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    Cisco ASA-5505 worth anything?

    Those are awesome little boxes. I use one at home and I have them deployed in remote sites. Extremely stable. Remember that those are licensed per user (at least they used to be) so you'll need to find out if it is the 10, 50 or unlimited license. They also come in 2 memory sizes - 256MB and...
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    VMware CBT bug

    Already fixed mine using PowerCLI. Took all of 15 minutes.
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    ASA PAT not working

    Agreed. I'm tired of seeing people eschew ASDM for no good reason. In fact, there are some functions that you must use ASDM for like DAP.
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    NOC software

    I'm surprised nobody's mentioned SolarWinds yet. Not cheap, but very good and easier to implement than anything else I've used.
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    VMware View: Login, disconnect, reconnect, and logout logs

    Yep, it's in the dbo.event table.
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    Network backup software

    Big fan of Commvault Simpana here. It can be quite complicated as well as pricey, but it "just works" and can do anything you want.
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    All-In-One: XenServer 6.2 vs. ESXi 5.5

    Native client works just fine when connecting to ESXi, but not when connecting to vCenter. Get a free license and you're golden.
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    VMFS5: SAN block size vs IO

    I've always found in my testing that 64K has ended up being the happy medium no matter the I/O type. Few gains, if any, found in either direction from there. The only other thing I do specifically now is to use 64K clusters when formatting volumes for MSSQL.
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    Vmware and NFS

    ? VMware supports CBT on NFS.
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    Hack hotel wifi?

    FYI - stealing wifi is a third degree felony in many areas. And posting about !@#$ like that isn't allowed here. Besides - there are much better places than here to talk about wifi security...
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    BackUp Software / Sync Software

    Windows? DFS-R.
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    thin clients, more fad than substance?

    Dytrails, I'm actually doing the same thing where I work. View + Imprivata + Zero clients can't be beat with a stick. You wouldn't believe (actually, working in healthcare you would) how many problems this solution solves for us. And you also probably wouldn't believe how hard I had to fight...
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    TightVNC Help

    To be clear, I mean you must already be logged into gnome/kde. If you're already doing this then I'd check logs and/or fire up wireshark.
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    TightVNC Help

    The session must be logged in first. Will not work if the target is at the login prompt. And wrong forum...
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    thin clients, more fad than substance?

    Teradici Zero clients are awesome. With the pcoip management console server setup (free - unlike other vendors) all you have to do is literally pull the thing out of the box and put it on the network. The pcoip mc will automatically configure it and you're good to go. If you need, you can...
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    Network pics thread

    You think that's bad, we still have a Data General AViiON in production. When purchased in 1997 it ran NT, it has since been upgraded to Win2K. All because our management is worthless. We pay a hardware guy a good bit of money to keep this piece of junk running as well. His costs alone would...
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    Email Troubles - Random and Not Fun

    Yes you can, howerver each user needs to be configured this way. If you try to have your server route all the mail, you'll run into problems. The reason being that google requires login for SMTP and the user you use to login becomes the sender - changed from the original sender. The real...
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    do the number of memory sticks make a difference in virtualization efficiency?

    Define "virtualization efficiency". If you mean VM density, then you'll always want to max RAM regardless the speed it runs at.
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    Lets chat about Software Defined Networking

    We actually bought a pair of F5 load balancers because of the anticipated release of VXLAN support. We are going to use it to extend our DMZ. I think that in order for SDN to gain full adoption across the market it will take a bit of help from hardware manufacturers so that SDN will operate...
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    My VMware View Win7 Optimization Guide

    FYI on the numlock settings - have you tried setting it in the registry? Have a look here -
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    Recommendation for NGFW?

    Cisco has a virtual ASA now as well. I'm not sure if it is suitable for supporting a physical environment though.
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    server room of doom

    Humidity is the problem here. You want 45%. I've even heard of SANs killing themselves in extremely low humidity environments. Low humidity like that is a no go for a datacenter.
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    L2 between datacenters

    Have you looked at VXLAN?
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    Lets talk optics

    Just 1gig. We get 10gig (and all our switches for that matter) from CXtec.
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    Lets talk optics

    We frequently use Fluxlight - never had any problems with them. Nortel and Cisco.
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    Virtualized gaming options

    Well, not to get too realistic on you - but if you can support a single playable session you've accomplished a great thing. VDI which is essentially what you're doing here isn't designed for this type of use case yet. And don't forget all VMware software comes with a 60 day trial. After that...
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    Virtualized gaming options

    With View you have to use PCoIP to enable 3D hardware acceleration.
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    Search for set setting in all of Group Policy

    Group policy modeling should be able to help with this.
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    VMDK from one ESXi server to another

    Use converter or the vmdk will not be properly disk aligned. Direct copies are a bad practice.
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    Virtualized gaming options

    You could also try Teradici Arch for RDS. Will allow you to try PCoIP.
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    "NOC" view w/ SolarWinds Orion

    Have looked at tab rotation like Revolver? That's what we use for SolarWinds...
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    Need help: Slow performance DS 712+ and Vmware

    Jumbo frames turned on? Try disabling.
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    Video Conferencing 3 users, 3 sites

    If you are a Google Apps customer, no data is mined.
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    Need help: Slow performance DS 712+ and Vmware

    I would sniff it with Wireshark and see if anything looks wrong.
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    Online training

    Safari Books Online and Train Signal are what I use. Invaluable.
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    Using RRDtool to graph custom data

    Have you looked here?
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    converting hyper v machine to esxi

    People do it all the time, it's called a V2V. Works fine.
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    Having throughput problems only on 1 VM

    Does not matter - XP and 2003 by default do not align the first sector of the partition properly. Have a look here -
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    Having throughput problems only on 1 VM

    Are the disks aligned?