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    zenbleed AMD security bug

    Medium severity security bug - CHECK Potential disclosure of sensitive data - CHECK Ease of attack - CHECK Vulnerability through remote access - CHECK Proof of concept code - CHECK Reliance on updates from vendor through motherboard manufacturers via BIOS update - UH OH Timing for mitigation...
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    Cases that fit E-ATX and 4080?

    Corsair's 7000D or 7000X can fit an E-ATX & 40-series no problem. Depending on the motherboard you might have to remove the motherboard cable cover ; my board has a right angle ATX connector so I didn't have to. Not the final build but this is what my rig looked like about a week ago. The...
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    Worth upgrading to a ATX 3.0 PS for NvidaRTX4000 series or use what you have?

    Yep! I've had one for ages. The 770W reading was the highest it caught during a power stress test with OCCT. What I can't tell is how much more load could be placed on it if hard drives, RAM, chipset fan, or other components started pulling a few extra watts during operation. Up to 825W...
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    Worth upgrading to a ATX 3.0 PS for NvidaRTX4000 series or use what you have?

    I'm debating upgrading my PSU. Not because it would be an ATX 3.0, but because I might need more power down the line. After running through OCCT power tests, various game benchmarks at 3x 4K displays (GPU 100% utilized!), I'm currently peaking at 770W with a 3900x & 4090 on a high quality...
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    Tips on actually getting a 4090?

    How's the gaming thus far III_Slyflyer_III ? My rig has 3x 4K@60Hz monitors so I am hoping the old 3900X won't bottleneck the card before V-Sync does. If it does, I'm curious what your initial impressions has been with the 4090 on your 5950X? I'd have to debate upgrading my CPU vs moving to...
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    Tips on actually getting a 4090?

    Same here! MSI Suprim X 4090 inbound. Probably not the smartest move for my wallet but my current eVGA RTX 2080 Super FTW3 doesn't hold up too well with 4K ... Amazon also has in stock the sleeved Corsair 12VHPWR cable that's compatible with my PSU so that's on order also. EDIT: ... and most...
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    Xbox always on DRM is back.

    Well that isn't a problem if you refuse to buy Xbox Series X or Xbox Series X games. Get Microsoft for anti-consumer behavior where it hurts ... in their wallet.
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    SF750 issues on new Ryzen build

    You can cross ship, but Corsair is going to charge (not hold) ~$100. Once the old PSU is received they will refund the charge. Not the best PR but you can minimize downtime with a little inconvenience.
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    PSA: Corsair Issues Recall for Recent SFX Power Supplies

    That's good to know, thanks!
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    PSA: Corsair Issues Recall for Recent SFX Power Supplies

    Well this is going about as slow as I expected, not the best customer service experience. 6/4 - Filed RMA requests 6/8 - Corsair asks for proof of purchase and serial number. I thought I had provided that information in the initial RMA request. 6/10 - Corsair says they do not have a PSU for my...
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    PSA: Corsair Issues Recall for Recent SFX Power Supplies

    That's completely understandable, but Corsair needs to stop charging credit/debit cards the moment a product is ordered. Corsair was days away from my filing a credit card charge back for an order that was going to be 30+ days late without any response from customer service. Every other...
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    PSA: Corsair Issues Recall for Recent SFX Power Supplies

    Good for them to recall, but I just finished building three PCs with SF-series PSUs. Their order processing times are absolute shit right now so it'll probably be at least a month long wait to get a replacement PSU. EDIT: Yep, two of three PSUs are in the affected lots. Two recall requests...
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    MSI X570 Prestige Creation -- Slow SATA Speeds?

    I don't know why, but after deleting the array and recreating it I'm up to 250MB/s+. In RAIDXpert2 those disks now show as having a "Type" of "Disk" instead of "Legacy". Maybe that was the issue. Restoring data from backup now. OK, down to the optical drive issue alone...
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    MSI X570 Prestige Creation -- Slow SATA Speeds?

    Maybe. I'm also getting intermittent connectivity with the optical drive too. Sometimes it is there, sometimes it is not. EDIT: Nope, changed out the cables with SATA cables from my old rig (no issues there) and the speeds are the same.
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    MSI X570 Prestige Creation -- Slow SATA Speeds?

    Well there's something going on, but I can't pinpoint it. An SSD attached to the chipset SATA ports is hitting 350MB/s no issue. I've turned off W10's indexing, there's no page file on that disk, and this is a fresh install that isn't doing any work yet. So I'm not sure what's going on. I...
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    MSI X570 Prestige Creation -- Slow SATA Speeds?

    I just got Windows 10 installed on a new build, and the computer is busy importing a software RAID1 array (two dynamic disks) from my old rig. The task manager is reporting ~90MB/s read/write speeds (a finding confirmed by HD Tune). I'm pretty sure the resync process is just pure sequential...
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    Denuvo says its new kernel-level anti-cheat driver is minimally invasive

    Wow, that's pretty shitty of Bethesda. I am vindictively hoping that Doom Eternal sales massively tank for good. I can't imagine this added spyware is compatible with GDPR so I really hope some pissed off EU citizen reports them. It would be sweet to see them hit with a penalty equal to 4% of...
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    PCIe NVMe M.2 under GPU?

    Thanks for the inputs! With that info that's one less constraint to worry about went selecting a motherboard. Since the number of PCIe slots and the location of M.2's isn't a big concern, time to start over on looking for a motherboard. Lots of options to look at again.
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    PCIe NVMe M.2 under GPU?

    OK, make sure I get a board with heatsinks on the M.2 drives. Noted. I also managed to move my ATSC tuner to my Linux machine last night, so now I do not need to worry about the number of available PCIe slots. That may really open up the number of board to look at. It is down to networking...
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    PCIe NVMe M.2 under GPU?

    I am looking to upgrade my six-year old rig and replace my i7-4770K with either an i9-10900K or i7-10700K. I just upgraded to a triple slot eVGA RTX 2080 Super. Currently I am looking at three boards as they all have 2.5G+ Ethernet, dual Ethernet, the ability to run NVMe drives in RAID1 or...
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    Walmart Selling Lots of Counterfeit Products

    That can be a problem too, if and when a vendor mingles inventory together. Amazon shipped me a counterfeit item once. Shipped and sold by them. To be fair they made it right very quickly.
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    Scott Herkelman Confirms NVIDIA GPP Tactics

    If Nvidia has actually stated that HardOCP has been paid off the GPP article, and it's not actually true, at what point do lawyers get involved for libel claims?
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    Panera Bread Leaks Millions of Customer Records

    Maybe it's time to enact something like the GDPR here. Security breaches leaking personal data where negligence on the part of the company was involved subjects them to a fine equal to 2-4% of their annual global revenue. Let's get some teeth into penalties.
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    Microsoft Admits It Incorrectly Upgraded Some Windows 10 Users To V1709

    Oh I hear you. It wasn't easy setting them up, and that's the biggest drawback. Here is to hoping that Linux continues to gain market share and improves the user experience.
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    Microsoft Admits It Incorrectly Upgraded Some Windows 10 Users To V1709

    One again thank for Microsoft for reaffirming my decision to switch to Linux after W7 no longer meets my needs. Even now, Linux is running on 67% of the computers in the house. That will probably hit 100% in the next few years.
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    Cord-Cutters Hitting Satellite TV Hard

    Cut the cord eight years ago with a computer, TV tuner, and an XBOX 360 media center extender. Good times. Now I've switched to Linux Kodi boxes, Intel NUCs, and an 802.11ac network since the house isn't wired. Still a fraction of the cost that I would have spent on cable, and the only...
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    EK Issues Apology For Threadripper Waterblocks

    After that reaction, yeah, one less company to look into when upgrading or building.
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    Microsoft Looking to the Blockchain for Digital Identities

    I don't care for Bitcoin personally, but Microsoft needs to keep their filthy hands out of the cookie jar. In fact, if Microsoft could just got their hands out of everything and fold, that would be great. We don't want all the TPS reports caused by your bugs, forced updates, and shitty UIs.
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    Microsoft Releases New Tool For Inspecting Telemetry Data

    Microsoft expects us to trust their report about their spying services, after they tried shoving it up our collective asses? Nice try. Why don't you just port DirectX and every other useful Win32/Win64 library into an open source library with MIT licensing and integrate it into Linux. That...
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    Intel Patches Causing Big Reboot Issues Confirmed

    True, but I'm looking for something with integrated graphics to free up the PCIe slot for a TV tuner card. I'm also hoping for a TDP under 50W to enable options for some really thin cases. Intel had a lock on that with the i3/Pentium lines. One build lost to AMD isn't going to hurt them. But...
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    Intel Patches Causing Big Reboot Issues Confirmed

    Well I was planning to pull the trigger to rebuild my ancient HTPC with a Core i3, but it looks like I'll be waiting to see how the new Ryzen 3 does when it comes out.
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    Today Is The Last Day To Upgrade To Windows 10 Free

    Two questions... 1) Can one claim a key for Win10 and get back to Win7 if needed? 2) Would the new Win10 key/license be tied to a specific computer, or could it be moved+6 later if the computer is replaced? If the key can be moved, I will probably set up a VM tonight to "upgrade" my Win7...
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    Big Ransomware Outbreak Today - Be Vigilant

    So ... the US Government is now an accessory to unauthorized access of a protected computer, unauthorized access with intent to defraud, damaging a computer or computer information, and threatening to damage a computer under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act right? Who's gonna take the fall for...
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    Microsoft Will Combat Chromebooks with New Low-Cost Surface, Windows 10 Cloud

    Good point, any objective data on what they do? Curious to know if its something that can actually be turned off or otherwise actually controllable.
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    RIP Newegg, you weren't good lately anyway

    I doubt it. I figure NewEgg just packs them back up and lists them for sale again. That's how I got someone else's RMA'd power supply once. At least this time NewEgg advertised the laptop as used. Looks like they still missed putting 'not fully functional' in part of the description.
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    Microsoft Will Combat Chromebooks with New Low-Cost Surface, Windows 10 Cloud

    Microsoft can go fuck themselves. The last thing we need is spyware built in to devices used in education.
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    RIP Newegg, you weren't good lately anyway

    Save off all the invoices for parts that are still under warranty, then close account. That's what I did yesterday.
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    RIP Newegg, you weren't good lately anyway

    It comes down to service as well. NewEgg sucks big time in that department. I haven't made a purchase from NewEgg in almost three years, and I used to place tons of orders through them. There was nothing but trouble with the last few ordered I placed. Amazon and Fry's on the other hand have...
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    Microsoft Kills The Ability To Uninstall Stock Apps From Windows 10

    I think its time for another investigation by the EU, for any bullshit reason, so long as it results in a several billion dollar fine to MS for pulling shit like this. In the meantime, we are seriously contemplating moving to Ubuntu the moment the hardware is not compatible with Windows 7 (then...
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    EA7500 - Data Corruption for NAS File Transfers Help?

    To try and avoid needing to wire the house with gigabit ethernet, I bought two Linksys EA7500 routers. One is configured as a general access point, and the other one is a wireless bridge to allow my wife's desktop to more quickly transfer files from/to our NAS (onsite backups). I spent the...