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    Is Paying For Antivirus A Waste Of Money?

    I re-image with Clonezilla. Cuts down on time by.. A LOT!
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    IBM Sues Groupon Over Business Model

    Oh well I stopped using Groupon when I got the email regarding breast augmentation. My man-boobs are big enough thank you.
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    Ghostbusters Official Trailer

    I salute you with my cane. :-)
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    Ghostbusters Official Trailer

    I'm a sucker for a comedy bad or otherwise. I'll wait until I can rent it. "It's a Cadillac!"
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    Oregon Regulators OK 'Gigabit' Tax Breaks

    I'm sure there's a reason for everything.
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    'Thousands Of Popular Sites' At Risk Of Drown Hack Attacks

    I miss file cabinets. At least you had to physically show up to gain access to information.
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    Oregon Regulators OK 'Gigabit' Tax Breaks

    I hate it when they use subjective terms like "affordable" or "within reasonable" when writing law. Affordable to whome? Reasonable to whome? By what standard are they measured? Ugh.
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    Incredible Marble Machine That Plays Music

    It's like Animusic w/ a touch of "Tardis" thrown in for an organic flare.
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    Eric Schmidt To Head New Pentagon Innovation Board

    Creepy about sums it up too.
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    The biēm Butter Sprayer Kickstarter

    Popcorn yes! Looks messy though I foresee greasy counter tops. I must be one of those "cooking guys" as I can't say I've ever burned butter. I also know better than to use cold butter for...well anything.
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    Vulnerability Allows Hackers To Hijack Your Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

    None here either. But for a different reason, I hate replacing batteries when I'm in the middle of something.
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    Intel Accelerates Path to 5G

    I've seen two sides of this coin tossed around: 1. Bigger better faster yay! 2. Faster downloads just means I hit my data cap faster. I think I'm just neutral and don't really care either way.
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    SteamVR Performance Test

    Definitely not ready.
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    Smartphones Don't Kill Pedestrians, Cars Do

    Sorry I live in the city where there are traffic lights and cross walks. So I only partially "yield" to the paragraph quoted above. ;-)
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    Smartphones Don't Kill Pedestrians, Cars Do

    As I said before, I come from the strictest state where pedestrians always have the right of way.
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    Smartphones Don't Kill Pedestrians, Cars Do

    The laws DO vary from state to state. I come from the strictest state: Minnesota. Law states "Vehicle must STOP if a pedestrian is in ANY portion of the roadway". There is no leeway and you will get your license revoked for hitting any pedestrian.
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    Smartphones Don't Kill Pedestrians, Cars Do

    It doesn't matter what the pedestrian was doing. Pedestrians have right-of-way even if they are jay-walking, walking backwards, walking on their hands, standing in the middle of the road, or crawling on their hands and knees. Cars must ALWAYS yield to a pedestrian.
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    FCC Approves Proposal To Boost TV Set-Top Box Competition

    I would prefer more cable tv provider choices.
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    Accidentally Dropped my External HD, Now it Doesnt Work Anymore

    Oh no Seagates are made of broken glass... :-( Pull the drive and plug it directly into a PC without the enclosure.
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    Google Launches Gmailify

    Same here. If I really wanted to be "Gmailified" then I'd just forward all my mail to a Gmail account.
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    Actor Gets Permission To Sue His Twitter Abuser For $10M

    10 mil seems a bit...Oh I dunno GREEDY!!!??? Is his professional career taking a dive off a cliff or something?
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    Microsoft Is At It Again

    If yours was "good looking" then mine is downright sexy! :p
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    Microsoft Has No Plans To Change Windows 10 Privacy Settings

    Forbes got a tech story wrong. Surprise Surprise... They're a business and financial news institution people...
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    Microsoft Is At It Again

    I changed the angle of the picture slightly and went from Doberman to Golden Retriever.
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    82 Year Old Great-Grandmother Accused Of Piracy

    In the directors own words, "they don't actually make a demand for money". Then why does #3 demand payment? Sounds like a bunch of scam artists grasping at any hanging fruit they can find. Scum of the earth.
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    Aggressive IRS Scammers Resort To Swatting

    Anybody who responds to a phonecall is not too bright. The IRS does business through the mail so you would receive an official letter stating their intent and not a phonecall.
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    Microsoft Is At It Again

    Doberman Pinscher. Not was I was hoping for...
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    NYPD Has Used Stingrays More Than 1,000 Times Since 2008

    Sadly, I did too. I pictured them with mounted cameras peering through underwater windows.
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    Homeless People Lose Internet Access Over Illegal Downloads

    This is severly poor planning. Free internet access shouldn't be "wide open" enough to p2p anyways. If they truly want them to get a job, the internet experience should be more gated towards finding a job, not finding entertainment.
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    California Trying To Ban Sale Of Encrypted Smartphones

    I wouldn't buy a car in CA either. Why pay extra for CA emissions when you can go somewhere else?
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    California Trying To Ban Sale Of Encrypted Smartphones

    They aren't banning all encrypted phones, only sales of encrypted phones. You can come and go as you want to with a phone you bought previously, or from somewhere else.
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    The Onion Sold To Univision

    Univision!? No Habla Espanol...
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    Reliability Ranks #1 As Most Important Factor In Enterprise Storage Purchasing

    Last I checked reliability took a backseat to price. But that's just every company I've ever worked for so what do I know.
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    Judge Allows Lawsuit Against Oculus Founder To Proceed

    As George Takei would say: "OH MY"
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    NVIDIA Hosts Vulkan Developer’s Day

    Go Vulkan!! Go Vulkan!! The only team I've rooted for in years.
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    Worst Passwords Of 2015

    Thank you for giving me more pwds to add to my pwd crack dictionary. :-)
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    Tesla Unveils Vegan-Friendly Car

    lol i like the term "Leatherette"
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    What's The Best Windows 10 Web Browser?

    Varies by who you ask. It's like asking who makes the best car. They're all a pain in the ass when it comes down to it.
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    Microsoft Making Free Windows 10 Upgrade Available To Small Businesses

    Haa haa they have to opt out. That means if someone isn't paying attention....Well you know what'll happen.
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    The Sorry Legacy Of Internet Explorer

    If Edge doesn't go anywhere (at less than 3% market share), IE11 will be Microsoft's only future. Don't write off IE just yet.