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    What is your backup GPU?

    Running a 6800xt right now. Backup is a laptop with a 1060 6GB... I did have a 7900gs, but gave that away to a co-worker a couple weeks ago. I have a 9800gt at my parents' house. Off site backup, I guess.
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    Windows XP on SSD

    I don't think XP natively supports TRIM, which is why the “SSD + XP = bad” statement exists. You might have to find an alternate way to perform the TRIM function.
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    Best Buy open-box laptops: safe purchase?

    When I bought my open box Razer blade, I mentioned that I wanted to verify that the specs are valid since it was a customer return (ram amount and hard drive capacity is right, among other things). I also wanted to check out the condition (damaged screws...). I was able to do all that with the...
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    What Mouse is in Your Laptop Bag?

    Logitech M310. Good enough for me, with the added benefit of no real loss if I forget it in a hotel. Forgot a cheap bluetooth mouse once.
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    Your CPU progression

    Bought the 5800x back in December when those processor were not as plentiful. True, I could have saved money and went Intel. I probably should have, but I kind of picked my other parts based on a 5600x build I already planned. Plus, I had intention to get a RTX 30 series or Radeon 6 series (got...
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    Your CPU progression

    Guess I will update my list. Looking back at my post, I totally forgot about having an E4500 and I actually overclocked it. Thought I stopped overclocking with my 1.6A. To add to my list: Intel Core i3 2100 Intel Core i5 3570k (never overclocked it) Then went laptop exclusive for ~7 years...
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    Brought a launch fat backwards compatible PS3 back to life and wanted to share.

    I still have my 60GB PS3 for the "just incase" scenarios that I would probably not even act on. At least I now know there is another path to revive it. I really wished the baking fixed my PS3. It always sucks to spend money on a replacement. At least my PS3 slim still works to this day. I read...
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    Brought a launch fat backwards compatible PS3 back to life and wanted to share.

    I never knew the capacitors were the issue to the YLOD; I always thought it was the solder used on the processors cracking. I baked my PS3 motherboard and it worked for 30 minutes before getting the YLOD again. Baked it again to revive to so I could transfer all my save games to my then new PS3...
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    Do I hate Epic LESS then Origin?!?

    I would agree, but Epic and Origin can make launching a game frustrating. I only used the Epic game launcher for less than a month (the month they were giving GTAV out for free) on a gaming laptop I keep offline, but it requires an internet connection to launch and play games. Each time I...
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    NVIDIA to Drop Max-Q and Max-P Differentiators in Mobile GPU Specifications

    I agree. If the performance is equal ,no real reason to use the identifier. Plus, Max-q (to me) identifies the GPU to be the lower performing version. Trying to wade through the confusion of the RTX 20 laptop series, I kind of gathered that the 2070 max-q does not perform as well as a standard...
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    Do I hate Epic LESS then Origin?!?

    I recommend trying out Legendary as well. It is command line only though. I was able to install the free GTA V copy I got and run it without ever having Epic installed (new install of Windows). I seems to work well enough.
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    Why doesn't Microsoft want people to create local accounts?

    On both the laptop and desktop (Gigabyte x570 Aorus Pro WiFi), I connected to my wireless network. Didn't use a wired connection for either. Seeing the option to use an offline account on laptops after several installations in the past, only to be "welcomed" to only use an online account with...
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    Why doesn't Microsoft want people to create local accounts?

    I've experienced both using the same install media (20H2) on two separate computers. A Dell laptop previously used with an activated Windows 10 Pro offered the offline account options seen by SuperSubZero. A desktops I recently put together did not have that option on the same screen. To...
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    Sony and Microsoft to explore strategic partnership

    Supposedly, the profits from selling hardware are minimal, compared to revenue from software. Plus, the RROD fault did take a good amount of money to resolve. I guess focusing on software only is a very safe bet. Not much invested, compared to costs associated with developing hardware.
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    Question regarding upgrading hard drive but preserving data exactly?

    Clonezilla supports disk to disk cloning, and it is free. Just make sure you select the source and destination drives correctly. You could possibly lose all your data if you don't. This runs outside of Windows so you may be able to assign the drive letter later?
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    possible to thether mobile data to laptop via ethernet?

    You could also buy a USB WiFi adapter if you have a spare USB port. You can find them for under $10.
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    Tesla Model S "Spontaneously" Erupts

    Well, speed is a suspected factor to the collision. While not reliable, witnesses reported he was travelling 75 mph. Traveling that speed is pretty reckless on surface streets, so it could still qualify him to be a moron. It did, after all, result in a collision.
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    GOG in Financial Trouble as Layoffs Hit the PC Games Digital Storefront

    It is possible that I am prolonging periods between re-authentication by keeping WiFi off on my gaming laptop. I do know that if I turn WiFi on, Need for Speed Most Wanted (Origin) will require re-authentication, even if I do not load the launcher or game during the brief moment that laptop is...
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    GOG in Financial Trouble as Layoffs Hit the PC Games Digital Storefront

    You could access steam using the offline mode. I hardly login online and do not see a need to. It works without an internet connection as well. That is how I game in a plane.
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    A post from another forum

    Next gen just simply means the next version. Whether they are powerful or not is not relevant. Much like a parent's offspring is never guaranteed to be more capable. They are still the new, or next, generation.
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    Fun split scream games for PS3?

    Portal 2 co-op, if you haven't already played it on the PC.
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    bare minimum processor speed to run only one virtual machine

    I used to use Virtualbox with my Intel Core Duo T2400 @ 1.83GHz with 2GB of RAM on Windows 7. I had Windows XP SP2 with no updates setup with one CPU core and 512MB RAM and it ran fine. I imagine if you update to SP3, you might want to increase the RAM to 1GB (based on my experience with the...
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    Buying a PS3. What are must-have accessories?

    If your TV has a feature to control HDMI devices over wire (like Samsung Anynet), you can skip the purchase of a remote if you can live with basic control of the PS3 over the TV remote. If you intend on getting GT5, the Logitech G25/27 is a worthwhile addition for that game. Pricey for a one...
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    Playstation plus- worth it?

    Yes. You have to initiate the claim like a purchase anyway, much like how demos and other free content is acquired.
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    Playstation plus- worth it?

    As far as I know, the free games remain. After my trial from the PSN outage lapsed and I redeemed a free month trial this past summer, the free games I redeemed from my first trial were available for download.
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    Worth keeping my PS3? Need input

    Just make sure you format and remove personal information from the PS3 before sending it out. You should deactivate your content from the PS3 as well, but I believe this could be done online.
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    Screw Microsoft / Xbox Live (IE reqs Live Gold)

    Samsung TV? I believe you press the tools button then menu to emulate the PS button. Extra steps but it is there.
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    Tell me what games I should reconsider getting or I should get on PlayStation 3?

    Cannot comment on the God of War vs Bayonetta but if you are considering God of War, you may want to add the Origins collection to your list (now or in the future). Those are the PSP games made for the PS3.
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    Trying to get a friend running Oblivion well and having trouble.

    There is a mod called oldblivion (sp?) that may help in performance. From what I remember reading, it is for older computers and will take away eye candy for performance. That is if you want to squeeze some more performance from the ~30 fps.
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    Sony Vita handheld, buy or pass on it?

    Perhaps the next revision of the Vita will have a TV output like the PSP 2000. I just hope it isn't crippled like the PSP... A HDMI output would be a great addition.
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    EA/Bioware set to make new Ultima game; destroy Ultima series

    I forgot to mention that there are "reconstruction" mods where the games are remade using a newer game engine. If you search "ultima reconstruction," you should find a page with mod information. Ultima V Lazorus(sp?) is complete and runs through the game Dungeon Siege. There is a remake of part...
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    EA/Bioware set to make new Ultima game; destroy Ultima series

    I also enjoyed part 9. I guess it was because I was only exposed to 7 and just wanted to see the land and towns in a 3D setting.
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    EA/Bioware set to make new Ultima game; destroy Ultima series

    blort: Are graphics a priority? If so, just play part 9. This is the only game that is in 3D. If you are more forgiving in graphics, 7 on the PC would be good. The SNES version (supposedly) cannot compare.
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    Most frustrating thing in a Single player game

    Quick time events. I don't get to see to see the scenes. Checkpointless or inability to save in the last mission or so. Why do some developers think it is a good idea for gamers to repete tidous tasks over and over if they fail one aspect of a mission?
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    The New PS3

    I wonder about the HDD upgrading as well. According to Eurogamer's article, there will be a 16 GB model as well. That particular model would be nice if you can add your own HDD and have the OS only occupy the 16 GB space (hopefully eliminating the need to reserve a percent of the HDD for the OS).
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    "PS4 to Lock Out Used Games"

    For this generation. It could very well be $70 for the next generation. Inflation and higher production costs may be used as reasons to increase the base price. $40 - PS1 $50 - PS2 & XBox $60 - PS3 & XBox360
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    PS3 steering wheel?

    Build a stand if you are able to. Otherwise, use a weighted mobile PC desk (or something like that).
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    PS3 Controller Stopped Working

    If it seems worthwhile to you, you could test the controller on a PC using the motionjoy software and drivers. If it still doesn't work, the controller is probably broken.
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    Recommend me the best PS2 RPGs I didn't play

    Rouge Galaxy Dark Cloud 1 & 2 A note about .hack... grinding is practically required (if not to level up, it is to attain some crystals or something like that). If you can't stand "mandatory" grinding, I would avoid that series.
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    how much is an original ps3 worth?

    Not hard. The heatsink is held by four screws beneath the cpu and gpu. If you have never opened a PS3 before, it isn't hard either. Just a lot of screws so look at a guide or note down where the screw came from.