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    FS: G.SKILL Trident Z Neo (2 x 8GB)

    Hello everyone! G.SKILL Trident Z Neo F4-3600C16D-16GTZNC Never overclocked just didn't like the RGB after a while. Original packing and i still have the G.Skill sticker too! LF $80 OBO. Trades welcome (looking for a nice NVME) Pictures and mem ID on request.
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    What do you do with your old 1TB/2TB drives?

    I still use all mine. It's not like its dead tech or anything... unless they are actually dead that is.
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    My free trial of PrimoCache disk caching software - would buy/recommended

    I gave it a try with 4GB ram allocated to my steam drive for some games i know to have high load times but are too big for my SSD. Figured it can't hurt to give it a test.
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    Loving this 2600X!

    I built a 2600x yesterday in a gigabyte x470 and under the stock cooler im getting insane temps. Light loads in games like WoW it'll hit 75c and even humble prime95 it'll hit 90c. Checked the paste spread it was good and replaced it twice and saw no changes. No precision boost or overclock, just...
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    Cleaning Keyboard

    I have a Logitech G710+ that i may have spilled beer on it and it sorta broke. After some cleaning it kind of works but it likes to scroll down at random points, whenever it feels like. I looked up some videos and guides on how to fix mechanical keyboards but nothing worked. I hit the sucker...
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    Want JRPGs on Xbox One? Just Keep on Asking

    Japanese companies don't really want to release there content to a western market because the thought of selling 50-100k units isn't worth it. We've already been begging for titles for years, and these companies don't care.
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    D&D Now on Steam, Complete with Dice and a Dungeon Master

    Still cheaper than buying the handbooks. The D&D rulebook alone costs $40 and you have to buy a new one every time they update it. Some campaigns can go for $70.
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    Bloodborne: A Few Tips to Get You Started

    I fucking hated dark souls when i first tried it, but i tried to play it like a normal action 3rd person game. Later i tried again and i loved it. I even went out of my way to buy a ps3 just to play demons' souls. I've probably put in 400 hours combined in dark souls 1 and 2. Played bloodborne...
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    Windows XP Still No. 2 Operating System

    My friend just got a contract job updating hospital computers, and the specific way they want it done takes hours per computer. So they had to pay 30+ contract IT guys to upgrade them and annoy the shit out of staff, so they'd rather not do that until its 100% necessary. I wish they would...
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    Windows XP Still No. 2 Operating System

    I just spent the last 14 hours fixing old dells and frankenstein computers still running windows xp. I can't say i feel nostalgic for being forced to work with shit i used when i was in 6th grade.
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    RSA Conference Bans Booth Babes

    No shorts? Really?
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    Street Fighter V Confirmed PS4/PC Exclusive

    3000 hours on SSF:IV looking forward to throwing 3000 more at this one. They better bring back some of the old roster.
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    Your computer is low on memory. Also....

    Me and some of my friends have been having the same problem recently at the same time. We've been getting those memory errors for a while and it happens when playing some games, or using chrome/firefox on youtube for a long period of time. I have sneaking suspicion it could possibly be caused by...
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    Self-Destructing Solid State Drives

    At least they don't explode in your sleep and catch fire.
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    The 20 Coolest Arcades in the World

    I've actually considered a few times going to japan for a week to chill out in those places. I've heard of some places that will have 40+ street fighter cabinets linked to each other. I have to drive 300 miles to find the nearest street fighter cabinet and they only carry two linked cabinets and...
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    So my Samsung SSD caught fire

    Rebuilt PC from my finally delivered newegg shit, smoke detector very nearby. Very paranoid now.
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    So my Samsung SSD caught fire

    The hiper was the other guys smoking rig that was posted above. I HAD an antec neo eco 620, which is just a rebrand SeaSonic S12II. Also i never had any of those molex to sata connectors in my rig. I wouldn't trust a 2 dollar peice of plastic and wire to power something that cost me over 100 bucks.
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    So my Samsung SSD caught fire

    New hardware on the way... and a new smoke detector heh.
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    So my Samsung SSD caught fire

    APC Performance 3020J SurgeArrest
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    So my Samsung SSD caught fire

    Yes the pc was unplugged, i grabbed the flaming rig from the wall and took it into the kitchen. Who the hell has a sink in there bedroom really? As for the PSU i did plug it in and tested whatever connectors were left with a multi meter, as well as the internals. All looked normal. Mobo and...
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    So my Samsung SSD caught fire

    So while i was sleeping my computer decided to catch fire. i ripped it out of the wall and put it in the sink and inspected the damage. Entire SSD had caught fire, then melted the plastic mounts on all my hardrives. 6 hardrives melted, case destroyed, all psu connectors melted. Also probably a...
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    7 Ways Technology Is Making You Stupid

    Being an internet addicted alcoholic chainsmoker must mean you'll be dead by 30. Or at least have the cognitive abilities of a banana.
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    Fallout 3 Beat In Under 24 Minutes

    The geometry bugs in all bethesda games is why they are fun to speed run, or just dick around.
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    Areal Kickstarter: The Spiritual Successor To S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

    Considering its a company that gave us great games from a cold dark basement in Ukraine i think they can do it.
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    12 Video Game Annoyances That Need to Die

    Half that article was about white male privilege in games and sexism. Describing Last of Us as "Grizzled White Male Slaughtering Zombies in a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland" nearly killed me. How David Wong keeps his job is beyond me.
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    E3 Is Loud, Expensive, Sexist And Violent

    Ben Kuchera is a piece of shit. Please do not give this person any part of your opinions or attention.
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    Warm: Dyson DC 41 Animal $399 at Fred Meyer (Kroger?) after gift card rebate

    I wonder if my 20% employee discount works on this, my vac is 20 years old :D
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    Steve Ballmer Doles Out His Top 5 Management Tips

    1. Developers 2. Developers 3. Developers 4. Developers 5. Developers
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    Deep Web Users Are Ready To Launch Silk Road 2.0

    People laughed when i said bitcoins were mostly spent on drugs. I hear hookers are in the bitcoin game too. Now we if could just get hookers to deliver a bag of weed AND a pizza it would be a true utopia.
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    Major Nelson Unboxes The Xbox One

    Is it me or is unboxing videos sort of like jingling keys in front of an infant?
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    Wasteland 2 Delayed After Getting Too Big

    They got extra money, and gave the game more content. When it comes to stuff like Wasteland and Tides of Numenera we can wait a little longer. After all, we waited this long we can wait some more. It's not like they ran out of money and may deliver a sub-par game, or never deliver at all.
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    PowerColor Radeon HD 7850 SCS3

    I have the regular version cool with dual fans. Considering it tops out at 50c@30% fan speed i can see this being a pretty good passively cooled.
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    Reallocated Sector Count

    Well that makes me slightly feel better. I'll be checking on it daily to see if the values increase. I'm definitely not looking forward to having to find a way to back up this drive if it dies.
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    Reallocated Sector Count

    I checked crystal disk info today and found that my storage drive had a big yellow CAUTION over it. Under reallocated sector count i have a nice warning next to it. It's 1TB Barracuda i've had for about a year, and its about 99% capacity (2GB left). I'm just wondering is the error because its...
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    Balders Gate: Enhanced Edition Midweek Madness 4.99

    For those of you wondering, they added a bit more content to the original game including new characters. Works on modern systems without any fiddling whatsoever. It's not just a BGtuTu mod with a pricetag. Also, easy multiplayer makes it fun if you wanna run with a friend.
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    Clean Your Damn Computer!

    When i was a teenager on summer break when WoW just came out, i sat at my computer for pretty much 16 hours a day chainsmoking next to my computer. Video card was overheating so i opened up the case and it was horrifying. I wish i took a picture of it back then, because it was just fucking...
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    It's Time For Gaming's Contractors To Strike?

    I did contract work for some mid to small size gaming companies. Wasn't really rewarding and when you point out bugs alot of the programmers get pretty pissed. Aside from that it was fairly enjoyable. If you like to find bugs and break games, than it can be a pretty enjoyable job. Downside is if...
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    Video Game Tropes vs. Women Part 2

    Remember kids, modern American Feminism is a hate group.
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    Verizon's Unlimited Data Stops At 77TB

    Here i thought those nasty letters from Comcast for using 3TB a month was bad. This guy takes the cake.
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    PowerColor Radeon HD 7790 TurboDuo Video Card Review @ [H]

    Payed 190 for a 7850, have never been happier. After going from a 1GB 4870 to a 2GB 7850 i can really feel the different alone in just the amount of vram it has. Even via software some of my games are exceeding 1.5GB vram usage and still feel crisp and smooth at reasonable settings.