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  1. J

    dual 3090 ti SLI/ nvlink early benching

    Dude, do u have some bench with Half Life Alyx or Lone Echo 2?
  2. J

    When will we get a CPU that is 5.0 GHz BASE and not 4.9 GHz Max Boost?

    But Agree. 8.0 Ghz base is not for possible. Overclockers get 8.0 Ghz but they use liquid cooling extreme... Intel and Amd switched at multi core technology because Increasing the Ghz is more and more difficult
  3. J

    Pimax Frontier 12x (6k per eye) ???

    I'm very sceptic about the marketing of Pimax. 6K for eye is breakthrough for VR, and I'm afraid that will be upscaling and not real
  4. J

    Pimax Frontier 12x (6k per eye) ???

    It will have Fresnel Lenses? 6K for eye seems insane, I don't believe at Pimax, I'm so sorry.
  5. J

    The next HMD-- Project Cambria

    Hi guys, Zuck announced the new HMD VR. It will be not a Quest 3. This HMD will be High End. I hope that it will haven't compromises. There's need of a high end HMD Hybrid. My suppose: -Pancake Lenses (Confirmed) -Resolution almost 4K for eye -Technology OLED for display -Eye...
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    new to VR and looking for purchase recommendations

    For PCVR wait until at the end of year, Valve could announce the new Index. For standalone device, wait until October, Facebook will announce Quest pro.
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    The new golden age for chip mobile? (SoC)

    I think that we're talking about of different vision for the future of SoCs. The smartphone are the main market because they're more popular and economic. The market of smartphone is very big, so it's normal that the architect of chip, design first for they. My vision is for the future. In this...
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    The new golden age for chip mobile? (SoC)

    Your opinion is interesting, but I'm not agree. I'm so sorry. Yes, XR2 is almost a 865. But It's the state of art for mobile VR, seriously. Do you remember GearVR or Oculus Go? What's the problem with Smartphones? In my opinion the sales are very important, obviously, but we're at the end of...
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    The new golden age for chip mobile? (SoC)

    So the smartphones were the best place for developing better the chip mobile. Thanks they, we had a increasing of performances for the mobile computing. After around 15 years of the first release smartphone, we have SoC like A14 that it has 6 core and 6GB of RAM, for example. Meanwhile, the...
  10. J

    Pimax 8k and 5K+ reviews are up. And it's looking good!

    This is the point, mate. PIMAX 8K= Pimax 4K for eye, maybe.
  11. J

    Pimax 8k and 5K+ reviews are up. And it's looking good!

    Pimax 8KX= Pimax 4K for eye (maybe)- I think that it's a bad marketing
  12. J

    Pimax 8k and 5K+ reviews are up. And it's looking good!

    Pimax 8K is a garbage marketing
  13. J

    How much are we close a Ready Player One technology?

    In this topic I would examine the actual technologies and I'll explore the future tech hardware for reach Ready Player One. Now, we have technologies like standalone headset with hand tracking and almost 4K resolution for eye. The SoC isn't ready for elevate high end performance like X86 for...
  14. J

    Pimax 8k and 5K+ reviews are up. And it's looking good!

    Snapdragon 888 doesn't manage 4k for eye. Seriously, SoC is not compete with CPU/GPU for the moment.
  15. J

    The last train of Microsoft

    In my opinion there's a tech company could compete with Oculus, and that's company is Microsoft. Microsoft has money for compete in the price, one the main obstacle for other companies are the money. The price is very important for the mass market and It's one the reason of successful of Quest...
  16. J

    The state of VR technology

    "I think the Quest 2 is theoretically powerful enough to run Half Life Alyx at its existing min detail with some foveated-rendering optimizations;" Ok, so, Alyx's not runs native for Quest segment. Because the SoC isn't enough power. The solution would be Alyx low quality. It's a right opinion...
  17. J

    Your CPU progression

    Now I'm using a 6820HK :/
  18. J

    The state of VR technology

    Ok, thanks for your answer, It's very interesting. It's a strange moment for the GPU market, the speculation is high and this could be one of the cause of decline of PCVR. Beyond this, Facebook's deleting of the segment Rift is started before this crash of market GPU. The main reason is that...
  19. J

    The state of VR technology

    After Rift/Vive gen (I mean 1 gen of VR headset) what's the breakthrough in the VR technology? Quest was breakthrough but the quality of videogames is less rather before. Half Life Alyx is released after Valve Index. I'm not say that the segment standalone is wrong, I think that It's a amazing...
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    The state of VR technology

    The Virtual Reality Technology is crossing a time very strange for us hardcore gamers. VR is grown like adoption thanks a Quest 2, that It's a amazing device for quality/price. Meanwhile the VR technology seems stopped. Ok, so We have streaming solution like Air Link/Virtual Desktop, rather...
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    Rumor: Valve's Next VR Hardware and (Possible) Handheld

    I think that Valve is the only company very interesting at offer the best experience VR for PCVR gamer. An new Index 2 would be cool for the technology that It can offer in this moment. Index 1 is a amazing device but It's not a breakthrough in the VR. An Index Pro or Index 2 with eye tracking...
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    Oculus Rift 2

    Some time ago, Luckey had say "what a blummer" for the delete of Rift 2. In the 2019 It's come out Rift S, I think that It was almost impossible have Half Dome technology with Eye Tracking and also for that year. So, in your opinion the specs of Rift 2? I don't understand if We will see ever...