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    Dual SIM phone for ATT and Verizon?

    Also, not sure how you got it working on Verizon at all Phone has zero CDMA capability (as Fnordman said). Phone does not support ANY vsrizon lte bands (2/4/5/13) So really not sure why the phone has data...
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    Dual SIM phone for ATT and Verizon? This product may actually work... >$1k though, probably no volte
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    Verizon implements new Unlimited charge

    they tried? so now, it's clear that they are optimizing revenue through price increases, instead of "trying to enhance...
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    Kingston 32GB LRDIMM-LV DDR3 1600mhz quad rank - $62.97 or less

    mine came... they were from newegg, but they sent over 8GB SODIMM ECC... sigh gonna complain + return
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    Verizon implements new Unlimited charge

    Sprint and T-mobile still do (and some of their MVNOs), but they have a "deprioritzation policy" after ~23GB (after using 23GB data..... if cell site you're connecting to right now is congested, you get deprioritized. If you move to a new cell site that isn't congested, you get full speed after...
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    What is the single coolest app you ever installed

    Bus/generic transit tracking app that I wrote myself (reverse engineered some provider's api) Works offline across multiple providers... Terrible commute, but less fuss with it
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    Kingston 32GB LRDIMM-LV DDR3 1600mhz quad rank - $62.97 or less

    it says LRDIMM... I wasn't aware that LRDIMM came unbuffered says unbuffered, but all other sites don't mention unbuffered (still can't find the datasheet)
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    Kingston 32GB LRDIMM-LV DDR3 1600mhz quad rank - $62.97 or less

    yeah.. I heard X10 supermicro doesn't like kingston chips... I'm looking at X9s which shouldn't have this problem... hmmm
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    Kingston 32GB LRDIMM-LV DDR3 1600mhz quad rank - $62.97 or less KCS-B200BLLQ/32G -> only tested against certain cisco servers DDR3 ECC ?Unbuffered? LR-DIMM, quad rank, low voltage, no spec sheet Fulfilled by...
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    are SIM's brand specific ?

    at&T (and verizon) gives out SIMs for free, and charges $40 for upgrade on certain lines t-mobile charges $15 for SIMs (some stores waive, some don't), and charges $0 for upgrade (but requires you to get a new sim, so = $15) sprint stores don't know what those small computer chips are and...
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    are SIM's brand specific ?

    you can print out a nano SIM cutting template (i've done this... trimmed a full size SIM to micro, then micro to nano) no issues
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    Help? New Sony Xperia SX

    The Z1/Z3/Z5 compact is the next best smallest thing. Z3c is around $380 now 4.5"-4.7" though, compatible w/ ATT/Tmobile (need to choose correct model though) 115 x 54 x 9.4 mm (SX) vs 127 x 64.9...
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    Help? New Sony Xperia SX

    are you sure it works 100% on AT&T's network? I can only find one model for Xperia SX (SO-O5D), and it's from 2012 Whitepaper above says LTE band 1, 3G HSPA band 1/6/19, quadband 2G you'll basically get only 2G...
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    Recommend a burner phone? I have it on my cart, shows up as available in in-cognito mode.... strange yeah, B&H has a lot of international phones/tablets/... (similar to expansys).... they do have a table full of working...
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    Recommend a burner phone?

    my link to the $140 version is still up... oh well buy another one to resell :D (though be careful about import taxes.... customs may be wary if you try to bring multiple phones with boxes into the country)
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    Recommend a burner phone?

    as mentioned above, prepaid plans in Brazil include LTE it's missing 2100mhz 3G and band 3 LTE... sigh...
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    Need to vent my frustration here, where is my perfect phone?

    Doesn't solve your root issue (misbehaving services causing wakelocks)... and now, your apps will keep trying to launch themselves in background (and eventually getting killed by OS due to this limit), will waste your battery more You'll still (eventually) get your update... the OTAs roll out...
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    Recommend a burner phone?

    think there is an Asus ZE551ml at $150 on swappa... should verify that it's the correct model obviously (gsmarena shows several submodels... but most should work on LTE 3/7) or used -, can guarantee to be working (B&H...
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    Recommend a burner phone?

    ^ these people above don't know how to check frequency bands TIM 2G 850, 1800 3G 850, 2100 LTE 2600 (B7), 1800 (B3)#, (700*) LTE is available on prepaid plans w/o surcharge Moto G 3rd gen XT1541 has full LTE, but doesn't have 850 3G. not...
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    Need to vent my frustration here, where is my perfect phone?

    No perfect phone.... just decide what you can live with For the nexus phones, you can bypass most of the firmware BS by sideloading updates... I root my phone, so auto-updates doesn't work anyways For the iPhone, you can bypass most of the <insert> limitations by.....? I'm happy with my...
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    Nexus 6 or Moto X Pure ???

    AFAIK, the update is still from Google (aka AT&T/Verizon/carriers don't get to touch or modify it) for 5.0/5.1, each carrier might have a specific Nexus 6 build (eg Project fi had some custom builds, T-mobile had custom builds for wifi calling) For 6.0, seems like it's one unified...
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    2yr renewal + new phone then switch carrier with ETF refund.. worth it?

    for ETF (2-year contract subsidy), I think tmobile only requires you to trade-in a device... could be a different device for EIP (equipment financing), T-mobile requires you to trade in that specific device listed on the EIP... can't be a different device and I believe you have to buy a new...
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    Why does Asus makes things like this

    Samsung does this this too. Guess how much galaxy phones are out there? some of them, different CPUs within the same model (eg qualcomm for USA, exynos for non-usa versions) 38 phones in 2015...
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    Plan ended WTH happened to contracts?

    Zepher: For other people/current plans - there is an option to opt for no "2-yr phone subsidy" for a discount, or stay on current plan at the same cost with a 2-yr phone subsidy For your (legacy?) plan, Sprint does not offer this for you.... you'll go directly to a new phone plan at the same...
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    Plan ended WTH happened to contracts?

    it really depends on the provider and what your (legacy) plan covers some providers allow you to continue to stay on your legacy plan, same price, allow 2-yr contract with "free"/subsidized phones. some don't either way, the "free"/subsidized way is going away... the new plans typically have...
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    best bang for buck android under 200

    skip the OnePlusOne.... not worth the possible display/... issues (and when you have other phones to choose from) Zenfone 2 (if you don't mind the bloat/size), or the Moto G 3rd Gen (will likely be the "Best" futureproof phone outside of a nexus)
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    Question about compatibility with Moto X Pure and unique carrier specific features.

    tl;dr there are some carrier-specific features that may or may nor be available WiFi-Calling (Sprint/T-mobile) - likely not available VoLTE (ATT/T-mobile/Verizon) - dunno... probably yes? Verizon XLTE - yes, since it's officially supported on Verizon, has all LTe bands needed Sprint Spark -...
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    T-Mobile Nightmare

    No, any iPhone 5s should work with tmobile's WiFi calling... Did you get a carrier bundle update and restart? That's how iOS does it - detect Sim, download apns and configs for that specific provider (enabling stuff like volte, WiFi calling, data apns, prls...) The map is computer generated...
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    Is there a reliable method to test current of micro USB cables + charger combos?

    not sure if you're looking at AWG as well, might be something to look at/investigate on the QC cables my devices (non-QuickCharge) charge the best with a...
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    Moto G 2015 3rd Gen 1GB enough?

    nexus 5: +screen +faster? +/~ RAM moto g 3rdgen: +battery +microSD +camera +FM Radio up to you... If i needed a phone right now, i'd choose moto g (have nexus 5)
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    Any good tablets that have cellphone capability?

    on GSM side, there are tablets with phone calling feature... xperia tablet line, some samsung line but none for Verizon (due to their reliance on CDMA/VoLTE for calls)... maybe when these tablets get VoLTE, it might work?
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    Waterproof phones

    don't think about them as "waterproof". (i.e. don't bring them inside the pool) think about them as "water-resistant" (can bring them near a pool / raining). seals break, manufacturing tolerances and ratings (z3 is rated at 1.5m fresh water for 30 min. it's not rated for pool-usage due to the...
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    HELP: Reading data from locked android

    ^ nope... the first time you connect via ADB, you have to phyiscally authorize the connection on the phone's screen don't think you'll find (detailed) instructions on how to do this (legally gray area... that's why you should go to the police, or find a forensic investigator who will verify...
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    Google Play Store accessed online doesn't list your Apps that have available updates.

    well, what if you have multiple phones/devices? the web version will have to have a dropdown (your devices) and refresh the apps that have updates on the devices while the phone's play store won't have to do it
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    Speeding up Sam s5

    with the default 1x setting: when you press the home button, the system will always take (example) 0.5s to animate the app closing and the home screens popping up with 0.5x setting, the system will take (example) 0.25s to do the same thing. It'll appear slightly faster. If your device is...
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    Speeding up Sam s5 ^always recommend this to anyone with an android phone (change all of the scaling to 0.5x/0.25x). It'll appear faster If I'm actually changing it for my...
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    Trying to understand Verizon's off contract More Everything pricing

    we're comparing grandfathered unlimited plan (with no free upgrades), and More Everything plan + off-contract discount (also, no free phones) hence, you don't add in the "free"/subsidized/EDGE-financed phone when you do the comparison @Kelvarr, you'll save $50/month does it make sense to save...
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    Trying to understand Verizon's off contract More Everything pricing

    True But in the past, the phone subsidy was hidden in the cost of service. If you don't pay the $199 upgrade fee for a new phone every 2 years(or$0 upgrade fee for older/cheaper phones), you are leaving money on the table for then carrier That's why I say "forced to get a new phone" or it'll...
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    Verizon: should I buy G4 retail or sign contract?

    you could also consider EDGE... EDGE would give you the same monthly discount... it takes that $550 retail price and splits it by 24 = $22.91... you pay that amount every month on top of your bill, instead of buying the device outright EDGE is just an equipment financing plan as you can see...
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    Trying to understand Verizon's off contract More Everything pricing

    You need to know what I'm trying to promote Tmobile does have a 2 line promotion, truly unlimited everything (not 1GB high speed) for $100+tax (except for the possible prioritization I talked about before, 5GB...