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    Build your next gaming PC from… Walmart?

    It definitely looks like somebody is paying them in some form for shelf space, which seems weird for PC hardware.
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    2x Western Digital 6TB Red NAS Drives

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    Sold: 960GB Micron M500 2.5 SATA SSD

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    Do they make 3.5" solid state drives?

    It's not really a thing as enterprise flash storage is shifting to smaller format drives than 2.5". It just doesn't make sense as the space would just be wasted.
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    FS Intel CPUs, Bose headphones.

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    AMD 7900XTX High idle power/VR performance preview driver fix

    Haven't really used mine much since I bought it, and haven't fired up VR yet, but I'm glad that VR performance has seen a good boost.
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    Linux 6.5 Delays x86 FPU Initialization As Part Of Cleaning Up The Kernel Boot Process

    It's from The City on the Edge of Forever, Season 1 Episode 28 of Star Trek. Spock builds a computer in 1930.
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    Starfield Specs

    The official specs look like they're meant to match the Xbox Series X, which is going to run the game at 30 fps. I'm with you, we need to know what's required to actually run the game, 30 fps is no bueno.
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    Xbox X prices increased to match PS5; Gamepass prices also increase

    I wonder why Sony & Microsoft aren't increasing console pricing in the US. Were the margins on hardware sales here already higher?
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    Need a RX 7900 XT reference card waterblock?

    It doesn't look like any of the other GPU water block manufacturers are making a block for the reference 7900 XT. Just the reference 7900 XTX & various AIB custom cards that use the same layout for the XT & XTX. Alphacool's design for the 7900 XT/XTX blocks seems to be more modular which makes...
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    Best Z790 DDR5 board at or under $500?

    The ASUS Z690 Hero was a diode installed backwards, which caused several capacitors to fail. Had to RMA mine, but it was a smooth process.
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    Less undocumented features than any prior Bethesda game? Maybe we'll need a community mod just to reintroduce some of those lovely quirks from Skyrim & Fallout 4. Just think of all the fun that we might miss out on since we're now going to be on planets in space. I mean who doesn't want to...
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    Windows 10 and 11 Are Ignoring Update Settings and Installing GPU Drivers

    It's an option in the Group Policy Editor if you're running Pro or equivalent. There's also a registry entry you can add. But it applies to all drivers, not just GPU drivers, so I'm not sure if DDU is just adding the registry entry or what.
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    Windows 10 and 11 Are Ignoring Update Settings and Installing GPU Drivers

    I have had problems with it still wanting to update drivers even though I have it disabled. A real PITA as often the AMD graphics drivers on Windows Update are out of date and it installs them over the newer drivers anyway.
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    Navi 31 70 CU — performance review by Igor Wallossek

    Also, with RDNA 3 they can get some more performance by disregarding efficiency.
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    14900KS coming with new boards same 1700 socket TechYES video

    Hoping my ASUS Z690 Hero will just need a bios update.
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

    I bought the Premium Deluxe edition of MSFS 2020, it says that DLC will carry over, I wonder about the additional planes & airports from the Deluxe & Premium Deluxe editions. Will MSFS 2024 have the same 3 tier structure of MSFS 2020?
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    US intelligence confirms it buys Americans’ personal data

    One might even say the industrial revolution and it's consequences have been a disaster for the human race.
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    Intel Announces Intel Arc Pro A60 and Pro A60M GPUs

    Plex works with Intel ARC gpu's, but it doesn't support AV1 encoding currently. I think there is the issue of the Linux kernel driver for the Intel ARC gpu's, it is included in the 6.0 & newer kernels, so if you're running on Linux you need at least kernel 6.0 to get the ARC gpu's to work.
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    SK hynix Begins Mass Production of Industry's Highest 238-Layer 4D NAND

    So another wonderful marketing term divorced from reality, another recent example I can think of is Comcast 10G, which will max out at 8Gb download speeds.
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    Intel Announces Intel Arc Pro A60 and Pro A60M GPUs

    These could also be useful for transcoding on Plex servers & the like.
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    Epic Mystery games

    I wonder what the total number of unique games they've given away is, like what's the maximum one could have? Over 300 is quite a lot, I've only claimed around 125 on Epic. Otherwise I got Godfall which had to be redeemed on Epic as a free game with an RX 5600 XT & I bought Hitman 3 while it was...
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    WeQuit: WeWork bonds sink after top executives resign from cash-burning company

    Being a CPA and toiling away for a paycheck while reading these kinds of stories really makes me wish for a new dot com bubble burst. Constantly reading about some asshole scam artist becoming obscenely wealthy from what appears to me to be an obviously fake business while my younger, newlywed...
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    Millions of PC Motherboards Were Sold With a Firmware Backdoor

    It looks like there are now updated BIOS's posted for all revisions of the board dated June 1st. They weren't there at the time of my prior post on June 2nd, at which time the press release from Gigabyte said they had posted updates for all the B550 motherboards.
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    Crucial T700 Clocks 12.4 GB/s Sequential Reads in Previews

    There really doesn't seem to have been any perceptible improvement in standard desktop workloads from these ever faster SSD's. And the high-end SSD's have gone from MLC to TLC, while the low end is overtaken by QLC drives. Pricing per GB has steadily improved, that's pretty much it.
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    Millions of PC Motherboards Were Sold With a Firmware Backdoor

    That's the board I have, not sure which revision. All the revisions are listed in the PDF as affected.
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    Millions of PC Motherboards Were Sold With a Firmware Backdoor

    I have one of the effected B550 motherboards. There is no BIOS update on the support page.
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    Nvidia shares soar nearly 30% as sales forecast jumps on 4060 Ti beat

    And apparently Nvidia has predicted that their second quarter revenues will be $11,000,000,000 when they have never been higher than $8 billion for any quarter. I really don't have any explanation for this other than irrational exuberance.
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    Apple Strikes Multibillion-Dollar Deal With Broadcom for Components Made in the US

    Apple bought out Intel's smartphone modem business in 2019 and have been working on developing their own 5G modem. Reportedly this years iPhone release is the last that will employ Qualcomm 5G modems, although this is actually as pushback from when Apple wanted to switch to their own in-house 5G...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti Reviews

    In the US real wages have declined for 25 consecutive months. I'm not sure but I believe real wage declines in the UK have been even worse, I'd imagine that the EU is similarly suffering. In the US credit card debt continue to push new historic highs when they had decreased just 2-3 years ago...
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    The Xbox One reveal was 10 years ago.

    Bundling the Kinect was just moronic, the PS4 was the easy choice. It's OK though, Microsoft has rebounded by buying every publisher & studio they can get their hands on and creating the Netflix of video games.
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    AmpereOne with 192 Cores 128x PCIe Gen5 Lanes and DDR5 in 2023

    They better be careful, pretty sure this is how Skynet started.
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    MediaTek to adopt Nvidia GPU in flagship mobile chip by next year

    I wondered about the Jetson Orin being a possibility, but didn't know if it's absence of the lower power cores would be a problem. I didn't realize that the Tegra X1 in the Switch had the low power cores disabled, so thanks for that info. Also, I'm sure Nintendo has been prototyping Switch...
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    MediaTek to adopt Nvidia GPU in flagship mobile chip by next year

    Well I wonder what kind of products this will be made for. Nvidia doesn't seem to be much interested in developing their own ARM SoC's for consumer products, not since the Tegra X1. They seem to be only developing SoC's for enterprise applications & self-driving cars. Nintendo is going to need...
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    Chinese Loongson 3A6000 CPUs Poised to Compete with Intel Willow Cove and AMD Zen 3

    One has to assume that this is only really used for applications that the Chinese government wants to try and ensure doesn't have some kind of back door accessible to the NSA or other foreign intelligence agencies. It isn't going to compete on performance with anything from Intel or AMD, and...