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    JU6500 48" $635, JU6700 $675 - TD GoB sale

    Deal is DEAD. OOS
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    Anything around $300 worth a crap or what?

    I'm in the same boat...... Need to know what's a good $300 monitor. Doesn't have to be 144hz though.
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    Lost Account Access and Passwords Changed

    Thanks Kyle! You da man!
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    M-Audio BX5 D2 - $159.98 (Pair!!!)

    No they don't. I have this set and there's very little bass with these monitors. You absolutely have to buy the accompany subwoofer to get the bass you want.
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    NEC Closeout $145 refurbished EA274wmi

    I must be lucky. Sounds like you guys got charged sales tax. Got it for exactly $144. Kinda crappy you can only order one. But maybe it's one per order, so maybe i'll make a second order.
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    55" LG 55EG9100 1080p Curved Smart OLED 3D HDTV for $1699.99 TODAY ONLY

    Link shows a Samsung that ended already. Anyways.... I'm holding off.. I will buy if it drops it $1k.
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    LG 43" LED TV 1080P 43FL5400 for $349+FS+$150 Dell eGift Card.

    Dell Gift card. If I remember correctly you have to use it within a specified time. Like within 3-6 months I read on slickdeals.
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    FS: Dell P1130 21" CRT $69

    Off to the recyclers....
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    $25/$29 BNIB Laptop's

    5 feedback as a seller. Yeah okay....
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    2015 Samsung 40" UHD 4k Display HDMI 2.0 $699 Best Buy

    No.... it's a legitimate question. Do consumers go to best buy asking if any of these TV's have display port? Do any of their audio/video devices use displayport? NO. None of them do. So why would a TV manufacture start putting them in? Because a few people want to hook their PC's to it...
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    2015 Samsung 40" UHD 4k Display HDMI 2.0 $699 Best Buy

    Alright. Well do any of the consoles, bluray players, audio receivers support displayport?
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    2015 Samsung 40" UHD 4k Display HDMI 2.0 $699 Best Buy

    Why would a TV ever have displayport? :confused:
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    Looking for a good 27" 1080p monitor for mom

    In for 2!!!!!! :D
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    55" LG EC9300 OLED $1499 at Fry's

    I'll buy it once it hits the $1k mark. When are other manufactures pumping out OLEDs?
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    Warm: 9% price drop on Vizio 39" smart tv. E390i-B1E

    Seems to have a lot of negative reviews.
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    Dell Latitude 3340 factory sealed 289.00 free shipping eBay

    This should be in Hot Deal Discussion.
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    Warm? 2560x1080 LG 25UM55-P monitor $180 @ ncix-us

    Sorry, we've SOLD OUT of this item at the Surprise Sale price. Please watch for more Surprise Sales in the future. - See more at:
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    L Shaped PC work desk

    Might be best to put this in Hot Deals Discussion
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    Quad core Pico-ITX system for $75

    Run XBMC and have a cheap media center.
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    Samsung UN46FH6030 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D LED TV $512

    LCD/LED panels would be the same on a 3D or None 3D model. It's the video processing board inside that is different.
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    24: The Complete Series (2010) - DVD $80

    You can watch all of these episodes on Netflix. You're already paying $8/mo
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    Windows 9 Could Arrive Much Earlier Than Anticipated

    Yes. I believe every 1-2 years? They want to put out a new version number. I would be okay if they did it like apple and it was only $30 to upgrade.
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    Surface Pro 128gb (First Gen) $599 Best Buy (Clearance YMMV)

    Can't really compare that device to the Surface Pro. Pro is the fastest device of its kind.
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    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX-Certified Speaker System $99.99 - Best Buy

    Surprised they are still selling these speakers or the fact they are still in production.
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    ASUS RT-N66W Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router $99

    I have the U model and it's been running strong since it was released almost 2 years ago. Only had to reboot it once and running Merlin's Firmware build on it. Extremely capable router.
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    Microsoft Surface RT 32GB $180

    Is it worth it? YES. Even more YES with the 8.1 update. People meh at the Tegra 3, but I think it's a pretty good chip.
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    In for 2!
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    Western Digital Announces Q1 Revenue of $3.8 Billion

    Neither do you. :rolleyes:
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    2x 3TB 7200rpm Hard drives and a 32GB 3.0 flash drive sale

    Damn. A few weeks ago, I bought 2x 3TB Toshiba drives from newegg for 99 a piece. I mean it's the same deal minus I didn't get the flash drive. Drives have been solid. Packaged in retail boxing, so when the ship they will survive w/o DOA issues that other bare drives come in.
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    39" inch 4K Ultra HD HDTV UHD 2160p LED TV DISPLAY - $600

    YouTube has 4k content.
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    Visio 50" Refurb LED HDTV $398

    Cool Story Bro
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    Visio 50" Refurb LED HDTV $398

    Dead as a bird on poo.
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    Microsoft's New Surface Tablets Are Close To Selling Out

    The Pro is the best selling device in its class. For people to say it's expensive, are the people who don't understand it's purpose and usage. It out performs many devices in its class. By leaps and bounds.
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    Dell Declares the PC 'Undead,' Windows 8.1 Starts to Shine

    Wished you had factual claims to backup what you're saying. As for myself, I am enjoying Win8 on my desktop and tablet.
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    In for 2 before the lock!
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    Microsoft Surface 2 Live Blog

    Great thing about the pro, they optimized it so you get maximum battery life without having to clock down the speeds of the Surface. Pro 2 boosts 75% more battery life, and if you get the touchpad with extended battery it adds another 25%. Only thing I'm a bit skeptical is their claim of...
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    Microsoft Surface 2 Live Blog

    A lot of you are completely missing the point of the Surface. What the Surface provides is the complete experience. With the Pro you get the tablet, laptop, and desktop experience in ONE form factor. You cannot currently get another setup like this. Currently the Pro is the highest seller in...