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    7800 gtx Not getting enough power from 750w PSU

    Thanks I think I'll either try the video card in another machine or see if I can find another power supply to try.
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    7800 gtx Not getting enough power from 750w PSU

    Good idea! Never thought of that. I'm currently in an apartment and there's not many plugs. I'll see what I can do.
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    7800 gtx Not getting enough power from 750w PSU

    Don't really have another psu with the pci-e power cable. I may have an adapter to turn the regular power end into the pci-e one though. Tried the other pci-e cable on the psu. No other gpu to try either.
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    7800 gtx Not getting enough power from 750w PSU

    Alright I've finally started to try and figure this problem out. Basic computer specs are a c2duo, 4 hd's, 7800gtx powered by Seasonic S12D 750w power supply. Everytime I boot up it tells me it's not getting enough power. There are two pcie power leads and I've tried both. I just did a fresh...
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    Got a deal on some Promedia Ultra 5.1 but...

    Yeah I was reading more and found that the amp seems to fail quite often on these. Oh well I think I'll just bring them back and save any hassles.
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    Got a deal on some Promedia Ultra 5.1 but...

    Alright I picked these up for $300CAD at London Drugs on sale. They are clearing them out; I think they are being discontinued. But anyways I forgot about the lack of a digital input. My intended use was to be hooked to the computer and tv/dvd. So I am unable to do this now without the purchase...
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    Yes it's only a PIMETA though and I have a modified 0404. I'm thinking that combo isn't helping my situation with them. There may be an amp purchase coming up soon here.
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    I love the look! But my ears aren't lovin' the sound so far. I bought them used, but they are not vintage. Also any new rs-1's purchased from now on will have no button in the middle and different lettering around the cup.
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    This is my new addition. Although I'm not sure if they are my style yet...
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    Asus laptop crapped out on me

    They need to do an overhaul on their website. It has rarely ever worked properly for me. And the speeds you get downloading from them are ridiculous.
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    Help w/IBM x30 Please

    I think it should be f12 when you first turn it on for the boot list.
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    New Armada M700!!!!!!!

    Try taking the cdrom, battery, hard drive, out but leave one stick of ram in and see what happens.
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    t23 notebook help!

    I'm not exactly sure what you have taken apart at the top of the ribbon. That other end leads to the ultraport at the top(i think that's what it is called). but here is a link to a manual that shows you how to take everything apart...
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    Just bought a used IBM Thinkpad X30

    I'm not up on the current pricing of the x series but it sounds like a good price for a great laptop to me.
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    Help!!!, laptop keeps shutting off

    If you have to replace the fan it is a huge job. You have to completely disasseble the laptop because the screws holding the heatsink and fan down are on the bottom of the motherboard. But it does sound like a heat issue. Download mobilemeter and tell us what the temps are when it shuts down.
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    HP N5415 Hard Drive Upgrade -- How?

    Check under the keyboard. If I remember this model right you have to remove the keyboard then it will have four screws holding it down in a metal cradle thing.
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    HP Laptop has wierd problems...

    The only way you can just buy one fan would be from ebay most likely. You can check Parts Surfer on hps website to see what a replacement costs. edit: Just checked the parts surfer and it says no longer supplied so you'll have to look for a third party vendor or ebay. Part number for the...
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    hp laptop HD removal

    Sometimes they are in there pretty good. If it pulls out the side you could try a small flat head screw driver. Just place it in the middle on the bottom between the two pieces of plastic and gently twist. It should pop it out.
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    Just ordered a Thinkpad, Opnions please

    I dont check prices very often but that sounds like a pretty decent price to me.
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    notebook display problem

    Is that a 14" or a 15" screen. I'm seeing lcd's available for both sizes.
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    T60's screen vs T40's screen...

    If you move to the flexview screen there is a pretty big difference from what i've read. The reguler xga on the t60 will probably be just be the same but with a little newer technology.
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    notebook display problem

    Yeah we need the name and model of the laptop. Usually ebay has some decent priced used lcd's.
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    notebook display problem

    You can try it but I highly doubt anything will change. But if you have the time you don't have much to lose (other than your data if something happens to the backup).
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    notebook display problem

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    notebook display problem

    It's probably the lcd then. You can pick up a used one on ebay for a decent price usually.
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    notebook display problem

    Hook an external monitor up to it and see if it is garbled. If it isn't it's probably the lcd.
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    What Do U Think To This Laptop?

    Anything Alienware is usually never a "good buy" imo. You can get that same notebook from an ODM for less, but it won't have the fancy lid or paintjob.
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    Sager Laptops...

    I had two of the exact same model come in last week that were bad.
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    Anyone runing Windows Vista on their laptops yet?

    I have it running on my T40 without any problems. Took a while to figure out how to disable to the fancy crap so it actually runs okay. I haven't used it that much though I dual boot it with xp and I don't have a real reason so far to upgrade to vista.
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    Free New Toys!!

    A company didn't want to fix them because of the cost. I was pretty pumped to get them. Would anyone by chance know how to set up a dual boot with the secondary hard drive adapter? Do i just install lets say 98se on a hard drive then swap it back into the ultrabay and select it from the boot...
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    Free New Toys!!

    Hey I recently got these two IBM Thinkpad laptops. One is a T40 and the other a T23. The T40 has some lcd damage and broken plastic as shown in the pictures. The T23 Had a broken lcd but, after taking the lcd from a compaq laptop and swapping out the backlight it's working pretty well. Here are...
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    laptop screen flicker, ideas?

    Probably a loose connection.
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    T23 Questions

    Ebay is probably your best bet for ram. It can be expensive because it is older. But sorry I don't know to much about the T30.
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    ThinkPad T40's

    I have one that i got for free because it was dropped. The housing and lcd has damage to it but still works. The hard drive also had bad sectors on it. For it being dropped or i think the story went it was on the back of a truck and they drove away it has worked flawlessly.
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    Firefox causing laptop to overheat?

    I'm using 1.07 so not the newest. I've got some downloads going so i'll have to wait to give the upgrade a try. I was just reading how the newer version was even worse for using up ram than previous versions so i didn't bother for my laptop. This has been a problem on my laptop for a while now...
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    Firefox causing laptop to overheat?

    Okay right now it is doing it and Firefox is using 150mb and my cpu usage is at 75% and up. My hard drive temperature is 46C. My laptop is clean as far as spyware goes and viruses.
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    Firefox causing laptop to overheat?

    It seems that whenever i have a lot of tabs open or looking at a picture heavy thread my temps go from around 55C to about 74C. This causes Firefox to stop functioning properly and my computer doesn't cool back down until i shut down Firfox. But i can view those same threads in IE without any...
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    Show Your CRT(s) setups!!!

    I've become lazy and no longer take new pictures so here is an old one.
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    Ok, what's the deal with all these amplifiers & stuff?

    Why the good man that gave you the link could make you one. And the the sum of money is up to you :p .