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    XP, Vista now Windows 7......Ugh(rant)

    Damn you guys cant take a joke, mission accomplished.
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    XP, Vista now Windows 7......Ugh(rant)

    First off, we tried a few clients with vista, not the whole network. 2nd, group policy can only do so much to protect moron users. 3rd , semi-hardened kernel - Vista still allows for a very unsecured file system , flashy pop ups only do so much. So why does the average user still get...
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    XP, Vista now Windows 7......Ugh(rant)

    :rolleyes: Think what you will. Do as you must. All I know is we have had alot of issues with it. No Vista = No more issues. The workforce is not [H] . Keep that in mind.
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    XP, Vista now Windows 7......Ugh(rant)

    Sorry, but Vista's image was tarnished wayyy before apple started bashing them. We used it on 5 out of 20 computers here at work when It first came out. Nothing but problems, driver issues, network issues, so on and so forth. So we shit canned vista and ran XP untill SP1 came out, tried vista...
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    Those who have/are thinking about moveing away from windows.

    only loonix here. No windows in my life for 3 or 4 years. To be honest, it pisses me off every time I have to use it now.
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    Greenpeace Says Apple Is Greener

    Who cares what you have to say
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    people Linux is not a OS.

    Who cares, as long as they use it.
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    Vista Sidebar CPU temp Gadget?

    meh :D
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    Vista Sidebar CPU temp Gadget?
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    Vista Sidebar CPU temp Gadget?

    That one is cool, but I really dont care to have what version of vista I am running displayed.
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    Vista Sidebar CPU temp Gadget?

    Been looking allover for a sidebar cpu temp thingie...... no luck, I have speed fan working but would like it in the side bar. :confused:
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    Pack-tard Bell Mod.

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    ratemynetworkdiagram WEB SITE

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    Adapter for a lappy HD>?

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    Run IE in linux without wine

    dont know if this is a repost I needed to run IE in linux with out running wine. For work I need a citrix client that runs inbedded in IE. I tried orera,firefox etc. Nothing worked, it had to be IE. :mad: I found this and it works great! Even uses active X...
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    Apple and their stupid ads

    Welcome to Capitalism
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    Recommend Me A Distro

    FIXT :)
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    Post your pc screen shots!

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    [H] BF2 Memorial Day Weekend

    I will be on tonight, around 8pm PST in the rotating vanilla. . jackmehofferlol is the name
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    Heatsink for my FIC S478 ITX maybe? :confused:
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    Best Temp. monitoring program!

    Pcwizard ( free )
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    how good are you at BF2

    I suck ........bad ....... but I still have fun. I dont play much ( maybe an hour a week or so )
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    Best AGP card for a friend with a $200 LIMIT

    I think so too but the kid only has 200 :D
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    Best AGP card for a friend with a $200 LIMIT

    1- pci-e 2- over 200 bucks
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    Best AGP card for a friend with a $200 LIMIT

    So my friend has $200. for a new AGP card. I was thinking about a 6600 or something. Input please? Thanks! :)
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    BF2 in the future Realistic

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    Overclock a celeron? Show me how!

    If that no workie- WARNING : DONT BLAME ME IF THIS NUKES YOUR SYSTEM -Make sure you know what motherboard is in your rig before you start. Use PC wizzard , SiSoftware etc to find out. Also find out what PLL IC your motherboard has. Here is a great guide for finding out What PLL...
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    Any older BF2 players here?

    Ghost Recon have MultiPlayer?
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    How good are your ears?

    20/20 i kid
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    Just joined team 33

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    Any older BF2 players here?

    I am 28. I tend to be a sniper, camp, roast marshmellows , take naps, and score alot of long distance head shots. Its fun to watch the spayers run around like ants after I snipe one of their buddies! :D