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    Motorola Moto X Force XT1580 32GB Black (FACTORY UNLOCKED) Switched to Project Fi so I have a new Pixel, but this phone was awesome while I used it. FWIW, my single (positive!) Heatware review :)
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    Seagate Laying Off 2,217 Employees

    Cursed earth, right there. They should burn it and salt the soil too.
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    Tesla Owner Sues Over Sudden Acceleration

    Turns out this isn't just "some guy"
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    Comcast 1TB Internet Cap Is Becoming A Reality

    Not going to happen, at least not for the next 4 years. Not trying to make this a political post but... this is inherently politics. The FCC was headed by a majority body of people (led by Tom Wheeler) that distinctly had public interest in mind. In each and every dissent, Ajit Pai and Michael...
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    The Fate Of The Furious Official Trailer

    They're rebooting the series into Safe Mode?
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    Google Has Scaled Back Self-Driving Car Ambitions

    I really like the stuff Google does, but they have really piss poor follow through when it comes to nearly all hardware and a lot of software. Project Fi, Google Fiber, Nexus phones, Nest/Protect/Dropcam, Google Voice.... They're too wishy-washy and it seems like every time a project hits a...
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    AT&T: Letting Us Buy Time Warner Will Be "Good For Consumers"

    Exactly. And as long as Verizon and Comcast exist as "competition" then the anti-trust suits have little leg to stand on. Pay no attention the illegal collusion between the companies, right?
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    Eavesdropping Toys Send What They Hear To A Defense Contractor

    I'd credit Nuance for selling Dragon, but not for creating it. That's a whole other interesting story about Goldman Sachs screwing over people (as usual).
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    Consumer Group Wants 'Autopilot' Term Banned From Tesla Marketing

    So your appeal is to dumb down the language to the lowest common denominator, eschewing personal responsibility of ownership and education? That's how you end up with a world described like the Up Goer Five. Alternatively, not all facial tissue is 'Kleenex', not all...
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    HBO and Cinemax Now Available for Amazon Prime Members

    Ah yes, good ol [H], where everyone fucks 10's and makes $500k/yr. It's like the DuPont Registry for computer geeks.
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    Why Can’t Silicon Valley Solve Its Diversity Problem?

    How to fix it? For each recruiting event you hold at MIT and Cal, hold one at Howard and Morgan State. For each recruiting event you hold at Barnard and Spelman, hold one at Hampden-Sydney and Morehouse. If you're only recruiting from a very small college pool that YOU "think" is only the...
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    Consumer Group Wants 'Autopilot' Term Banned From Tesla Marketing

    So tired of hearing this crap. Bunch of a-holes that can't bother to read a user manual that complain that the word is confusing them. Even Autopilot in a plane doesn't offer "complete route control and avoid all collision possibilities", it requires the pilot to remain aware of his...
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    Cyber Monday Is Now Pretty Pointless

    I got a Fitbit Charge 2 for $40 off on Amazon on Cyber Monday, also an Anova Sous Vide for $126 (normally $200). They were both things that I was specifically looking for though, so I was pleased when I saw the price drop. I think just the amount of stuff is overwhelming to search for deals...
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    Mark Zuckerberg: Identifying The "Truth" Is Complicated

    This entire election, and culture battle of the last (shit...) 15 years has been what criteria exactly constitutes a "fact." As soon as we as a population started allowing there to be a difference between "liberal facts" and "real facts" in Western media, that was the beginning of our downfall...
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    Most Young Millennials Love Piracy and Ad-Blockers

    Or how about a complete list of things Millennials are killing/destroying. Fuck, we suck. Here Are 28 Things Millennials Are Killing In Cold Blood
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    Most Young Millennials Love Piracy and Ad-Blockers

    I really hate how they keep moving the goal post of what a "Millennial" is to suit whatever shit they want to post/gripe about us "young people" keep breaking or not conforming to. Some places it's 18-24, others it's 18-34. I thought I used to be Gen Y, but now I'm in the cusp of the Millennial...
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    PC Gamers Are Like Racist Arrogant Twits

    Like I understand what he's trying to say, but he's wrong in both definition and application. He thinks the hardcore enthusiasts hate consoles or people who buy consoles, when it's really we hate the stupid comparisons to price/performance or price/value console purchasers make to having a...
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    Help Request - pfsense on VirtualBox

    Two virtual NICs in Vbox, but I'm pretty sure I haven't set up VLAN tagging yet. I'm still at the "configuring at command line" phase of things. I've set up DD-WRT on other routers to where I could access their UIs via the network when set up as bridges or APs, and was hoping to do the same...
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    Help Request - pfsense on VirtualBox

    Basically what I'm looking to do is to get pfsense running on a VirtualBox instance on my home server just to play around with the UI. I'm brand new to it, and based off reviews I think it would be great to have as my next router solution. At this point I don't want it to actually route...
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    Price Of Solar Declining To Unprecedented Lows

    Uh... you know we don't live on that planet from 'Pitch Black' right? notsureifserious.jpg
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    Why Isn't it Called No Woman's Sky?

    The "article" was honestly written as satire, but it just wasn't funny. Because it comes from Jezebel it's taken at face value, but they really should've applied their sarcasm tag.
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    High Ranked Overwatch Player Cheats On Stream, Gets Banned Mid-Match

    Oh good. A racist, white privilege, and emo failhard all rolled into one.
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    ARECA Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA RAID Cards)

    Finally moving my 4TBx8 array from RAID5+HS to RAID6. Migration is estimated to take 7 DAYS. Pretty crazy.
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    U.S. Army Dumps Android For iPhones

    Nope, not really. But I'll bow out of this circle jerk now. You scamps have fun.
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    U.S. Army Dumps Android For iPhones

    My narrative? I don't give a fuck either way. Tax dollars shit down the toilet for glittery toys transformed to aid people in killing other people. Get stuffed.
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    U.S. Army Dumps Android For iPhones

    Almost all Apple products are made in China by Foxconn. We're actually on good terms with South Korea, much better than with China currently from a Cybersercurity standpoint. You really think whatever ghost group of spies equivalent of the CIA in China can't go to the factory and just install...
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    100Gbps DDoS Attacks Now Commonplace

    Part of the problem with banning IPs and people screaming "PATCH OR DIE" is the people that I'm sure a lot of us on this site support. You know the ones. The ones that point to their computer chassis and call it the CPU. Or when you tell them to turn their computer off and back on they press...
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    Video Card Vendor Ranking 2016

    "Off brand garbage." "Fanboy." OK... ASUS loses graphics card pole position to Palit and PC Partner Sparkle GeForce GTX 650 Ti review - Guru3D So because you, king of the internet, haven't heard of something it shouldn't be included in a list of products even Newegg sells. I voted for...
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    Video Card Vendor Ranking 2016

    Everything I find about Palit is usually from a .fr, .ph, or otherwise out of North America. This isn't supposed to be a "North America only" poll. Four days after creating the poll PowerColor, Sapphire, and VisionTek had zero votes, yet now they do. Vote. Don't vote. I don't care. The people...
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    Video Card Vendor Ranking 2016

    People complaining more about the goddamn technical limitations of the poll than discussing the companies they're focused on...
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    Video Card Vendor Ranking 2016

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    Video Card Vendor Ranking 2016

    As stated in the OP, they literally wouldn't fit - 10 selections max. As you can also probably tell the list is in alphabetical order and both XFX and Zotac and well, X and Z are at the end of the alphabet. :)
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    Study: Google Fiber Could Raise Rents 11 Percent

    Jesus... ITT you can really tell who actually read the article, and who just responded to the headline/excerpt.
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    Video Card Vendor Ranking 2016

    I haven't come across any recent lists of the actual ranking of the vendor/manufacturer of video cards. A lot goes into consideration when making a purchase, and dealing with the company who makes the card and their customer service/support is a large part of that. I pulled this list of vendors...
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    74% of Netflix Subscribers Would Rather Cancel Than See Ads

    Not gonna lie, I stopped using torrents and usenet for movies because of Netflix and Redbox. They offered the content I wanted to see at an affordable price and how I wanted to watch it - Ad free. My incentive for NOT using Usenet again would vanish with a quickness if I had to deal with Ads to...
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    Do You Pronounce it GIF or JIF?

    Say those bolded words out loud. Now look at the spelling....
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    Intel X86s Hide Another CPU That Can Take Over Your Machine

    I always thought from a corporate IT standpoint the Intel ME was pretty cool. From the days of being a field tech, remote BIOS config/upgrade and turning machines on remotely to run updates is a lot easier than trying to hunt down a machine. Especially in an office where people tend not to put...
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    USAF Lost 12 Years Of Investigations Thanks To A Corrupted File

    According to the Storage subforum, this is what happens when you don't use ECC with ZFS - failure just lurks right around the corner...