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    Air cooler for 6800K at 4 GHz?

    \ So... Did you do the thing? :) I have an NH-D14 on a 3930K and it's Overclocked from 3.2 to 4.3GHz 24hr P95 stable. IIRC the 3930K does ~123W at idle and ~235W at load on stock setup... I've been considering going to a Skylake 6800K to save electricity as my system runs 24/7. Your feedback...
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    How do I get the maximum memory bandwidth from this board?

    All great feedback, mage and nathan. I considered a cluster or a small rack mount, but he takes his computer with him to the houses he's had constructed and does some new rendering on site for people during open house (these are multi-million dollar homes... the last open house I attended was...
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    How do I get the maximum memory bandwidth from this board?

    I'm building a workstation for a client that does architectural design. He uses programs like Sketchup (single core), Maya (multi-core) and VRay (multi-core). His current build is an older i7 960 with 12GB's of RAM, and he's not happy with the speed of his renders (the renders reach a few gigs...
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    How do I get the maximum memory bandwidth from this board?

    Thank you for your quick answer. Let me ask a question more geared to the answer I need. :) Am I correct in assuming a quad-channel set up on a dual-processor board still needs, at minimum, four DIMMs? Rather than four DIMMs per processor? :)
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    How do I get the maximum memory bandwidth from this board?

    How do I get the maximum memory bandwidth from this board? Supermicro X9DAE Looking for ECC Registered DDR3-1600 memory, because I'm paring it with a pair of Intel Xeon E5-2687W . Not sure how quad-channel works on a dual-socket board. Do I fill up all the slots or just certain ones?
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    where are all the threads?

    well I feel ridiculous. Thank you. Mods, you can lock/close/delete this thread.
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    where are all the threads?

    I only see three threads here aside from the stickies. o_O
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    Newegg RMA Technicians Are Breaking My Returns

    I will say that I ordered exclusively from Newegg until this past year. Not from horrible customer experience - quite the contrary I had an excellent experience with Newegg the few times I called them in November. One of the SSD's in my Serverglitch build (see signature) was DoA and preventing...
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    Does Intel C606 Chipset REQUIRE Xeon?

    I know it's socket 2011, I was wondering if I got a dual-socket board, if I could run two 3930k's in it instead of two xeons. Can't seem to find an answer on this one. Thanks ahead of time.
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    HTC One Watch Thread

    Hand the phones over to the guys at Mythbusters and let them come up with a repeatable test that can be tested on all phones. Hell, I'm sure anyone that passed a high school science class can come up with a test without overly expensive equipment. Assuming the phones all land on a solid...
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    WTB: 1920 x 1200 17" Intel i5 or better Laptop

    EDIT: No need for additional offers, I just got a Dell Precision M6500 17" i7 with 1920x1200 resolution from eBay :) Thank you all for your kind offers, good luck with your sales! Looking for a 17" laptop with an intel i5 or better processor, must have 1920 x 1200 resolution...
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    15.6" 1080P screen?

    decided to find a laptop that has wuxga (1920 x 1200) 17" screen instead. Gonna cost a grip but I'd be happier with it since my laptop doesn't have HDMI and I can't seem to find a replacement board from a different model that does uuggghhh
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    About the price of the 3930k

    x2 ... thank you Black Friday
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    15.6" 1080P screen?

    It's standard graphics... I haven't seen any iteration of the laptop that has 1080p ... :/
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    Server 2012 Remote FX Gaming Experience

    With Xen, would I be able to use the same graphics card for multiple VMs or does it require one card per ?
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    Microsoft Not Giving Up on Windows RT

    Does this statement omit Apple products for a reason? iPod Nano = Mini iPod iPod = iPhone with no Phone iPhone = Mini iPad Mini iPad Mini = Mini iPad iPad = touch-friendly Macbook ????
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    15.6" 1080P screen?

    So I'll take it this is a single channel cable?
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    Server 2012 Remote FX Gaming Experience

    The 3930k C2 stepping is a fully featured processor : you can't enable RemoteFX without meeting all the virtualization requirements, afterall. Windows Server 2012 is built with the same architecture that Windows 8 is built on, making it cross-compatible...
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    15.6" 1080P screen?

    ^ right? well.. I just wrote them a letter and submitted it. I've got friends that work at Intel here where I live. I just asked, in addition to turning it in, if I could acquire a production i5 to cover the loss. we'll see what happens.
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    15.6" 1080P screen?

    True. I should contact Intel and see if they could part ways with a production i5 in exchange for this ES i7. If not, I'll just throw the old processor back in here and order another... haven't had a chance to open up the laptop to check the screen yet. Will probably do tonight. I'll keep you...
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    15.6" 1080P screen?

    Hah thank you. I'm using a Numark 4Trak and NI Kontrol X1. Wanting to get a midifighter Pro. Laptop is occasionally used as a tech laptop also. Cheaper? hmmm... so, sadly I bought this laptop and in haste off of craigslist and when I met up with the person, I was less than cautious because...
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    15.6" 1080P screen?

    so I'm looking at the pin/cables to the board, or to the screen?
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    15.6" 1080P screen?

    useful information! how can I tell? What about swapping the cable? The screen I've got now is the OEM, it's 40-pin but I don't know if the cable is LVDS . EDIT: Looks like I can get a cable for the Z560 / G560 .. should be nearly the same...
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    15.6" 1080P screen?

    I'm looking to upgrade the screen in my notebook. It's a Lenovo B560; I'm a professional repair tech, and this is not my first screen replacement experience, so don't worry about "difficulty" ... I've already upgraded this once humble notebook from a pentium dual-core to an i7, upgraded to 8GB...
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    Is there a hardware testing software that...

    I actually did even simpler, and the process was fast. Since they were all Dell Latitudes, I install the OS, apps, and wireless settings onto a harddrive, used Ghost to put that image onto 6 thumb drives and cloned it to the other 51 laptops. The initial process took ~2.5 hours, but each image...
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    Is there a hardware testing software that...

    I think I've settled on creating a batch file using netsh to import settings and reboot the machine. Haven't tested it yet, but the batch file will suit my purposes for other things I need it to do. Thanks man :)
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    Is there a hardware testing software that...

    Hey Skillz, Company A sold them to Company B with blank harddrives; Company B sells open-box TV's and refurbished corporate laptops. Guess who got chosen to repair and test all the laptops for a price-per-laptop-specified-by-the-repairman fee? :) (Unrelated, I'm supposed to be moderating on...
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    Is there a hardware testing software that...

    I'm wondering if there's a hardware testing software that can be pre-configured to run the same tests with the same parameters on multiple devices upon execution. Basically I'm looking for a software that will test the harddrive for bad sectors, test for internet through ethernet, test for...
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    Server 2012 Remote FX Gaming Experience

    Still unclear as to what the issue is. Also finding some issues with RemoteFX for the past 3 days; it almost seems like the driver isn't kicking in correctly - even though it's enabled correctly in the device manager, I can still get into the VM using the hyper-v console (it used to prompt that...
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    Virtualized gaming options

    Subscribed... you should probably note that I'm performing the same experiment w/ RemoteFX in Server 2012 already: Note that RemoteFX has mouse sensitivity issues and splashtop was good for non FPS games.
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    Per user remote desktop in win 7 pro

    As demon said, hacking it is a violation of the EULA - "if you want to use concurrent RDP sessions, you need to buy a Windows server product" However, there are already several guides from reputable websites with information on just what you're looking for - a concurrent RDP patcher . This...
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    7970 or 680?

    What operating system are you running? AMD drivers and software integration on Windows 8 / Server 2012 are a joke. This is from an AMD owner for four of the last five gfx card purchases. Driver 13.1 crashed my server system at random on a single 7870 and the drivers from 12.8 up to 13.2 on some...
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    Is my dream setup possible?

    I'm still working on testing RemoteFX for gaming with server 2012 and multiple RDP stations, but that's far from a cheap solution if you consdier the cost of Server 2012 Standard
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    Gem for those building a virtualization home lab

    Having recently shipped an IBM AS/400 recently, I will tell you from experience the $421 shipping is about right considering the weight of the system, and the amount of packing material required to keep those negligent people in whatever shipping company from destroying it en route... I had to...
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    Wii U green tint?

    try your wii u on a different TV and see if it still occurs
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    Server 2012 Remote FX Gaming Experience

    I had switched to Vmware workstation temporarily because I was having issues with port forwarding to the hyper-v guests and was setting up game servers. I recently switched back to hyper-v and came to a very interesting realization: even though windows 7 ultimate with rdp 8.0 and Windows 8...
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    ATI radeon passthrough & vmware 5.1

    Subscribed, always looking for good 3D in a VM
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    Cluster Hosted Gaming

    TBH, in an FPS you want to aim for 50+ FPS, but that's still not impossible with the situation you're giving
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    Whole collection for a measly $550k

    If I could afford it, I'd buy it all and open that video game museum someone above me talked about.. Except mine would be a working museum, specialized cases for everything. Come in, pick a game and play it. Machines would pick the games off the shelf and insert them into the console...