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    2080 Ti 1080p

    There can definitely be a high amount of variation. Games like CSGO or DOTA 2 don't require much as far as GPU a 1070 will pretty much keep you pegged at 300 FPS. StarCraft 2 is a bit headier on the GPU side if you want to up the graphics. I'm curious about a wide variety of games, though. PUBG...
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    2080 Ti 1080p

    Running a 1080p monitor running at 240 Hz, I'd love to get a sense for where the CPU cap is for a 2080 Ti running at 1080p.
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    NVIDIA TITAN V Video Card Gaming Review @ [H]

    I would like to see 1080p frame rates for games to see if it can push frame rates that make a 240 Hz 1080p monitor worth it.
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    'No Man's Sky' Is Being Investigated For False Advertising

    It's about time that these gaming companies get hit with this. There's way too much false advertising in games these days. *cough*Ubisoft*cough*
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    Disney Reportedly Eyes Twitter For Potential Buyout

    When a company is looking at a buyout of a floundering company, it's because they see value in the brand and believe that better management can turn the brand around.
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    Air Force Grounds F-35 Joint Strike Fighters Due To Cooling Line Flaw

    Russia's just trying to take us back to the USSR days of the proxy war policy. China is the most likely that we'd end up in a direct war with, over either North Korea or the South China Sea. If that did happen, China couldn't feed its army for a prolonged war. It would be a siege more than a...
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    Air Force Grounds F-35 Joint Strike Fighters Due To Cooling Line Flaw

    It's the government maintaining a standing military as the US Constitution gives it power to do.
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    Disney Reportedly Eyes Twitter For Potential Buyout

    It amazes me that people don't understand the breadth and scope of Disney. When people think of Disney all they think of is kid's movies and cartoons and theme parks. What they don't realize is that's just what they put the "Disney" name on. They have their hands in a helluva lot more than that...
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    Logitech Acquires Saitek for $13 Million

    I think that the simulation community is just too small to run a company on. But I remember being a youngster in the early 90's drooling over the Thrustmaster FLCS and TQS peripherals that were basically ripped right out of an F-16. Wanted that for my Falcon 3.0 game sooooooo bad! :D Saitek was...
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    New System Could Break Bottleneck In Microprocessors

    I had always felt that the solution would be hardware controllers on die. However, I'm curious about how much die room that this would take up, or if it would need a bigger die, increasing costs.
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    Air Force Grounds F-35 Joint Strike Fighters Due To Cooling Line Flaw

    I feel like these stories only exist because of left-wing, anti-war, anti-defense-budget agendas. These are really non-stories. Even the F-15 (inagruably the world's most accomplished fighter in theaters of war) has gotten grounded in recent memory because there was at least one of case of it...
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    Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star Gameplay Trailer

    The game looks amazing. The gameplay is a little shallow. However, given what they've accomplished with the EA unified engine overhaul, I forgave them and tossed them my money for the console version. I never in my life thought when I saw the preview footage that the game was going to look like...
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    LG’s Biggest, Best OLED TV Costs A Cool $20,000

    I recall when OLED first was being talked about, they boasted vertical refresh rates in the MHz, so perhaps that will get to or beyond plasma levels eventually as the tech matures.
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    WTHDIJS Video of the Day

    Burning man seems more like a place of radical freedom of expression and inclusion of everyone and everyone's tastes. The ultimate place of counterculture, no matter what it is. That's just my opinion of it.
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    Nokia To Show Off Tech 1,000 Times Faster Than Google Fiber

    Bandwidth, schmandwidth! Still waiting for zero-latency communications people! Get on the ball!
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    H100i GTX Water Temp v. Core Temps

    I'm going to remount again today, and I'll grab some pics of the spread.
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    H100i GTX Water Temp v. Core Temps

    The really messed up part that I forgot to mention is that this isn't full CPU usage. It's just playing CSGO for about 45 minutes that I'm getting to 80+. Yeah, it's my understanding that these chips are using a solder-like material between the IHS and the lid.
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    H100i GTX Water Temp v. Core Temps

    Alright, so I'm back again, unfortunately. After the last mounting, I was doing really well. 65-67 C tops. Now the temps, doing the same things with the computer that I always have done before, have climbed back up to up to 79 C peaks, and the mins are even up by about 8 C. I'm not sure what's...
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    Bruce Dell of Euclideon & Holoverse Interview @ [H]

    I would like to see Euclideon hand off their software for an academic research paper running the engine through its paces as D-Wave, in order to prove that their computer was truly using quantum mechanics to perform its calculations, did with their quantum computer. Would they consider doing...
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    One In Two Users Click On Links From Unknown Senders

    Hey. Kid. Get in the van. I have cookies.
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    H100i GTX Water Temp v. Core Temps

    Civ 5 is hitting mid-to-high 60's. Other games don't go over 59 or so. I thought that 72 was the temp where damage may start occurring. I've seen that number in a couple of locations around, though I can't for my life recall where. I don't think delidding is something I really want to do as it...
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    H100i GTX Water Temp v. Core Temps

    Bump (hope that's alright).
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    WTHDIJS Video of the Day

    Just half-joking. But I think two watts is enough to move it given the only appreciable opposing force is the tension in the hair.
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    WTHDIJS Video of the Day

    Math or you're lying.
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    Pegatron Exploiting Apple iPhone Workers In China

    We may not be able to improve conditions in China, but we can punish companies here for human rights violations that happen under their care.
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    Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

    If I'm to be painfully honest, none of this means anything to me. I don't trust Ubisoft anymore to be honest about their products. Been lied to by them too many times.
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    Princeton University Researchers Unveil 25-Core Piton Processor

    This is really fascinating. I want to see more regarding the interface between physical CPU's to see how they're doing the offloading and delegation of tasks. Anyone have a link on its writeup?
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    H100i GTX Water Temp v. Core Temps

    Alright, so I checked the IHS and the block's mating surface. The water block is pristine. The IHS on the other hand has a rather prominent "hill" in the middle. It's not insane, but it's about 1/4-1/2 of a mm higher than the edges, and it's very uneven all around. I have a feeling that's why...
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    H100i GTX Water Temp v. Core Temps

    I will check the flatness of the two surfaces this weekend. Perhaps a good lapping is in order if that's an issue. The TIM does spread, but certainly not as far out as I've had others spread. This one is about half a cm from the edges all around where others tended to be more like just to the...
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    H100i GTX Water Temp v. Core Temps

    Pump's showing 3K RPM in Speed Fan and Corsair Link. Radiator fans are showing 1.5K RPM. --- RazorWind: I'll have to see what I have around. Get back to you on that. --- snyder: To monitor the CPU temps, I'm using Speed Fan and Core Temp. Using CPUz to stress the CPU. There is a minor...
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    H100i GTX Water Temp v. Core Temps

    I did some searching, but I couldn't find this anywhere, and I'm a bit concerned about the performance I'm getting from my H100i GTX and wondering if it may be a heat transfer issue (if there even is an issue). CPU: i7-5820K @ 4.5 GHz (100x45) @ 1.328v core Ambient: ~22ºC At 10% CPU usage...
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    Ubisoft Graphics Downgrades: E3 vs. Retail

    This is lying, plain and simple. To me it's like seeing a commercial for Aliens and then when I get to the theater, getting some homemade film.
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    No Warrant Needed For Cellphone Location Data

    A warrantless search and seizure can be performed if there is articulable reasoning to point to life or property being in imminent danger. A court reviews the case after the fact and either approves the act as warranted or denies it, at which point there is a violation of civil liberties.
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    No Warrant Needed For Cellphone Location Data

    You're right. Like I mentioned earlier, the third-party exemption is simply not applicable to most areas of information technology. If you're throwing something up on Facebook, that's a matter entirely different from your username and password you use to log into Facebook, and anyone would have...
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    No Warrant Needed For Cellphone Location Data

    This does make sense in some situations. For instance, if you hang up a flier at the local laundromat, there is no expectation of privacy for the information located on that flier. It can, therefore, be used in a case against you without the need for a warrant to collect that flier, despite it...
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    No Warrant Needed For Cellphone Location Data

    I think that the general public expects data shared with companies to come with some measure of privacy (and therefore the ubiquitous existence of privacy statements and agreements) means that location data collected and retained by any third party -- whether a wireless phone company, app...
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    No Warrant Needed For Cellphone Location Data

    That's a huge load. I have hope that it will be overturned. As Assoc. Justice Sotomayor states, " may be necessary to reconsider the premise that an individual has no reasonable expectation of privacy in information voluntarily disclosed to third parties. This approach is ill suited to the...
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    Slow Mo Guys Make Rainbow Flames

    What I think is interesting is that when they fired them all together, you get white light, like expected, but in super slow mo, each flame retains its independent color for a very long time. It's only at the very end that you start seeing the colors blend together.
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    Mirror’s Edge To Be Adapted As TV Series

    5:55 is the hardest to watch.
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    Petition For Blizzard To Remove Guns From Overwatch Nears 14,000 Supporters

    I've never wanted something to be a joke so bad in my life.