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    Cyberpunk 2077: Official Thread

    Probably a day 1 purchase for me. Haven't done that in a long time.
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    Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

    Big fan of the original. Looking forward to this!
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    Intel® Xeon® Processor X7550 Hi-Res MACRO of CPU

    Very neat! Would love to see more
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    AMD 1st Gen RYZEN Threadripper 1920X 12-core$ 419 Bucks

    It's $420 from Newegg but sold out
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    Razer Built A Laptop With Three 4K Screens

    Way more than that. A regular Blade Pro with a larger hard drive is nearly that much:
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    couch gamers input needed for KB&M

    I have no idea if this is any good but I remember thinking it's a pretty decent idea for couch gaming. Not cheap though!
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    Transcend 480gb SSD $86.99

    Thanks for posting OP. Delivered today and going in computer for extra storage
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    [DEAD] [Hot] Doom: Collector's Edition (PC) $41.01 @ Amazon (66% off from $120)

    Looks like Amazon is sold out! Not sure if that's for good but this deal might be dead.
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    [DEAD] [Hot] Doom: Collector's Edition (PC) $41.01 @ Amazon (66% off from $120)

    I ordered two and both came in an Amazon box with some big bubble wrap. $41.40 now :p
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    The Mini Van Custom Mechanical Keyboard

    Apple did it first
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    Tool to detect live cabling in walls

    I have the one linked here as well and it's helped out a number of times!
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    Poe injector

    Would the official Ubiquiti injector work? Official reseller: Ubiquiti Networks 48V PoE...
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    Ubiquity Setup for Whole-Home Wi-FI

    Hopefully it's a simple issue and not this: Warning: UAP-AC-LITE and UAP-AC-LR with UniFi Switch on PoE+ with Shielded Ethernet - Ubiquiti Networks Community Not true. It's 24V Passive!
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    I'm sitting very close to a 48" 4k tv, is there any point in getting VR?

    This thread is hilarious. If you don't want to buy it that's fine. But at least try it out before forming some uninformed opinion. Updates: Vive Availability and More - VIVE Blog
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    Steam Controller -35$ GameStop

    I just picked up both the controller and link from gamestop. Yet to set up the link but curious to see what games are really enjoyable on the couch.
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    VR Sim Chair build for Vive/Rift

    Looks great. Nice build!
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    HTC Vive Owners Thread

    Just got my Vive. Won't have much time to play it over next week. Shit timing as usual!
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    HTC Vive Owners Thread

    I preordered the Vive and didn't get that email if it makes you feel any better! :cry:
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    [H] Poll: Which HMD did you order?

    Went ahead and got both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Have an open room with a soon-to-be-upgraded HTPC that will be home to the Vive and my daily rig for the Rift.
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    Modding different lenses

    Thanks for volunteering. Let us know how it goes.
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    Think I need to upgrade for Fallout 4?

    Not sure if anyone cares, but I backed the overclock down to 4.2GHz to keep max temps in the 72C range and installed the 980Ti. Gameplay is silky smooth at 2560x1600 with everything turned up. Haven't had any noticeable framerate drops in about 5 hours of gameplay. I'll probably eventually...
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    Think I need to upgrade for Fallout 4?

    Fair enough but I actually was overclocked :o Turns out you forget stuff when you don't mess with it for 2 years. It was only a mild overclock at 4.1GHz. I bumped it to 4.5GHz along with higher vcore (temps were pretty crappy under prime95 but only 50-60C in game) and performance was still...
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    Think I need to upgrade for Fallout 4?

    Based on the few leaked screenshots I was hoping for this. I do have a slight upgrade itch. The problem is that I don't really game enough to justify it. I'm almost due to a full rebuild and something like this (new game) usually helps me get over that hump.
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    Think I need to upgrade for Fallout 4?

    Are you suggesting I wait a whole day or two for a good gaming experience?! ;) :p Yes that's the logical way to approach it. Just thought maybe someone that normally plays at 2560x1600 with decent settings could give me a heads up that it may not fair too well.
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    Think I need to upgrade for Fallout 4?

    I've seen the recommended specs for Fallout 4 but I have a Dell U3011 (2560x1600) so I'm wondering if I need to upgrade my video card. Obviously nobody knows exactly what performance will be like, but based on other "modern" games (I haven't played a new release in over a year) I'd appreciate...
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    Daniel Craig Would Rather Kill Himself Than Play James Bond Again

    “Now?” he says, underlining the epic film shoot he just finished. “I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists. No, not at the moment. Not at all. That’s fine. I’m over it at the moment. We’re done. All I want to do is move on.” “At the moment” though. That gives us some hope, right...
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    Path of Exile

    Intentional. Specific to RF only.
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    Facebook Buying Oculus VR For $2 Billion

    Just canceled my DK2 pre-order. Oh well.
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    Facebook Buying Oculus VR For $2 Billion

    RIP Oculus VR :(
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    Path of Exile

    Someone is a little mad on the POE forums. This was in the 1-hour race thread. :p
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    Path of Exile

    New patch. About 425 mb download I believe.
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    Path of Exile

    Wow nice. Thanks for the link.
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    Path of Exile

    This build was posted on the forums and I liked it as it similar to where I was going but different enough. Anybody notice anything bad about it that I may have missed...
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    Wasteland 2 first look gameplay

    Are these guys fans of "Super Troopers?" I swear he said "meow" instead of "now" a few times. One example is at 6:55 or so. edit: another at 8:50
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    id RAGE toolkit

    Yes. If a total conversion is possible I'm excited to see what people think of.
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    Cooler Master Mechanical Gaming Keyboard = $54.99 shipped

    I have the MX brown version and you don't need the DC power cable for the backlight. I think that cord is purely for the USB hub to run high-power devices. The USB hub works without the power cord as well. Maybe there is a difference between the black and brown version though.