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    Virtual machines

    If I am not mistaken, to enable native virtualization in Windows 10, you will need to have a Professional/Enterprise edition of the OS. However, if you still want to use Windows, you can use Oracle VirtualBox, VMware workstation (this one is not free). Otherwise, XenServer/KVM/Proxmox. Latest...
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    MS SQL Server in VMware Cluster

    I've recently moved the physical SQL cluster into VMware cluster. The main task was to use FCI approach in the VMware. We have decided to rework storage architecture also and move from old SAN box into something new. Since we need iSCSI storage to be able to create SQL cluster, we have tried...
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    Slim mechanical keyboards

    Would recommend Hyper-X Alloy FPS (RGB). Simple and working great!
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    Microsoft acquires ZeniMax Media and Fallout maker Bethesda for $7.5 billion

    Just 2 weeks before the acquisition reinstalled Fallout: New Vegas, the last good fallout on my opinion. Hopefully, Obsidian will now be responsible for the entire fallout franchise and fallout will now be great again :)
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    Seriously Microsoft?

    They have made the same issue with File Explorer in the very last Windows 10 build. Probably it going to be even worse.
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    Ubuntu + Win10 VM

    I had the same case as my Windows 10 and OpenSuse. To make Windows 10 VMDK I run Starwind V2V. Once I had OpenSuse installed and configured, I made an installation of VirtualBox over KVM as it just makes earlier to set up Bridged network connection (KVM is a server-grade hypervisor and lucks on...
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    Is microsoft still giving free win 10 upgrade from Win 8 / win 7 after Dec. 31, 2017?

    Download Windows 10 ISO. Run Rufus to make USB. Otherwise use DVD burner to write ISO to a disk. Boot from the installation media and select "I do not have a license key" option in order to select the required Windows version that will be asked at the very next step.
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    Windows 10: Why can't I disable Windows Defender?

    Seconded. I run Windows 10 with built in Defender for about 2 years. No viruses were detected a month ago. I used to run Dr. Web Live to check viruses.
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    Starwind VSA HA

    I am surprised, that you got issues with bridging optical drive with Starwind. The creation of iSCSI target for CD/DVD export is straightforward and perfectly covert in help - Did you follow the guide?
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    CrystalDiskMark HDD benchmark comparison: 750 GB WD RE2 GP Green, 5TB WD Elements, 8TB WD Elements

    Yes, you understand results correctly (the question is, if Crystal mark shows correct perfromance). 8TB drive shows extreme slow results with sequental operations.
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    Is a 128 GB SSD still large enough for Windows 10 in 2019?

    128GB system disk is more than enough. But if you are going to play games, I would recommend at least 512 SATA SDD.
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    I used Starwind v2v for virtualizing physical servers for some customers, the main advantage is support of different output formats. They have also a free vsan version, which allows to play with high availability without physical san in home lab environment.
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    Gaming PC build verification

    "Crucial MX500 250 GB M.2-2280 SSD" is a SATA SSD, I'd advise to take NVMe SSD for M.2
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    Raid-0 for SATA ssds: worth it?

    It worth only for cache or temporary data.
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    Is there any disadvantage to converting my 2TB Windows 10 drive from MBR to GPT?

    GPT hasn't any disadvantages comparing to MBR. But using RAID0 is a bad idea - if one SSD fails, the data on both devices will be corrupted.
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    My first SSD (update)

    Everything depends on the budget that you have. I would suggest you to look at Samsung 860 Evo and Pro, WD Blue 3D NAND, Toshiba Q300, and Crucial MX500. IMHO, the best choice would be Samsung 860 Pro.
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    Clone OS from 500Gb to 256 GB SSD?

    AOMEI Partition Assistant software is the very good choice. I used this software to clone the OS partition to the new drive on my laptop and at the work on the production servers without any issues. The software is very easy and has information about all the settings that you can choose.
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    bittorrent won't shut down

    What antivirus do you use on Win 7 and 10 machines? Also, did you create the exception for the BitTorrent in antivirus and in firewall settings? Check out this link:
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    Should I get 2 separate NAS or just 1?

    I would not recommend using RAID 0 if you have a critiacal data. Or you should have some solid backups. Check out RAID 5 as an option. Then you can split a virtual disk in 3 partitions. Or use NAS, SAN. As NAS - Synology is good. As SAN check the StarWind which can be used via iSCSI.
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    Which is the best messaging platform in your opinion, and why?

    Telegram. Open APIs, you can create your own bot on Pyton for your needs.
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    iPhone lost at sea recovered by diver after text lights it up

    If the wireless charger get on the bottom of ocean will it be charged?))
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    I want to host all of my video files securely so my editor can easily access them - how?

    I would recommend creating SFTP and it will cover your needs.
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    LSI LSI00244 (9201-16i)

    As far as I know the maximum supported size for your RAID Controller is 8 TB. I did not deal with the larger disks on this RAID controller.
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    windows 10 w/ 4 1080p TV's

    The reason of the problem is in the version of the OS. Because the latest version of MS Windows where the drivers for the ATI Radeon 5570 were certified was the Windows Vista. So the graphics adapter did not work properly because of conflict of graphics adapter drivers and the OS.
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    Enabling vt-d or vt-x and not using it?

    If you don't need it, disabling it via the BIOS is fine. In terms of stability, having it enabled or disabled shouldn't hinder/benefit the stability/performance of a PC. If you're not using software that is making use of virtualization, it should not affect performance. I've had virtualization...
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    adding a 2nd m.2 drive - imaging possible from original?

    it is possible to create an image from the initial windows install on the single m.2 drive, add the second m.2 and create the array, then restore the image to the newly created array. However, there is no 100% right way to do this. Everything depends on drives and the system where they will be...
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    Raid 0 with m.2 sata and sata ssd

    You sure can configure them in RAID 0, although before doing that, benchmark each one of them to make sure both cards have the same performance.
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    New NAS for mixed Mac and Windows

    You might want to also look at the option to have a Windows box with storage, install StarWind Virtual SAN Free on top and it will provide you with an SMB/NFS share that then can be used for both backups and photos :)
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    Poor Storage IOPS

    As far as i know, StarWind does not recommend using teaming, may be if you break it, performance will be better. You may also try going for multiple iSCSI sessions instead of using 1.
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    Help with an small network RFP (request for proposal)

    In regards to hardware renewal, i would recommend looking at StarWind HyperConverged Appliance, they use Dell hardware, do storage redundancy with their own StarWind Virtual SAN, VM redundancy is handled by hypervisor cluster of your choice (Hyper-V, VMware) as for the backup software they offer...
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    Hyer v to VMware Exange networking issues

    Try StarWind V2V Converter, it will do the job :)
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    ZFS vs ReFS crossplatform benchmark?

    Go for Diskspd
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    2012R2 HA Cluster SAN HA Setup

    Replace your SAN with a StarWind vSAN or HPE. Those will synchronize your storage across the cluster and share it back via iSCSI. This way whenever 1 host will go down, everything including the storage will migrate to the node that is alive with 0 downtime. Here is the link for StarWind...
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    $15k to spend - What would you do?

    Try looking at StarWind HyperConverged Appliance, that solution should 100% meet your needs. Storage redundancy is provided by their in-house made vSAN that does HA storage and shares it via iSCSI. VM redundancy is handled via either Hyper-V or VMware cluster, they can work with both...
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    2 node Vsan 6.1 cluster - Anyone have this running?

    VMware vSAN is a very good solution in terms of management and implementation although, Jaymzkerten is right, it does require 3d node to act as a witness, just like hp vsa does. As Olga-SAN mentioned, StarWind should fit your needs perfectly also, they have awesome support that can help you...