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    Nokia Lumia 520 $19.99

    Miss the 20 but at least i got the 30 deal nice needed a new phone for my girl and it's att so that helps greatly.
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    Target cartwheel 15% off electronics

    Nice i didn't know about this deal but just brought a kinect x1 for 429 but i went through heck to get bestbuy to price match sams.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    my setup for movies and cable watching.
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    Nvidia GeForce 326.80 Beta

    Add the exe in nvidia inspector they mess up again and added the wrong exe file that will fix your issue.
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    Ni No Kuni $20 at Amazon

    I can see it going free for + members i get it when it's free i have no issues playing the waiting game.I don't see why this wouldn't seeing as all the other good games went free for + members.I see i can get it for 19 used but i rather have a digtal copy and not have to put any money out right...
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    Ni No Kuni $20 at Amazon

    I'm too late darn well i guess i wait for it to be put on ps+ shouldn't be too much longer maybe this month.
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    $15 off $50+ @ Newegg (with a minor catch)

    For firefox use User Agent Switcher works no problem here.Thanks for the info needed a new tower fan saved my self 15 bucks.
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    ASUS PA248Q or PB278Q

    I have nothing but asus stuff i delt with the CS not once did they give me any problems maybe you just have bad luck with them but they been as great as evga has to me.
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    Free pizza... Superbowl contest

    I choose heads also didn't get a email yet.
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    ASUS PB278Q 1440p IPS (PLS Panel)

    It took me like 4 to get a good one really pays off when you find the good one also notice it helps to use led lights behind this monitor these the one i use i mostly have it on...
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    new htpc help

    I use xbmc aeon nox and aeon mq 4 like both but seem to be cpu limtied by my current setup uses around 25-92% this is just idle doing nothing but looking at cpu usage. old build Case antec black fusion amd e-350 4gb ram 1066...
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    670 Fan Curve

    This is what i use for my 3 670 ftw maxes out at 65 its loud but i use headphones so don't hear it anyways.
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    Looking at a 2560x1440 Monitor - Help me Choose

    I had both monitors Auria and the pb27q and imo i like the pb27q better colors brightness contrast is so much better with the asus and Auria just really a Korean monitor just with different name i pay a bit more for a bigger brand then some korean knock off monitor there just not worth it.
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    ASUS PB278Q 1440p IPS (PLS Panel)

    Do you have settings from your 278Q i'm using NCX atm looks great but would like to try out a brighter settings.
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    ASUS PB278Q 1440p IPS (PLS Panel)

    This new replacement has zero back light bleed the other 3 had some of a kind this one i don't see any
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    ASUS PB278Q 1440p IPS (PLS Panel)

    You don't have the 970D to review do you would love to see it if you got a review coming soon for it.
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    ASUS PB278Q 1440p IPS (PLS Panel)

    Shouldn't notice it if your casual user had a few friends over they couldn't tell what i was talking about but there not pc users really so yea pretty hard to notice unless you know what your looking for.
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    ASUS PB278Q 1440p IPS (PLS Panel)

    It's been on all day and nah i didn't have flash on.Got amazon shipping another one be here on the 12th if this one doesn't work out just going give up and pick up S27B970D
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    ASUS PB278Q 1440p IPS (PLS Panel)

    Here used 0 brightness on camera and the brightness on the monitor is set at 27 see the patchy spots. picture one and two this is backlight bleed right?I'm still within my 30 days so i can send back for exchange to amazon.
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    ASUS PB278Q 1440p IPS (PLS Panel)

    Is this normal for this monitor been a day almost 2 days now.This is the 3rd monitor that looks like this coming from u2410 and never have i exp this with my old monitor.I notice this even when playing games like say when you first boot up far cry 3 on the black screen you can see the glow on my...
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    Samsung 840 250gb with far cry 3 $158.39 at newegg

    If i didn't have the 830 i would buy this in a heart beat hot deal.
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    ASUS PB278Q 1440p IPS (PLS Panel)

    Nice man im ordering my sometime this week can't wait to get it.
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    Intel core i5 2500K $99 [MicroCenter]

    Nice deal but i pass already order something from MC and sent it back and there telling me it going take 10 days before they issue me a refund i'm staying far away from MC.
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    ASUS PB278Q 1440p IPS (PLS Panel)

    I'm going wait see if black friday or cyber monday have a sell on these if not i should have the full amount by the end of the month.
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    Auria EQ276W question

    I'm going order one soon just wondering if it be possible to use my stand from U2410 since they look the same layout?would like to know and if not what a good stand i can get from mono price for this doesn't matter desk stand or desk clamp stand.
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    EVGA 670 gtx ftw 4gb

    Yea waiting on my stepup myself evga says a few days there going honor my stepup 3 gtx 670 sc4gb to gtx 670 FTW 4gb
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    overclock help

    Here my new overclock just checking to make sure this much voltage is safe for my chip? Waiting on my 3rd card to come back but so far ran a benchmark there was zero different on the 3dmark11 score current overclock at the moment...
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    tri sli 670 4gb question

    I'm really thinking of garbing 3 gtx 670 4gb instead of getitng the 2 680 classy. I'm gaming at 5760x1200 would it be worth it.I'm a newbie to tri-sli done sli before but not tri.
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    eyefinity question

    MSI Lightning 7970 is the one im waiting on to drop seen it has 4 display port so i be able to hook all my monitors up to the displayports.also any info on if the cards come with the crossfire bridge haven't used ati since the 1950pro.
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    eyefinity question

    What's the best and easy way to hook it up with 2 cards.i have hdmi dvi and display ports on all 3 of my monitors.U2410
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    got a new camera

    got the sony dschx9v/b yesterday looking for a good video converter to downsize the how much meg it take without a PQ hit.
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    Samsung 830

    I just got one but my Marvell controller doesn't let me hit the max speed of what this ssd is capable of and was wondering if anyone knows a cheap sata 3 card i can pick up from either newegg or amazon thanks.
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    Samsung 830

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    Ati 7970

    I have 2 580's right now looking at the reviews of the 7970 seems to be coming along nicely just wondering how AMD is now.I have a triple monitor setup so just wondering if it be worth the jump to the 7970's btw my 580's is the 3gb version.
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    XBMC build

    Well just wanted to post back went ahead and order the items listed yesterday will be coming in today can't wait to try it out.
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    XBMC build Computer case Ram ASRock E350M1 Just wanted to make sure everything...
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    Logitech Harmony One - $135 - Free Shipping

    This remote is well worth the price i been having my for over a year works like a charm everything i won't in a remote you guys are getting one heck of a deal paid 200 for mine was worth every penny imo.
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    Crucial SSD Deal!!??

    How good is this not up to date really on ssd i have a intel 80gb i wanna throw in to my htpc if this is a good drive the c-400.
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    New pc build

    Nice build i will go with this thanks for the help danny.
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    New pc build

    budget is 400 so what would be good to buy with room for a gtx 275 and pretty decent cooling.