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    Just ordered my Dell UHD 24 Monitor UP2414Q

    Thanks, I wonder if you can help me get this setup. I've updated to trusty and I've got v331 of the nvidia drivers up from 313 where I was. I still have the dual screens. Below is my x config. I think I need to fix the metamodes but unsure how best to do that based off a few searches...
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    Just ordered my Dell UHD 24 Monitor UP2414Q

    Cool, looks like I am a ways behind. I plan on trying out the trusty beta this holiday break and see how it does with things.
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    Just ordered my Dell UHD 24 Monitor UP2414Q

    Bah, you caught my laziness. Too lazy to do a screenshot for different sites I posted them to. :cool:
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    Just ordered my Dell UHD 24 Monitor UP2414Q

    Chrome doesn't. I just went into the font settings and there's a "smallest possible font" that I set to 16. It borks a couple of sites for me like Newsblur, but seems to work for most things. Chrome has a high-dpi beta-setting in the flags list but it's not compatible with linux right now.
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    Just ordered my Dell UHD 24 Monitor UP2414Q

    Well, I also had to yank the plugs, restart, and all that to get into 60hz land. Once I did that, nvidia-settings wants to setup the monitor as two distinct displays. So I've got a twinview setup of dual 1920x2160 displays. It's kind of crazy.
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    Just ordered my Dell UHD 24 Monitor UP2414Q

    Just got it out of the box and hooked up. I also had to go into the menu to turn on displayport 1.2. Strange it came turned off. I need to get a lot of tweaking done but so far set Chrome's min font size to 16pt and went with 14pt in my terminal and vim windows. I used to run at 10pt...
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    Just ordered my Dell UHD 24 Monitor UP2414Q

    Ordered on the 16th and got my shipping notice. UPS still says that a label's been created so no idea on the day it'll arrive. Here's to hoping my linux setup will handle it well.
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    Sudden Spammers on my Forum

    I run a phpbb3 forum that's had this as well. New uses are low volume enough I just did moderated user creation. When you admin a user you can whois the IP and see if it reverse resolves. Since nearly all of our users are local I can usually tell via that if it's serious or not. I'll have to...
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    PostgreSQL - Best way to update tables

    I'm not sure where to go depending on the language and methods you want to use. Basically you're looking for keywords like "Web services", "SOAP", "XML-RPC", etc. You can do any kind of network system that talks to another one.
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    PostgreSQL - Best way to update tables

    In that case I'd suggest really looking at creating a back end API using some language and having all of the front ends implement that API instead. This way you can use the language and the tools to save you a bunch of time/effort. Yet enable front ends to make xml/soap/json/etc remote calls...
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    To ORM or not to ORM

    In the end I say wrap the ORM. That way you can keep a stable API but replace the parts of the ORM that you outgrow. Once a certain method gets too slow due to the way the ORM builds the queries/etc you can replace it with a custom SQL function and move on. 90% of the code is nice ORM code that...
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    PostgreSQL - Best way to update tables

    It really sounds like this should be the C# devs job. I'd send him a link to NHibernate and be done with it. Creating a pgsql update function for every table? You're kidding?
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    Terminal question

    Check out gmrun. Assign it to a hotkey, type the command you want to run and let it do it's thing. No sense starting it from the terminal itself.
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    Postfix Server Strip HTML Content?

    I don't think this is something postfix itself will do. I mean, it really only sends/gets mail. For filtering you need to pass messages to something to do the content filtering. I use amavisd for filtering my mail. So it goes into postfix, off to amavis, and then amavis hands it back to postfix...
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    Running a small offsite data backup server...

    You have 30mb down 10mb up on cable? I run a backuppc server for some small business clients. I find that after the initial backup, the clients only submit 10-50mb of new stuff per day. It's not nearly 400 clients though. If the numbers make sense, I'd say go for it or at least look at the...
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    keeping logins from being remembered

    Just be aware that autocomplete=off is not a magic bullet. Not all browsers respect this. It took a debugging over a couple of days to figure out why the boss was still complaining about pre-filled fields.
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    Spamassassin Whitelist

    On my server I have spamassassin quarantine the spam and then I toss it into a mysql fulltext index with a python script so I can search it later on in case I need to. Then it cleans out any spam older than 31 days. If it's older than that, changes are I don't need it. I hate having this...
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    Conferences for webmasters/designers: any interesting ones coming up in 2008?

    We just finished up Codemash this month. Might be something to look into in the future. It's a great place to get exposed to a bunch of langauges and such at the same time. If you're doing your web dev in .Net, Ruby, Python, and even Zend had a presentation this year.
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    best php framework?

    The only two I care for at all are symfony and the Zend framework. I like the Zend framework because I can use my own parts easier. For instance I've been using the Doctrine ORM layer and while it's planned for future symfony versions, I don't think it's there yet. There was a guy at...
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    Removing programs and its depedencies

    I think aptitude auto removes dependencies no longer needed. Try using aptitude remove $packagename instead.
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    Apache Help Needed

    I ran into this a long time ago. Evidently images need to have +x to be displayed with the Indexes option. Text files only need +r access. I never did figure out exactly why that was, but that was the issue. That's why the text files shows, but the images don't.
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    PHP / Array question (noobie)

    When handling errors on form elements I like to use associative arrays (hashes) like so: Form has fields: first_name last_name address phone Now validate them and keep an array to store them in $form_errors = array(); // if fist name fails validation $form_errors['first_name'] =...
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    PHP/MySQL dev on Mac - best local server setup?

    When I did dev work on a Mac I just use MAMP. It was the best option at the time. I did run into a couple of issues when the live server didn't match the exact versions/setup of the MAMP install, but it was close enough for most of the work and not too much trouble to mess with.
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    Getting current modeline in use? Launching programs at specific screens?

    For your second issue check out devilspie. It will allow you to specify which desktop, where on the desktop, min/max, etc for any app you want.
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    Thinking of building a low power linux file server....anyone done this?

    I've just bought the parts to do something like this based off of this guy's article: It's not ultra-low power, but really is down to lightbulb level which is nice for a file server.
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    PHP directory issue

    Check out using defined constants so that you always define full paths. On top of that, if you namespace your files you can skip the includes by using something like a spl_autoload() function you can define. In my projects bootstrap file I do things like define ('XXX_WEB_ROOT' ...
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    Linux: Pros and Cons

    Take a look at the kde app basket if you're missing one note. It's more of a middle ground, but it's still not one note. I just tend to my a web wiki for that stuff though.
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    Do You Recommend RSYNC?

    I like rsync because of the ability to easily resume the operation. If you cancel it out, it'll figure out where it left off and take right up from there.
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    network administration

    I just have a wiki setup for all that. Great for keeping history and changes as well as linking around and pasting in config files and such.
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    Help a NonProfit Youth Sports program out?

    You might try something that will allow you to create a site like Google Pages or something.
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    PHP Conditional Syntax

    Here's a thread discussing various methods.
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    PHP Conditional Syntax

    Bah, that's why we have Request objects that allow us to do things like $val1 = Request::get('val', 'defualt'); // or $array_of_fields = array('xx', 'yy'); foreach ($array of fields as $field ) { $values[$field] = $val1 = Request::get($field, null); } If it's in the post...
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    Linksys brand been killed off

    Yea, but if the boss goes to best buy and has a cisco router at home, he might be more likely to go with something like that in the office when the IT guys come in.
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    PHP function parameters question

    Exactly. If the guy setting up the production server is worth his salt he has display errors turned off and is probably ignoring notices/warnings and only logging errors. Add this command here at the top set to display all errors and you should see what you're looking for...
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    HIPAA and web development

    It's moving that way though. A hospital I used to work with had a massive electronic system for everything. Doctors walked into the hospital and wireless networks synced up their PDAs with updated patient lists, test results, etc. They next phase they were working on doing was to allow...
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    php problem

    === is equal and of the same type.
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    PHP mysql_query() returning 1 instead of resource

    How are you figuring you're getting back 1? Are you using print_r? If you're using count() and you're getting back false then your count will return 1. I'm not sure how else you can get a 1 out of this.
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    Top 10 Killer Apps for Linux

    Replace #5 with htop.
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    What mail clients do you guys use?

    I've been loving TBird 2.0. There's plugings to get RW Google Calendar sync and some other plugins for things like quote folding and extra keyboard shortcuts I love. I wish mutt worked better with multiple imap accounts so I could keep it all command line, but oh well.
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    PHP mySQL query question from PHP newb...

    Yea, I have it built into my db abstraction class so I never see it. I tried to get close enough. :D