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    System Crash Problem

    one of 2 thangs are happening IMO 1: your video cards are getting just a little to hot. put a thermal probe on the back of the card where the gpu would be 2: your psu is enough power but it don't hold well when under a lot of strain, your current flow of that psu is probably not the...
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    What R your temperatures?

    I have Q6600 G0 running water loop with antifreeze and distilled water 50/50 120.3rad cpu only loop I use ICD7 thermal compound on the cpu and run 100% load 24/7 my core temps are 43-42-41-41c room temp at time of reading was 26.1c or 79F
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    WC Loop question

    I would run 1 loop with the pa120.3.
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    My new workstation build

    Dang this is looking really good!
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    wtf is wrong with my temps???

    several people have been seeing better temps when using diamond 7! but you temps don't look all that bad. May I suggest next time you put on thermal compound that you don't take your heatsink off and look to make sure it spread ok, That is a bad thing because when you put the heatsink back on...
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    Water Cooling Build List

    That looks really nice!! Keep up the good work!
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    New to WC.

    Cpu block Rad if not price limit then get Hose tygon or masterkleer Pump...
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    Core temp

    I don't understand what your wanting to know! the max temp that amd posted is the spot where your chip starts dieing off. your cpu temp is a reading of the core itself.
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    New to WC.

    what you looking at will not give you any better temp then the factory heatsink your already running.
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    What fans , how do i set them up?

    you should buy all 3 80mm fans. I would recomend putting one in the back of case blowing out and one in the front of case blowing in. the last one I would put in the door but I personaly would put it in in the vent at the bottom of the door blowing in. I don't really like a fan blowing in...
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    FS 775 mobos - 6gigs DDR2 PC6400 - KVM - HSF

    as soon as xmas and new years is over with I would be interested in one of your mobo's