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    WTB: Quad core Intel 6 or 7 series

    Looking for a quad core to fit in a z170 mobo. Looking to spend no more than $30-60.
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    WTB 24port gig POE

    I have a 250w Ubiquiti switch I'm about to list, what zip code is this going to?
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    FS : AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

    Do you still have this?
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    Sabrent 2TB Gen4 NVME Drive $349.98

    Was browsing and saw a $50 coupon at the product page. YMMV
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    Sold: Abee CP715 PC Case

    Images links don't work
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    WTB: I need a Sacramento resident to pick up and ship server to me on June 28th

    Just saw this on Reddit. I would do it for you but I'm out of town that day. Now I'm sad I won't be here.
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    WTB: 16 port gb switch

    I have this I can let go for $80 plus shipping. I comes in it's original box and all accessories. ttps://
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    Pm sent
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    The Windows 10 October 2018 Update Still Has Issues

    I managed to download an 1809 ISO while it was out and have done a couple clean installs without any issues. Updating an install is an issue.
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    WTB: ATI HD 2900 Series Graphics Cards + ASUS 9800 GT Ultimate

    So do you want all my old video cards? You can have them for shipping. I would have to go through them to see what I have.
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    Adata ssd 960 gig $127

    I wish there was a sale on self control.
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    40% Off Lian Li Cases (Some)

    Yea no way I would've paid full price for the OS6X
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    40% Off Lian Li Cases (Some)

    I hate giving newegg any money but they have 40% off some Lian Li cases. I picked up a OS6X for a future HTPC build I have in mind.
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    Amazon Warehouse 20% promo

    I had a couple items that had the discount but the discount disappeared a couple days ago.
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    Asrock B350 Pro4 VRAM Bios setting for 2400G

    Hardware Unboxed did a video about reserving RAM. He concluded that what Neapoltan said.
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    YouTube Cracks Down on Far-Right Videos as Conspiracy Theories Spread

    I feel like a lot of you wore tin foil hats while typing you response.
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    Trade Protocols

    Madgun and I have been communicating about trading GTX 1080s. Anyone have any tips to protect both parties to have a smooth transaction?
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    YMMV: Amazon Warehouse GPU Deals

    I needed a low end GPU for a build and was pretty annoyed at the GPU prices. I've been searching Amazon Warehouse deals and scored 2 GTX 1050s for about $120 and EVGA Hybrid 1080 for $570. I saw a 1080 Ti for $660 this morning. My 1080 was a little weird, posted in the GPU section, but worked...
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    Weird GTX 1080 Purchase

    So I check out the Amazon Warehouse deals from time to time and found a EVGA hybrid 1080 for $570. After I opened the box I figured why it was so cheap, the backplate read 1070. I was bummed but thought I should test it out and was surprised to see 1080 displayed in Windows. Googled the part...
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    FS: All Gone

    Sold the 1070 locally, man that went fast. Added 290x
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    FS: All Gone

    I have a Asus Direct CU ii 290x. Sold the water block and put the original cooler back on. The fan was rubbing on the shroud but I think I fixed that. Asking $Sold Heat:
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    WTB: Bitcoin

    If you have activated Windows 10 on that machine once you can skip the activation during the install. It will activate on its own when you connect to the internet. That has worked for me at least. Sorry for the early bump.
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    Twitter Looks at Your DMs and Saves those for Later

    This will probably get deleted again because its "off topic" but questioning the source but should not be discarded so easily.
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    WTB Cheap good workstation card w/ HDMI. Needed ASAP!

    Aloha from Waikele. I have a GT 710 I'm using to build a server that I can sell it to you for $40. I saw a GT 730 on Craigslist. That might work better for you.
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    Apple Watch Saves Life

    My Fitbit now Garmin watch caused me a trip to my doctor. My heart is pretty low and gets scary low when I workout on a regular basis. Doc said nothing was wrong but a 34bpm scared the crap out of me.
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    WTB: 8 Core Ryzen

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    Middle-earth: Shadow of War 4K Download 98GB

    Wait, why can't I buy this game on steam?
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    FS: AMD and Intel CPUs

    Message sent
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    Hot or ...? Samsung 960 EVO 1TB $339.99

    I flight out tomorrow, must resist
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    Hot or ...? Samsung 960 EVO 1TB $339.99

    $319 if you combo this with a motherboard! So tempting
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    Gigabyte Brix S (i5-6200u) $101 at microcenter

    In the St Louis store
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    Gigabyte Brix S (i5-6200u) $101 at microcenter

    Edit just saw this has a $50 rebate so $101 for one.
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    Gigabyte Brix S (i5-6200u) $101 at microcenter

    I take advantage everytime I come to the mainland and scope out my usual places. Microcenter is one of them. I spotted Gigabyte Brix S with a 6200u for $151. I made sure it was correct and walked out with 2. It's still showing $300 online so your YMMV...
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    Definitely NOT hot GTX 1060 3 pack

    Ha, just came from microcenter and saw this 'sale' first hand.
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    [WTB] Overwatch (PC)

    It's on sale right now for $30 on battlenet.
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    AMD Will Not Be Livestreaming the RX Vega Reveal

    Can we get a Ryzen like revamp of AMD gpus!
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    PSVR Bundle

    PM sent
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    WTB some older parts

    Pretty sure I have everything listed, let me look and I'll let you know for sure.