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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    concrete-core chokes and hardened MOSFETs
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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    Replacing my crossfire 6950's with it as well as singing praises to ASUS and HardOCP!
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    AMD Radeon HD 7770 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    Win win win
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    AMD [H]ardOCP GamExperience - July 16

    Tourney sign ups, up?
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    AMD [H]ardOCP GamExperience - July 16

    Are the tourney sign ups, up yet? Thanks
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    46" Westinghouse Integrated HD LCD TV

    Have you looked at the 42 westy 1080P LCD tv? Around same price, plus BB and other stores that carry it often have sales or coupons, etc. etc. Has higher max PC resolution...