll be longer in the full game. That said, there will still be the 6 second cooldown after 2/3 revives to stop medic trains.
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Chris Roberts said in an interview yesterday that they'd have 1 or 2 more brochures before the hangar module went live. The interview is linked and transcribed in this reddit post -
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Those Freelancer pics look pretty awesome. It's the ship I got so I can't wait to see it's brochure.
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    ArmA 3 - Alpha release March 5th!!

    Beta goes live on the 25th so any time before that.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    I've played on servers where there's a plugin that will move you back to the losing team if you try to switch into the winning team. It can even shame the person by sending a global chat message to everyone in the server telling them who tried to do it (not in the chat window, but at the bottom...
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    If you hover your mouse over the quick match button on the server browser page, it should show you the filter settings that will be used when it looks for a match. I'm not sure why you were sent into vanilla maps if you had chosen only the CQ expansion. I took a screenshot of how you'd want to...
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    Open the multiplayer page which has all the filters. Under GAME, select the CQ expansion. In MODES, selectTeam DM and Team DM 16 In FREE SLOTS, select all the boxes except Empty. This is the minimum you need to do to get the kind of matches you want. You can further customize this by choosing...
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    I'd say it's the most popular of all the map packs by far. Although if you are willing to spend 15$ on the CQ pack alone, maybe you should consider waiting and getting premium instead for 25-30$ or so when it goes on sale next. Far more value for your money.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    I checked his profile and it says he's banned. Good riddance. High tickets + high player counts + close quarters maps (or Metro). Join a 1000T Ziba 64 server and you can get a free 150SPM just by placing a TUGS in the right position. That's not counting the SPM you get for actually killing...
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    Go to his Battlelog profile - On the right of the 'add as friend' button, there's a small triangle. Click that to report him. Make sure to add in the link to the Battlelog report.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    I thought that was pretty obvious. Aimbot getting 1 bullet headshots with a variety of LMGs.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    Just had this match. So frustrating. First the asshole was in the other team and then he switched sides so that he could extend the match to get more kills.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    Stingers don't take out helicopters in one hit. You need a javelin to do that. Which means you need teamwork... either multiple people with stinger missiles targeting a helicopter or have a SOFLAM up, which basically almost never happens. It's a bit frustrating as an engineer but I don't think...
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    I feel completely the opposite. Armored Kill to me is the quintessential Battlefield experience. I wish Death Valley was darker so that it would actually be a night time map but I really do appreciate the fact that they chose 4 different palettes for the maps (desert, snow, grass and night). The...
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    If you had a massive gaming backlog, how have you attacked it?

    Yep. Games are meant to be enjoyed, not rushed through. Another strategy that I've found is working for me this year is to pick a single game and play it through to the end. In the years past, I'd start a game, play for a few days, get distracted by another game and start that, play it for a...
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    The Secret World

    Indeed it is. Wow is also the most popular MMO out there with millions of players so they can get away with it. What were the devs of this game thinking when they decided it would work for them too?
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    The Secret World

    Surprised this failure of a game is hanging on to the subscription model. I would have thought the inevitable F2P plans would be in motion by now. They really should go with the GW2 model of buy once and play for free... it seems like the most reasonable compromise between their absurdly stupid...
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    Planetside 2 Key needed

    Sent you a key by PM. Enjoy the game.
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    Still no timeline for Dawnguard DLC for PC/PS3 Skyrim

    They'll probably announce the release date next week. 30 days being over doesn't mean they necessarily start talking about it the moment the clock ticks over. They're not going to ignore the PC and PS3 market. Maybe the versions aren't ready yet. It's definitely coming one way or the other...
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    Is Ubisoft smoking Meth?Says"95% of PC gamers are theives"

    The Steam version also had problems at launch due to DRM, and it was self published by CDPR there. I never did get to play that DLC mission because of this. Strangely enough, I've never had a problem with not being able to play content in Ubi games, but I did with the Witcher 2.
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    One more for the road, Stocks Plummit: EA Chief John Riccitiello Still Isn't Fired

    The Old Republic is starting to look like a costly mistake. However, the general outlook seems a bit bleak too. Games these days need tens of millions of dollars to make and have to sell millions to make money. Most don't and that's not a good thing financially. Making games is turning into a...
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    EA giving away 1 free game for 1 yeah Origin anniversary

    If you missed out on this offer because you don't live in North America or for some other reason, you can send an email to EA customer support telling them that you got an anniversary promo code that is invalid and ask them for a new one. They will then tell you that they don't have access to...
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    Anyone played Resonance?

    I finished the game the other day. It really is a clever and atmospheric adventure. Lasted me about 10 hours, so it's pretty long too. The two things that really stood out to me were a) you can control upto 4 characters simultaneously. Each one of them has their own unique skill set and can...
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    Bad Company 2 is a sad state of affairs now...

    What makes you think they didn't migrate to BF3? The last BF3 match I played had a blatant hacker as well.
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    PC Dedicated Servers for MW3 to be Unranked Only

    You don't actually need to do that either though right? Dedicated servers can have all the guns and stuff unlocked from the get go, so it doesn't actually matter what your official rank is. You can get access to everything without every having to 'unlock' them, which makes leveling up redundant.
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    Diablo 3: Purchase Option Of Choice?

    Hard copy if I had a choice, but Blizzard doesn't release their games in my country so I'll stick with purchasing digital from BNET like I did for SC2.
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    RAGE from Carmack...

    He just said out loud what virtually everyone in the industry thinks. The only difference is that he was fairly blunt about it, while others would not publicly say it because it's bad PR. If you really did follow through and not buy games which were developed with consoles as the lead platform...
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    Help me comprehend this

    Well this thread backfired. Good stuff :D I will point out that people keep saying 'voting with your wallet' doesn't work. That's not true. People do vote with their wallet with every purchase. The fact that 20 million people buy Call of Duty means that they believe it is worth spending their...
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    Help me comprehend this

    Because they're fun to play. Although I must admit, the fact that it annoys the 'hardcore', elitist PC gamers is like an added bonus :D I don't think it's being selfish. The online requirement doesn't matter to him because he expects to primarily play it online, so he won't boycott it. Should...
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    BF3 - Who Has the Best Pre-Order Deals?

    Can you elaborate on the bolded part please? Where/how exactly do we have to do this?
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    In gaming, everything is amazing, but no one is happy

    The author of the article is wrong when he says no one is happy. More people are spending more money to play more games and the industry keeps on growing. People are obviously enjoying gaming or this wouldn't be happening. The only people unhappy are forum goers who somehow think they are 'real'...
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    Most Epic Release Of 2011/2012

    Lots of games I'm excited about in the next couple of months, but from that list... definitely Skyrim.
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    Official Deus Ex: Human Revolution thread

    I'll give it a shot... Obviously you can only hack panels if you have a high enough rating (which you can increase through your augmentations). You won't be able to hack a level 5 panel if your hacking skill is only 3. Once you have started a hack, what you need to do is start tracing a...
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    Dead Island - Best Open World Zombie Game Ever?

    How have Techland been when it comes to stuff like changing FOV, graphics settings, moddability etc. in their previous PC games?
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    Call of Duty Elite premium....$50 per year & montly DLC

    This is a great post. You don't actually have a problem with paying for maps. Paid DLC map packs for one game are absolutely fine for you because you'll get a lot of play time out of them, but fuck anyone who gets the same amount of playtime from paid DLC maps for another game just because you...
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    Dead Island - Best Open World Zombie Game Ever?

    That code is expired now. I'm surprised no one mentioned this yet, but Steam is now preloading the game.
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    Serious Sam 3 release date announced!

    Yup. Just contact their customer support and ask for a refund. As long as the game is not released, they will refund your money no questions asked. Valve/Steam will permanently disable your entire Steam account if you do a chargeback for any purchase.