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    Zalman Heatpipe HDD Cooler

    Hi, i was just wondering about the zalman heatpipe hdd has heatpipes yes that is good, but doesnt the hdd create heat from under the drive (where the spindle motor and head motor are found?) the heat pipes appear to come into contact only with the cover/lid side of the hdd. from my...
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    P4 3GHz 800FSB temps

    hi everyone, what temps do you get with a p4 3ghz ht 800fsb? i get 43 celsius idle, load 55-60 celsius!!:eek: the temps are taken from mbm5...are my temps too high? or is it normal. ive got a Medion Titanium MD 8080 XL PC from Aldi in has a different cooler, rather exotic because...