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    Ace Combat 7 Gets New VR Trailer

    This was the biggest disappointment for me. The "Dogfight mode" was almost a handicap if you tried to get by without it, but going into it made it a touchy mess to try and fly through. If you didnt follow close enough you would drop out, and it felt to me more like a shooter on rails than an...
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    Steam Link $2.50

    Gah, stupid ebay jerks bought out everything when they went on sale at EBGames in Canada, and now I cant get one from the states unless i pay stupid markups from amazon. I just want an affordable steam link!
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    Researchers Discover Most Dangerous Infrastructure Malware To Date

    I have worked on SCADA systems extensively in the past. They are designed to be good at what they need to do, which is usually talk over serial or serial-over-IP. In some equipment, the commands are not even authenticated to a master, so they will accept any valid command on the right port. Most...