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    Get a Free smartphone at Bestbuy

    you can usually find decent deals on phones but thats not the issue its the data plans that get crazy expensive especially at verizon. i think att&t is a little cheaper now depending on what you want.
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    Remote Support source out there?

    i can vouch for teamviewer ......nice setup and easy to use. tightvnc is another one might want to check out if it hasnt been mentioned already.
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    About how often does Java issue updates? (suspected rootkits)

    i dont recall java updating daily. i would try superantispwyware scan and see what that turns up. are you scanning in safe mode? also scan while windows boots up normally also. i would do a nice ccleaner cleanup if those two find anything.
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    Antivirus Tech support

    detection rate for avg has been piss poor. if you head on over to av-comparatives. you will see. so as for the time being i cant believe anyone using that product free or not.
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    MSI motherboard RMA experience

    nice to know msi takes care of there customers. i will consider buying from them time in the market for a motherboard.
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    PC versus Mac

    yeah at my last job i would do service calls to and i did that job for 15 years. i rarely saw a home with a mac in it. i thought i would see more then what i did see. :rolleyes:
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    The Official "Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty" Thread

    bought it last night. played about 10 missions on normal. its a fun game. i love the story line and how you interact with others on the ship. i didnt like the price but thats a topic for another day.
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    I just had a virus, screwed with proxy settings.

    yeah i see spyware mess up the proxy settings all the time. you have to have some spyware protection today its just to bad out there not to have something. i even use two programs. mse and superantispyware.
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    EVE Online: CCP tells players that they won't fix the game

    yeah i played 2 years myself and there are some issues that i found that made me quit. some ships are still way unbalanced vs other race ships. amarr interceptors i believe and assault frigates if i recall. host of other things besides the lag issue but i heard that got better.
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    MSI - Metro 2033 - GTX 460 Giveaway!

    shouldnt ride the metro its just full of bumbs who smell like pee!!!
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    Got a virus, removed it, but what is this .dll?

    always run ccleaner after you run malwarebytes or superantispyware. there is usually stuff left over after an infection is cleaned and ccleaner does a nice cleanup job!
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    WoW crazt talent tree changes coming in Cataclysm

    its about time that druids got nerfed. the healing that they can do is insane. im talking in bgs though. really unbalanced...some of the classes. resto druid was one of them. not trying to start a flame war just my opinion. druids ....palys and rogues need to be looked at in bgs ..really really...
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    Remote access question I need to work on my dads computer out of town.

    another vote for teamviewer. ive used it ........extremely easy to use!
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    Star Wars: The old Republic E3 News...

    dam spring 2011 long ways off. figure an open beta by december? or so.
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    Who's staying with skt 775?

    ive been wanting to ditch my socket 775 for a few months now.......but cant. no funds to get anything new at the moment. these amd processors are looking pretty attractive at the moment to.
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    Browsers wont work after virus battle

    i see this all the time at work. a re-format is not always needed. just a simple proxy setting.
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    The New EVE: Apocrypha

    not entirely true. sometimes there is alot of risk and very little or nothing to gain actually. sometimes you do get lucky........if your not you can pay dearly.
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    The New EVE: Apocrypha

    dam ccp havent come out with a salvage ship yet? thats a bummer. when i quit playing it was a rumor they were gonna do one.........i guess it was a rumor.
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    ID this card? No input signal

    my google research came up with an asus 7500le.
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    whats the best video card i can get for $100

    to do what with? what kind and wattage power supply you got?
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    BC2 - thoughts - complaints

    i agree to many snipers.....and aircraft in the game are a bit squishy. nice change though because in previous battlefield games........aircraft pretty much ruled the game and commander strikes.
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    recommend a machine to run untangle

    awesome thanks for the recommendations guys. this is home use. need some web filtering. spam filtering .......dont need all the features it has to offer.
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    recommend a machine to run untangle

    how beefy of a machine is needed to run an untangle box? for 10 users and less maybe even 5 or less? would a socket 478 3.1 gig hertz 2 gig of ram do the trick? thanks in advance
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    HP procurve 1810G-24 Any opinions?

    we use them here at work and they are rock solid.
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    Facebook's Eroding Privacy Policy: A Timeline

    not to mention the koobface virus going around. alot of my clients at work are getting that nasty little bit.
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    AMD Build

    whats the price difference between the 955 be and the 965 be?? definately get the cavier black drives...i installed two of the terabyte drives cavier blacks and they were nice and fast. if you have the budget i would get two blues or two blacks and raid one so you have a back up which is kinda...
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    New Build

    i wouldnt get sapphire vid card. warranty is better with xfx assuming you can find one.
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    Intel is dead to me.... :)

    if i were you.........i wouldnt get ecs. i would get gigabyte or asus.
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    Piracy Is Hurting Porn

    what squares dont turn you on?? wtf dude lol j/k
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    Piracy Is Hurting Porn

    well one reason porn movies are expensive. who would pay 75.00 bucks for a porn movie?? sure as hell not me.
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    Are PC games going to be priced at $60 now?

    im not paying 60bucks for a pc game. the madness has to stop somewhere. ill wait until it goes on sale.........yes that means sc2 and diablo whenever that comes out.
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    Chipset drivers for AMD based laptop

    no idea what gart drivers are.chipset drivers are not updated as fast as video drivers at least the way i understand it. radeon xpress 200 has been out a while. i would still try those and then check your device manager to see if any errors appear after you download them i bet you wont find any.
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    Chipset drivers for AMD based laptop

    try the second one. first one looks like its for discrete graphics.
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    Starcraft 2 Beta Key : Free with Pre-Order @ Gamestop!

    ok i got my beta key. i can download the client at 11pm tonight???? from battlenet or starcraft 2 website?
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    Starcraft 2 Beta Key : Free with Pre-Order @ Gamestop!

    so is this another round of betas? is beta going on now? when does the beta start??
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    Please review the specs for my new computer

    i agree i would of gone x58 1366 socket give you better upgrade path.
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    recommend a 2 port raid controller pci card please

    i want to try a pci slot hard drive raid controller card. it seems board im building doesnt support raid. i was thinking this card here what do you guys think? i want to do raid 1. and will be using windows 7 professional.
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    Can't connect multiple computers on WiFi

    is the router handing out dhcp?
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    bad MB or cpu?

    list your entire pc build. did you buy a crappy psu?
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    Looks like 6-core will be on AM2+ afterall

    frys in houston off 59 i believe said they had them. .....amd told them not to sell them yet. they took down the price tags too.