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    There's a Weird Problem with the New Raspberry Pi Computer

    I doubt the chip is counterfeit. CMOS circuits are naturally light sensitive. For most chips, the solution to this problem is to use black opaque packaging. The issue is due to fully encapsulating parts, the actual die is much smaller than the package. This tends to be a problem for small...
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    Budweiser Is Building a Life-Size Pac-man Arena for the Super Bowl

    Will make for a cool half time show while watching the Seahawks win the super bowl again. :D
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    Modern Security Tactics Fail To Protect Against Malware

    Anti-virus software just uses blacklists to detect known threats and heuristic scanning to look for virus like patterns. This only really works for known threats and very limited set of unknown threats. Instead the solution is to do whitelisting with something like Bit 9. It will only allow...
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    $26B Gone: Gravity Hits Apple At $100 A Share

    This is truly a huge loss! Apple's stock hasn't been this low in over 2 weeks. :rolleyes:
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    TSMC Speeding Up Development Of 10nm Process?

    Um, 20nm TSMC is already in mass production at Fab12 and ramping production at Fab14. The fact is TSMC is ramping production of 20nm much faster than 28nm. They expect to ship 300,000 wafers this year and 1M wafers in 2015.
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    What Is Behind Summer's Free Fall At The Box Office

    1) Don't buy popcorn and drinks in the theater. 2) Get discount tickets online:|CategorySiloedViewCP Much cheaper. :D
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    Why Google's Self-Driving Car Will Fail

    So the author discounts self driving cars because they are going to cost hundreds of millions and take several years to develop and his solution is public transportation? The BART extension mentioned at the end of the article is budgeted at $6.1 billion and won't be in service until 2025.
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    Microsoft And Motorola Sign Licensing Agreement

    Wrong company. This is Motorola Solutions, not Motorola Mobility.
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    Microsoft Drops $1.1B for Iowa Data Center

    Between tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and winter storms, there isn't many places left that also have sufficient cheap electricity and major fiber back-haul connections for a large datacenter.
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    Microsoft Drops $1.1B for Iowa Data Center

    There is a lot of things beyond just natural disasters that can cause a datacenter to go offline. If you are trying to build a reliable service, it is better to build multiple data centers for redundancy than have one that you try to keep 100% uptime on.
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    That’s No Spaceship Over Area 51, It’s a Google Balloon

    Not the first time Loon has been confused for a UFO. If you look you can find pictures from the past two years of sightings.
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    Microsoft Extends Windows 8.1 Update Migration Deadline

    If this is no different from service packs than why the heck isn't MS supporting it like they do with service packs?
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    15 Gadgets That Failed to Soar

    I stopped reading at Phantom. That was a scam to begin with and then they sued [H] for pointing that out. No way in hell was it going to succeed.
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    Musicians Game Spotify With Silent Album

    John Cage lawsuit in 3...2...1...
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    Woman Wearing Google Glass Attacked In Bar

    Some people are really too full of themselves... Glass only has ~1 hour of battery life when recording video. What makes people think that their lives are so interesting that it is worth wasting battery life to film them as random strangers?
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    Google Exploring New Cities For Google Fiber

    False. Silicon Valley started in Mountain View with the founding of Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory.
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    IBM Opens The Door To 400Gbps Internet

    You are going to need a hell of a lot more than a fast ADC to build a 400Gbps link...
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    It is surprisingly hard to find a speedtest site that will is capable of more than 1gbit/s... Hell, is broken and won't save your results if you do. Connection is faster, but I can't find a better speedtest site.
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    The Age Of The iPod Is Over

    The problem is for an MP3 player, there has been zero reason to upgrade. While over the past 5 years, the price of flash has dropped significantly, Apple is still charging high prices for the iPod and hasn't even bothered to upgrade the memory capacity in 5 years. I mean $400 for 64gb flash MP3...
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    Intel Will Not Be Opening Up Its Fab 42 Plant in Arizona

    This is pretty much industry standard. While most fabs are in the US or other developing countrys, the test and assembly houses are in Asia or other less developed countrys. I can't think of anyone who does packaging in the US. From my understanding, it is for tax purposes. Shipping a wafer...
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    Report: NSA Intercepts Computer Deliveries

    Might not actually help. The article mentioned Western Digital, so it is possible that they are installing backdoors at the component level.
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    Apple’s New Mac Pro Sold Out

    Try again. These are both dual processor platforms. The cost is always going to be significantly higher when buying two CPUs. A better comparison is a Dell T3610 or HP Z420.
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    Robotic Muscle 1000x Stronger Than Humans

    Much better article: This is a MEMs process, so could be good for micro robots, but a lot of work needed before Terminator sized robots. Wake me when it is large enough that they don't test it on a probe station...
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    RSA Denies Taking $10M From NSA

    The thing is the Dual_EC_DRBG random number generator was suspected as being an NSA back door 6 YEARS AGO. (Notice the article date). To have used it after that point you would either have to be...
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    Man Buys iPad, Gets Box Of Clay Instead, Ends Up Arrested

    Intel does the window trick. It has been 100% effective: :p
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    Yahoo Finally Encrypting Data

    Doesn't work any more.
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    Mozilla Releases Firefox 26 to Beta Channel

    You do realize Chrome updates it's browser about every 6 weeks and is now on version 30, right? Also, the release notes for all of Firefox's releases are published:
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    Google's Stock Hits All-Time High

    Google already announced a split, but it has been held up in court:
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    Verizon Throttling Connection (Netflix, Youtube)

    You can check your speed history on youtube here: I doubt Verizon is actively throttling and there is more a lack of sufficient peering between Verizon and Netflix/Amazon/Youtube.
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    Tesla Model S Aces Safety Tests But Catches on Fire

    If only everyone was carrying around a camera phone in the days of the Ford Pinto...
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    Why is there so few Dual CPU Intel based Workstation motherboard?

    Gigabyte sells one:
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    NSA Disguised Itself As Google To Spy

    So I take it the NSA was behind this:
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    Hynix Suspends Operations After Plant Fire

    Looks like the fire shouldn't effect supply much:
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    $45 Mini PC Runs Linux and Android

    Actually it is spelled out right in the first line of the chart. I.mx6 is a line of ARM Cortex-A9 SOCs by Freescale.
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    Microsoft's IllumiRoom Unlikely To Be Greenlit

    Looks really cool, but wouldn't it just be easier to use the projector to actually project the game or movie onto a larger screen?
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    Apple Stock Soars 22% Over the Summer

    What the article fails to mention is July 1st was very close to AAPL's lowest stock price since 2011.
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    GPS Jammer Accidentally Jams Up Newark Airport

    Increasing the output power 1000% or 30db wouldn't actually cause a significant increase in radiation at the ground. Even with a 30db increase in power, the signal coming from the cell tower or wifi access point in bad coverage would be stronger. The big issue is moving from a 27W transmitter to...
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    GPS Jammer Accidentally Jams Up Newark Airport

    Given line of sight, a 1W GPS jammer 1km away would be roughly one million times stronger than from a GPS satellite. Easily enough to jam a receiver.
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    GPS Jammer Accidentally Jams Up Newark Airport

    Any RF communication is easy to jam if you are close enough to the receiver and have a large enough transmitter. See Near-far problem: Since GPS satellite orbit at 12,500 miles, it doesn't take a very large transmitter to jam the signal.