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    Amazon Will Collect Sales Taxes Nationwide on April 1

    Being in California they have been collecting tax for a little while now on items sold from Amazon and any retailer located in the state. What I want to know, and what I haven't found yet, is if this applies to items sold by 3rd party that are out of state. I am getting ready to purchase a new...
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    Fallout 4 Patches Will Release On PC First

    Xbox One player here. I have encountered a few bugs some annoying and others downright funny. The one I have had the most is the game locking up when exiting a building which causes the game to reload. I had one were I was fighting some super mutants and I crouched and was thrown back a good...
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    Forza 6 "Legacy" Commercial

    There is a demo that can be downloaded if you want to try it out. I pre-ordered it a month or so ago and played through the demo this past weekend and I am more excited for it now that I was when I pre-ordered it.
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    The Large Hadron Collider Is Being Used As A Stargate

    Like the Billy Madison nod :)!
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    Steam Summer Sale Pricing Shenanigans Confuse Consumers?

    And that is for a Steam download code.
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    Steam Summer Sale Pricing Shenanigans Confuse Consumers?

    Now here is a good deal if you have not played this yet or dont have the DLC!
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    365 Gigapixel Panoramic Photograph

    Pretty cool but the photographer broke one of the rules when doing panoramic type photos, dont use a circular polarizer!
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    “HBO Now” Coming This Spring For $15 Per Month

    Yeah I actually expected 15-20 honestly. I currently have DirecTV and pay $18 per month now for HBO and never really watch it because no shows I like are currently airing and the movie selection is a joke. I am going to be canceling my DirecTV service early and just pay the fee as in the long...
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    Xbox One February System Update Details

    Where is my damn DTS support in the media player app!
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    Sony Announces Limited Release For 'The Interview'

    Why is it always that Sony is growing a pair with the release when in reality the pulling of the movie by them was due to NO theaters wanting to show it and not Sony. Theaters also wanted to show Team America in lieu of The Interview and Paramount said they cannot show it so if anything...
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    Assassin's Creed Unity Performance Video Card Review @ [H]

    Not really a PC gamer any more, except for Diablo 3 from time to time. I do however play a lot on consoles and this is the first time since the series started that I have not got it yet. I almost pre ordered it but held off due to the whole mess with Watch Dogs. Really glad I did and while I...
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    Sony Paralyzed By Computer Hacker Attack

    It would seem that Engadget has now gotten wind of the same site.
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    Anheuser-Busch And Facebook Tests Online Beer Gifts

    Speaking of Deschutes!
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    Ten Minutes Of Far Cry 4 Gameplay

    I agree with this as well. In that I loved FC3 and have played all the AC games and will continue to do so because they are somewhat similar and fun as hell, and I cant wait to play FC4 as it looks like the same core game-play as 3 just ramped up hopefully!
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    Ten Minutes Of Far Cry 4 Gameplay

    My thoughts exactly! They like to do it with AC games so now might as well through in the FC games as well.
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    Glassholes Use Google to Destroy a Restaurant's Rating

    Everytime I see the word "sabot" I think of Star Trek VI.
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    Bombshell Reveal Trailer

    Female Duke Nukem much!!
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    AT&T To Buy DirecTV For $50B

    I have FTH and went with AT&T when we first moved in and the fastest I was able to get was the 18Mbps speed. I had a co-worker who was on their old copper lines that was able to get their top speed which I think is/was 24Mbps. After many issues with the gateway router thing they make you use I...
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    Adobe Issues Another Emergency Patch

    Just got done deploying the last version to our 2500 workstations last week, guess I know what I will be doing this weekend.
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    NSA Collects 200M Texts A Day

    Its the new "big thing" to report on. And just like past "big things" will eventually be trumped by something else that is more interesting/controversial and they will move on to that.
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    NSA Collects 200M Texts A Day

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    Gamers Who Play For Hours Are Prone To Hallucinations

    I am seeing little rainbow colored teddy bears as I type this, does that mean I played a little to much last night?!?
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    How To Photograph Fireworks

    I dont know if the smoke would disapear but at 1.8 you have a very shallow DOF hence why it is out of focus. At f22 your DOF is much longer and everything should be in focus (however at that small of an aperature you are going to loose image sharpness due to difraction in the lense). I shot last...
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    Phinix Aurora

    Sub'd as well, this looks cool! I must have missed your other project but I really dig the way you were getting the screw posts into the acrylic.
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    Kindle Fire Grabs Over 50% of the US Android Market

    Opened mine up by rooting it, works like a champ!
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    Audio-Techinca ATH-A900 Headphones Review @ [H]

    Love these headphones! I see so many people while on public transit with Beats headphones. I want to go an tell them they got ripped off by clever marketing.
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    Stuff That Didn't Make It Into Skyrim (But Should Have)

    Here's to hoping that in addition to this stuff Arrow crafting will be added!!!:D
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    Need suggestion for subwoofer for Vizio Soundbar.

    This one perhaps?
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    Best soundbar under $300?

    I was going to suggest the one from Monoprice but they dont seem to have it on their site any longer, in that case I would say look at the Vizio one as well.
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    Microsoft Accepting Beta Testers for Xbox Live Dashboard

    Applied and hoping to get in, would be kind of cool.
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    Windows 8 Developer Preview

    Anyone else wondering if this OS will be another WinMe, Vista fiasco? MS seems to get it right every other OS, in our current case it would be Windows 7 and before that XP.
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    LulzSec Declares War on Everyone?

    Watch OUT!!
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    Video Games Make You Eat More

    Just another avenue for people to find a way to sue the gaming industry for something that people can control themselves! I tend to actually eat less when I am playing games, and actually over the past year or so have lost about 50lbs. all the while happily playing games when I can.
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    looking for a decent 360 headset

    Yeah I have heard of a lot of people having issues with the MIC part. Since I dont ever play on Live I couldnt even say if mine works.
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    looking for a decent 360 headset

    I have the Triton AX Pro's and like them a lot. I do agree there are a ton of wires, but seeing as how I dont plan on moving them around it is no big deal for me. The sound is really from them but it does take a little time to get them set right. I like wireless but the 2.4ghz ones have always...
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    Blowing Frozen Bubbles

    While that was very interesting to watch they can keep that cold stuff! Being from San Diego most people, myself included at times, start complaining when it hits around 60 or so. I have been in some single digit weather before and don't care to ever be again. It was about 75 today at our house...
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    Fall In The Fountain While Texting "Girl" Has Lawyer

    The most interesting thing about all this IMO is that before just by looking at the video that was on the net you had no idea what she looked like, hell it could have been a guy. But now that she is whining about this and plastering her mug all over the TV we all now know exactly what she looks...