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    FS: 12TB Internal HDD & 12 TB External HDD

    They are both out of warranty. I couldn't get the wd warranty checker to work with the serial number but the receipt from best buy for that easystore drive is from 2020.
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    FS: 12TB Internal HDD & 12 TB External HDD

    Both drives were used for cold storage and have around 200 POH. Tested and fully functional. 12TB Seagates Exos recertified $105 12TB WD Easystore usb 3.0 $120
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    FS: 18TB HDD, 10TB HDD, 10TB External HDDs

    ttt. updated with some pics and prices; i added a 10TB internal drive for sale.
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    FS: 18TB HDD, 10TB HDD, 10TB External HDDs

    price drop ttt
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    AI Accelerator Cards in Desktops?

    I would love to have an AI assistant. I've wasted way too many hours doing menial tasks on a computer that i could have my AI slave do instead. It would be a massive improvement.
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    Meta Quest 3

    I tried one out for a week after x mas and ended up returning it. Mine had some nasty glare on the lens whenever there was a light source in the scene. I am intrigued by vr though. I hope the valve deckard heaset gets released this year.
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    FS: 18TB HDD, 10TB HDD, 10TB External HDDs

    18TB Drives used lighty in a home media server. The other drives were used for cold storage. 4k - 6k POH for the WD Drives. 1500 POH 10TB Ironwolf Drive 500 POH Seagate external Drive The WD drives do not need tape across the pins to work. Would prefer to sell multiple drives at a time...
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    FS: 2TB Crucial P5 Plus NVME

    This is a performance pcie 4.0 nvme drive with dram and TLC memory. I used it for a couple months in an external enclosure. I forgot to take cdi screenshots but I believe it is below 30 TBW. $75 obo. Ships with original packaging. sold
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    Nvidia Says Native Resolution Gaming is Out, DLSS is Here to Stay

    I think this DLSS 3.5 tech is amazing, it's basically a cheat code to get 1-2 generational performance improvements just through software. With pathtracing on cp2077, I think we reached the next gen of graphics and i'm looking forward to see what other devs are capable of.
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    FS: 10TB & 8TB External HDD

    I was using them for cold storage and no longer need them. smart info included in screenshots. Both drives were fully formatted with zeros written to all sectors. They come with power adapter and usb cable. 8TB WD External 5400 rpm $75 shipped 10TB Seagate External 7200 rpm $110 shipped...
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    Worst CPU's of all time?

    They were out performed in games across the board by the 4770k / 4790k, cpus that were released 4 years prior. Their performance in pubg, the most popular game in the world in 2017, was woeful.
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    Worst CPU's of all time?

    The AMD bulldozer cpus; even the refresh ones were terrible. I was getting 30-35 FPS on TW:Shogun II with my FX-8320 at 4.5ghz, when I switched over to a 4770k I was in the 60s. AMD Ryzen 1000 series were garbage also. I went to a 1700x from a 5820k build and it got worse performance when gaming...
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    G.Skill TridentZ Royal 32 GB 4266Mhz CL17 Kit

    Listing my old memory kit on here. 7 Day auction with starting bid at $140. This is one of the higher binned samsung b-die kits; I think the 4400 CL17 bin is the only better one.
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    FS: MSI x570 ACE motherboard, G.Skill 4266 32GB DDR4 B-Die

    MSI X570 ACE motherboard SOLD comes with retail box and accessories including wi-fi antenna. Bios supports 5800x3d cpus. Never did any crazy overclocking on it. G.Skill 4266 CL17 DDR4 32GB (2x16) $200 shipped This is dual...
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    Any zen 4 owners have super long boot times?

    i'm pretty sure this is a setting you can change in the bios or in device manager properties.
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    4TB Crucial P3 Plus PCIe 4.0 is $265

    qlc e-waste.
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    4TB pcie4 nvme drive. Auction

    Ebay seo can get more traffic and potential buyers than tech forums. Some items are just harder to sell user to user.
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    4790K 4.7 @ 1.268~1.3 or is 4.8 @ 1.316~1.35 vcore safe for 24/7 use?

    either one is good. I had a 4770k that I bought used from this forum and it couldn't do better than 4.2Ghz. Your temps look good so I would run 4.8 unless that vcore is at a level to cause degradation. I don't remember much about overclocking those haswell chips.
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    I have been benchmarking a little bit, and I got some questions.

    The people at the top on 3dmark are always running settings that are only stable for going through the benchmark. They are probably running 3800mhz cl 12 or something. You can also OC the 5800x3d using bclk
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    4TB pcie4 nvme drive. Auction

    I have my previous storage drive on auction here: starting bid is $280 with no reserve. 7 day auction.
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    How much do you have to spend approx to play current games at 4k 120mhz refresh rate?

    Here's an article I found benching some games at High settings at 4k using a 3080. Cyberpunk 2077, MS flight Sim, and Assassin's creed odyssey are the games that still get mediocre performance granted he only tested down to high / very high on a lot of the games but you can see the performance...
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    How much do you have to spend approx to play current games at 4k 120mhz refresh rate?

    If you play on medium/High settings you can get 120fps without much difficulty. Reccommend a 3090 or 6900XT for recent games. You could get a 3080 12GB or 6800 XT for older games at 4k.
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    Best SSD currently ?

    Samsung 990 Pro if you need 2TB or less. WD SN850X for 4TB
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    FS: 4TB pcie 4 nvme drve, Logitech G502 Wireless Mouse

    4TB PNY CS3140 NVME Drive $370 This Drive has 4200 hours, and 107 TBW. It is rated for 3000 TBW endurance. Powered by a Phison E18 controlller and Micron TLC nand. It ran fine when I was using it. The attached CDM screenshots are a little slow because I was running it off of the chipset lanes...
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    FS: 3080 w/ waterblock, 240hz 1440p monitor, G502 Wireless mouse

    ttt price drops before ebay.
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    FS: 3080 w/ waterblock, 240hz 1440p monitor, G502 Wireless mouse

    ttt. monitor sold. small price drop on the mouse & gpu
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    FS: 3080 w/ waterblock, 240hz 1440p monitor, G502 Wireless mouse

    EVGA 3080 FTW3 Ultra GPU with an Alphacool Plexi waterblock $565 SOLD Ran this for 2 years with Clear coolant (koolance liq-702). The block looks good and I don't see any cracks in the plexi glass around the screw holes. The waterblock can be connected to the rgb header on a motherboard. This...
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    FS: 2TB WD SN850 nvme drive

    ttt. slight price drop
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    The state of gaming (really has me bummed out)

    There has been plenty of advancement in graphics in single players games the past couple years to justify getting a 4090 or whatever the latest and greatest graphics card is. However, AI has not really advanced at all, probably by design. It gets very repetitive when you know what the AI will do...
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    27" 240hz OLED Monitor!!! (but there's a catch...)

    I'm interested in it but I still think I want the pg27aqn instead because of the g-sync module and i'm concerned about burn in on this monitor since it only has a 1 year warranty. I'm looking forward to the reviews of it regardless.
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    Who here is keeping their 3 series and skipping 4 series nV cards?

    I really want to upgrade from my 3080 to a 4080 or 4080ti in the future after struggling through cyberpunk RT at 60 fps.
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    FS: 2TB WD SN850 nvme drive

    Selling a used WD SN850 2TB nvme drive. it uses tlc nand and pcie 4.0. Compatible with ps5. imgur The drive has 97 TBW used out of 1200 TBW datasheet spec. $145 shipped US 48.
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    FS: AMD Ryzen 5800x

    Price drop before going to ebay.
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    FS: AMD Ryzen 5800x

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    FS: AMD Ryzen 5800x

    Was running this since release. Ran an All-core overclock of 4625 Mhz with 32GB ddr4 @ 3800 cl 16 . 1.263v SVI2 TFN cpu core voltage which is less than what it was boosting to at stock settings. $259 cpu. extra for the cardboard box. US48 shipping SOLD
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    FS: 4TB Sabrent Q4 nvme drive Phison e16 controller with micron qlc memory. pcie 4.0 My drive has 105 TBW. Warranty specifies 800 TBW endurance. cdi image is from when it was connected to a usb...