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    Americans Are Stifling Creativity on Outdated Computing Devices

    Addendum: Google ran on old Sparcstations for a while. How can I edit my posts?
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    Americans Are Stifling Creativity on Outdated Computing Devices

    Right, and using my Nikon F5 stifles my creativity because it's film. I play a piano that was made god knows when - it's definitely not holding my creativity back. I'm using an old school laptop, a 2012 Macbook Air. Not stifling my creativity. If your creativity is being stifled, it is your...
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    Sempron 145 unlocking questions

    Remember that the heatsink of a Athlon II X2 is not that much bigger than that of a Sempron 145. So I would say there's nothing to worry about.
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    Can a p4 pc be a (halfway) decent htpc?

    I had a Athlon XP 1800 which is slightly slower than the P4 you have. It played 720p just fine, except for complex scenes with lots of moving particles (snow, high bitrate, high motion). Tip: skip the inbuilt deblocking filter (you can do that with pretty much any decoder), it will drastically...
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    The WTF Video of the Day

    I managed to last until 0:46 - and then I read mashie's post. I should've known better, but I skipped ahead to 2:00 anyway...
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    'Aliens: Colonial Marines' Shows Off Ten Minutes of Gameplay

    Hopefully there will be more quiet parts - those were the best parts of Alien/Aliens.
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    'Anonymous' Hacker Quits, Burns Bridges on Way Out

    It took this long for some people to realize this. Goes to show how easily swept up people can be. Luckily this one woke up.
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    Tech Gone Wrong or No Big Deal?

    So it's "big whoop" if it's an American TV channel, but "OMFG I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY DID THAT" when China does it on the Olympic broadcast?
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    Corsair 600T Special Edition White Check paragraph 1 with: the paragraph below the first picture.
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    AMD Will Not Endorse SYSmark 2012 Benchmark

    It's not just AMD. nVidia and VIA have also quit the consortium at the same time.
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    Security Update Available for Adobe Flash Player

    Sounds like Steve's Adobe hole got exploited once too many ;)
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    Stupid Criminal of the Day

    Actually this makes some sense. Pics of 25 different girls? A lot of potential profit, gone right there. No wonder he wanted them back :D That said, I wonder if this really is a matter of choice. I'm into blondes, and it isn't a matter of whether I choose to prefer them or not.
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    Wanted 4Ghz of Phenom power, which board??

    At 265MHz*14: kept CPU multiplier the same, CPU NB frequency lowered to 1855MHz, HT Link also lowered to 1855MHz. CPU voltage set to 1.45V ([email protected] is 1.425V), CPU/NB voltage increased to 1.30V from 1.175V. Under load the LLC will make the voltage around 1.48V or something, and it will...
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    Wanted 4Ghz of Phenom power, which board??

    Sure, mine can do 3.7GHz on 1.3V too, if there's 0% CPU usage. But when I put a load on the CPU, for instance folding or anything CPU intensive, the motherboard cranks up the voltage to 1.525V to compensate for Vdroop. If I turn off CPU LLC, the voltage drops down 0.1-0.2V and it locks up hard a...
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    Wanted 4Ghz of Phenom power, which board??

    I encode video for my anime streaming site, and I have a Phenom II X6 1055T at 3.7GHz, 1.525V with all cores running full bore. Anything higher than that and it's not 24/7 stable (I admit, probably not a very good sample, but hey, 900MHz for free). This is on a Asus M4A88TD-V...
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    Anonymous's Winking Denial of the PSN Blackout

    Anonymous is fragmented. Originally they weren't, but still it was pretty obvious from day one that a day like this would come, when some would say "we're gonna do this" and not everybody's following. On another note, even though I own a PSP and PS3, I hate Sony because of its behaviour. Since...
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    Are you skipping 2500K/2600K?

    For general usage (web browsing, multimedia playback, general productivity), Pentium 4 performance is already more than enough. Most of the time it's the HDD that's making the system feel slow. A Pentium D 2.8GHz has no problems playing a 1080p H.264 video, and still feels very snappy provided...
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    YouTube Copyright School Kinda Sucks

    After watching this video, I had a strange urge to perform copyright infringement.
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    PS3 Hackers Home Raided By Sony...Again

    This has become just plain harassment. Maybe Chokolo should move into your house dr.Jester? ;)
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    Facebook Sued for $1B over Delayed Page Removal

    What kind of nutjob sues his own parents?
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    Hentai Games Make their Steam Debut

    To anybody who doesn't know where to begin: try Sengoku Rance ;)
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    MacOS X An Unsuitable Platform for Web Development

    Oh yes, my favourite quotation - "what is this shit, Gentoo?"
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    MacOS X An Unsuitable Platform for Web Development

    Well I'm glad for him that his blog doesn't have comments enabled.
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    Corsair Vengeance™ 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit Drawing

    What I like about Corsair? Their Graphite line of cases.
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    12-Year-Old Boy Genius Sets Out to Disprove Big Bang

    What's going to happen is that we're not going to hear anything more from this guy... ever again. The reason being he'll stop somewhere along the line and realize that you can't disprove the Big Bang Theory.
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    Dual-Interlagos Benchmarks

    It is not a detail of the decoder. Actually read the article, or use Ctrl-F to find out which page it's on. That's right, one size fits all doesn't usually work. In the same line of thought, you cannot optimize for every type of code. What are your customers doing with your FPU? Running x87...
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    Dual-Interlagos Benchmarks

    It isn't, but did you really expect me to type out "2 ALUs behind a decoded macro-op buffer which leads to an integer and fp scheduler" every time I describe a single core? JF can say whatever he want, but then look at all the "bad math" examples in this thread that compare a BD core to other...
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    Dual-Interlagos Benchmarks

    Yeah, you must've read John Fruehe's stuff. He's a marketing guy after all. Go to and read the analysis there instead.
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    Official Crysis 2 Thread

    Oh yes I forgot this one:
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    Official Crysis 2 Thread

    Since when is a programmer's job to write code that runs slowly on everything? And since when did so many maggots who only echo each other creep into HardForum's member ranks?
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    Dual-Interlagos Benchmarks

    No, if anything, I think the marketing department should be turning in their desks. There's a lot of hate going on about Bulldozer because its "cores" don't perform as expected, because its architecture is so different. It's the marketing department's job to soften that blow by saying "they're...
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    Dual-Interlagos Benchmarks

    As I said, a Bulldozer core is no longer a "core" in the traditional sense. A Bulldozer core is only a narrower (2/3) version of the integer unit inside a K10, except they always come in pairs. Why? Because they share a lot of logic for the front end, and the front end was balanced to feed two...
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    Dual-Interlagos Benchmarks

    Yeah, there's no way AMD would release as bad a stinker as the math here would have you believe. I watched Lain too! Whereas a core in the traditional sense would mean integer and FP execution units plus lots of supporting logic to buffer, decode, reorder and execute instructions, a core in the...
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    Dual-Interlagos Benchmarks I made my own comparison, I think a single Bulldozer module will slightly lag Nehalem in IPC, which is also consistent with Kanter's analysis on RWT.
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    NVIDIA Next Gen GeForce Teaser

    What next gen... it's not Kepler, it's just going to be two Fermis on a stick.
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    New Linux Kernel Goes Faster

    It's this patch they're talking about.
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    Media Piracy In Emerging Economies

    Wow, it took them this long to figure out that for the price of a legit copy of (anything with USD prices), you could throw a fete in Malaysia?
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    A quick search for wallpaper 321449 revealed a "louise cliffe", and guess what it really seems to be her:
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    Yes, but who is she? I want that wall.