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  1. charold

    WTB - Logitech G9X Mouse

    I'm pretty sure I have extra shells, were you interested in the thicker or thinner version? I also have a working one in decent condition, only issue with it is the fast-scrolling is jumpy - so you have to keep it in the click scroll mode (reason I replace it - with another g9x)
  2. charold

    Facial Recognition Tech Wrongly Identifies Thousands as Potential Criminals

    I'll leave this here in case anyone has a run-in with the cops with tech like this.
  3. charold

    1080p @ 144hz or 1440p @ 60z

    Honestly, having a 1440p 60hz Dell Ultrasharp IPS panel that I love, I still wished I had 144hz pretty bad. My buddy has 144hz gsync 1080p monitor and it's lovely to play Rocket League and BF1 on, really really nice. On the other hand, would I go back to 1080p? Never! Even if you are gaming...
  4. charold

    New build - getting the correct OS

    There's definitely a risk. I just do it for my many personal machines, and some family. I've done the risk analysis and it's so low that I feel the money saved is worth it in the long run. If you plan on selling this PC to some person on CL or something, don't risk it - for personal use I...
  5. charold

    New build - getting the correct OS

    There's a couple guys at least on here selling Windows retail keys. I've used a bunch of them and have never had any issues with Win 7 pro or Win 10 pro. About the same price probably as your student copy costs.
  6. charold

    Netgear "Fixes" Router with Phone-Home Features That Record IP, MAC Address

    The last update I ran on my R7000 was buggy and I reverted back. Tried open source firmware but that dropped my WiFi speeds enough to go back to stock firmware, and rolled back to an older release. Looks like I'm not upgrading to this either.... I'm about ready to leave this with my roommate...
  7. charold

    Half life 3 Underway Coming soon

    Never give up hope! I thought for sure Shenmue 3 would never happen. 14 years later, it's supposed to be delayed this year... i mean released this year.
  8. charold

    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Is it my lucky day?
  9. charold

    Best shooter game you have ever played?

    Has to be Left 4 Dead 2. I'm a huge team based game fan, and I dumped almost 2,000 hours between L4d1/2. Multiplayer PvP was really where it was at in that game. This is just SP campaign which can be pretty boring.
  10. charold

    Even Tech Savvy Organizations can Fall for Phishing Schemes

    A couple of years ago our finance controller almost wired out a large sum of money as well. They had created a domain and replaced the first character, an i, with an l, such that you would never notice. Luckily our finance controller caught it literally one click away when he called the CEO...
  11. charold

    Burned out on gaming.. still love hardware.

    Maybe get into virtualization? If you have/can get a static IP, I've been considering setting up a backup system for my family's computers and pictures. Setting up basically more like a family calendar and photo sharing, so we can store high quality photos without the degraded quality when you...
  12. charold

    new dreamcast hdmi box - looks good!

    Sweet, thanks for the good find. I may have to pick one up, as emulating my dreamcast games isn't always ideal and I've been meaning to play Shenmue in all it's original glory before 3 comes out. Glad I never sold/gave away my Dreamcast years ago!
  13. charold

    Dutch Town Installs LED Pavement Strips to Alert Distracted Smartphone Users

    We have similar lights on our fork lifts at work, blue in this case, for people that walk around looking at the ground. I've even caught myself doing it when I'm deep in thought, thinking about how im going to solve this problem or the steps I need to take, and they've been handy. Similar idea...
  14. charold

    How MSI Went From 'Game Over' to Gaming Industry Power Player

    Most interesting quote from the article Demand full commitment from employees: In a company-wide announcement in 2012, co-founder Henry Lu informed staff that anyone who wasn't fully committed to MSI's new direction should leave the company. It was a bold move, but an important one. Changing...
  15. charold

    Dell Optiplex 790 MT - Ebay

    From HP "PSU in your Z220 is a HP proprietary design and does not conform to ATX standards. This means you can not use an off the shelf ATX power supply and plug it in without damaging your motherboard," you are correct.
  16. charold

    Dell Optiplex 790 MT - Ebay

    Another option to look at are the HP Z220 Desktop computers. Seem like a better case layout for larger graphics cards, and 3 HDD slots. HERES a 3rd gen i5-3570 with 4gb of RAM for $140. Worth searching for some cheap ivy bridge i7's.
  17. charold

    Multi monitor setup using 770 and Intel HD 530

    Good call! Geforce Specs TL;DR "Multi Monitor: 4 displays"
  18. charold

    Multi monitor setup using 770 and Intel HD 530

    It tends to be hit or miss honestly. You can try the standard updating bios, drivers, etc, but aside from that you may have pulled the short stick on this one. Someone else may post something that works, but don't discount buying another cheap GPU. For $35 this bad boy can be yours... haha...
  19. charold

    Photo Shows How Computer Chips Were Made In 1975

    If you are talking about how computer processors and memory work, there's a great book called Code. It goes through the process step-by-step building on each topic slowly, making it very easy to follow along. It doesn't read like a text book either so it's easy enough to follow through. Link HERE
  20. charold

    I suck at MP-FPS games.

    All your answers lie in Rocket League. I'm bad at at FPSs in general, would just stick to support classes and the like, but then I found Rocket League. It takes awhile to "git gud" for sure, but it's fun the whole way through. Excellent (in general) matchmaking means you'll never be placed...
  21. charold

    Linux usage under Steam is better than people think.

    As Dr. Righteous said, I just wanna do gaming when I get home. I work in IT all day at work, and I dont want to mess with my home computer when I'm supposed to be relaxing. I gave up on linux awhile ago for that reason. I literally do 3 things on my home computer; play games, browse the...
  22. charold

    ROG Announces XG Station 2

    Exactly what I thought. Their reasoning was pretty lame too... " it would be a travesty to connect this to a single-core processor laptop with USB 3.0 for example. That's why ROG has chosen to only support selected ASUS laptops"
  23. charold

    LED TV and router

    It will definitely affect the signal strength, I ran into a similar issue, and got some cable race rays and some long ethernet cables to reroute my router farther away. I can now get wifi out in my detached garage again...
  24. charold

    It's BIG and WHITE and a Kilowatt - CORSAIR and HARDOCP PUT IT IN FOR FREE

    Col Corsair: You want the white thing?! LTJG Charold: I want the white thing! Col Corsair: You can't handle the white thing! Son, we live in a world that has power, huuuuuge power, and that power has to be protected with AFCs, linear power, and great voltage regulation. Who's gonna do it...
  25. charold

    Reply All FAIL of the Day

    The way around this is To: [email protected] CC: ---- BCC: Everyone That ways when someone inevitably hits Reply-All it only sends it back to you. Problem solved. Whenever there's a corp wide email spam that needs to be sent, that's how I do it, and how I instruct users to do it (only a...
  26. charold

    Will Amazon Kill FedEx?

    Something to remember here though is that creates a competitive landscape for employees. With those better working conditions, comes higher competition to be able to work there, allowing that company to pick the best of the best employees for the job. It also creates better incentives for...
  27. charold

    Robot Promises to Destroy All Humans

    I'm waiting for the day regressives talk about how to get consent from a robot. Also, that smile at the end after saying she will destory all humans was classic. Serial killer-esque
  28. charold

    Ransomware Hit 40 Percent of Businesses in the Last Year

    We were hit by it twice in one year 2 years ago! Luckily I implemented an incredibly robust backup/snapshot system, and implemented some additional GP changes and haven't had a single infection in the last 12 months. Just some potentially useful info for any other IT professionals out there...
  29. charold

    Thinking about going ITX or mATX and smaller. Any unforeseen drawbacks?

    I've got a min-itx PC, coming from mostly full towers and I'm glad I made the move. I have it in a Fractal Node 304 case which is big enough for a Tri-X 290x, 750w full size power supply, and 4 SSDs in it, along with 2x8gb DDR3. I like having the case on my desk, and it takes up quite a small...
  30. charold

    Will a 1080p gaming laptop go obsolete?

    Also, with the recent node shrink, if you are edging towards a laptop, better to wait until the current GPU architecture get put into mobile laptops. Ive been wanting to switch to a laptop with a powerful-enough quad core and use an external dock, but there isn't anything that fits my needs in...
  31. charold

    Gunman Shot After Trying to Rob Pokémon Go Players

    Defensive use of guns is very difficult to measure for a number of reasons. The studies done on it so far estimate between 108,000 and 3 million. Obviously with such a discrepancy, we really don't have the facts. At the bare minimum though, that's still quite a few on the low end, probably...
  32. charold

    Evolve Going Free-To-Play

    I bet Left 4 Dead 2 is still more active than this game. It's too bad they followed up L4D with this game, rather than another truly competitive game.
  33. charold

    Robot Dog Can Fetch Drinks, Do Dishes

    OMG I lost it at the banana peel, literally spit on my monitor I laughed so hard
  34. charold

    Quake Reboot From Id Software Could Be Teased At E3

    I want to see intricate, multi-level maps with proper level design like back in the day. I'm so sick of these boring map designs in so many modern shooters. I miss having the rail gun underwater, underneath a ledge where the rocket launcher is, so everytime you went for the rail gun it was a...
  35. charold

    Xbox, PC Gamers Will Be Able Play Online With Other Platforms

    That's what nice about Rocket League, as the best input method is the controller, so there's no advantage. Depends on the game whether there will be an advantage or not.
  36. charold

    SUPER [H]ot: 50% off Dell refurbs, 40% off laptops

    Eh, I had the U2711 and the AG coating was atrocious! I returned it the next day to Microcenter, and picked up a 2713hm for slightly more (2711 was on clearance) and was very glad I did. I wouldn't touch that panel with a 10ft pole unless the AG coating was fixed in later revisions.
  37. charold

    SUPER [H]ot: 50% off Dell refurbs, 40% off laptops

    Sweet thanks! Just picked up 3 laptops for work for our loaner laptops :)
  38. charold

    WTTF: PCIe/USB Sound Card, LGA2011 Mobo, Managed Switch

    How many ports on the switch do you need? What/if any features are you looking for in a sound card? Any chance you'd split up the HDDs from the NAS?
  39. charold

    Slow slow slow, need ideas.

    Sounds like you need to replace that hard drive and reinstall/restore from backup. That sounds just like a failing hard drive. Two things you can do to verify Check event viewer, under Administrator Events, and look for disk errors under Sources. You should see some disk errors in there if...
  40. charold

    FS: Cisco ASA 5505

    What's the inside hosts limit, 10,50 or unlimited?