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    How do I actually get enough sata ports for a case like this? if only i had the money.....
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    Which 24"+ LCD?

    can you point me to a wide gamut display that is less expensive than a standard gamut display? i don't recall seeing one being less expensive:confused:
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    Which 24"+ LCD?

    reason dell cost more is that it's a wide gamut monitor. the HP is sRGB only the dell 24in is 96% adobeRGB that color gamut was what warranted the price increase over the HP but if OP doesn't care about wide gamut then HP is the better choice
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    AMD 6850 and 6870 released, October 18

    funny how that works huh....:confused:
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    Fat32 vs NTFS

    dude u just brought back a 6 yo thread :eek:
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    Learning to type in Dvorak

    so is like 100wpm a wall for querty boards or is it my fingers holding me back?? cuz it seems like i can't get past 105 on some typing tests...
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    Intel & iBuyPower - Gulftown Giveaway Contest

    just trying my luck here...
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    Anyone get a Radeon 5xxx WITHOUT Dirt 2?

    xfx 5770. no dirt 2.... got it cause it's low power consumption, has triple monitor support on one card, decent gaming performance. i7 860, 4gb, win7 64
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    Has anything been figured out on the 5xxx series GSOD issues?

    i been having grey screen issue with 10.2 drivers went back to 9.12 and it hasn't come up yet....
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    Upgraded to 5770 & GSOD?

    i have 5770 with 10.2 and it keeps grey screening with bad company 2.... i don't remember this problem with 9.12
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    New: WD Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 RPM

    thanks for the heads up:) i've only purchased two 7K1000 at the moment but what software do you recommend stress testing with? i haven't picked up the F3s yet, but i probably won't now with your advice.
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    New: WD Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 RPM

    start sending your money somewhere else they'll eventually get it. if they don't then they never get your business again that's what im doing, getting 7k1000.c and f3s for an array i'm building
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    Bad Company 2 Multi-Display Support

    it's never about needs man it's all wants :D +1 on that last bit
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    Whats makes SSD's so much faster then Memory Cards?

    i think ssds are basically a bunch of those memory card chips running in parallel
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    Asus P7P55D PRO or MSI P55-GD65?

    thanks! i don't care about it dropping to vid card is pretty slow so doesn't matter to me
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    Asus P7P55D PRO or MSI P55-GD65?

    question about the gd65.... i have the gd65 and it's been good. but i want to add a raid card in there... would it be okay putting it in the second x16 slot? or is that for graphics only like i read some boards are
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    NAS Solutions

    network bottleneck? upgrade to 10Gbe problem solved :D
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    What would you recommend for a 2TB 7200 rpm drive?

    hitachi...i despise WD's policy of gimping their non enterprise drives from use in raid arrays
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    RV870 Story: AMD Showing up to the Fight

    in for the holodeck in 2016, but i'll probably wait for the next generation hardware so i can play previous generation holodeck games at higher eye candy
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    i7 860 setup vs i7 920.... which should I keep...

    i'd sell the 920 and keep the 860. lower electricity bill and runs cooler when you don't oc it..... and buy a new system when its too slow and needs to be upgraded. so don't need to worry about upgrade paths and whatnot. then again i'm not a [H]ard user....i just use one mainstream vidcard...
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    Does nVidia have more clout with game developers than Ati?

    on the flipside of that why did you buy the gtx275 with physx when it wouldn't work with alot of games then? eyefinity and physx are both just features of the card... that are sometimes implemented and implemented correctly, and sometimes not... i find having more screen space when playing fps...
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    Does nVidia have more clout with game developers than Ati?

    refer to i think you need a lesson in reading comprehension. i don't believe he said it works on all titles, there is a list provided by ati that is officially supported.....
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    GeForce GTX 480 and GeForce GTX 470

    i was an average joe 7years ago... walked into bestbuy and got me a geforce3 ti200. cuz it had better "specs" knew nothing of benchmarks back then till i bought the card and started benchmarking
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    Cryengine 3 to Use in-house Physics Engine, No Havok Physics or PhysX Middleware

    yea i was kinda frustrated with that too...blow up one of those platforms they like to sit in and snipe you and they just get up and grab an automatic
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    Waste to upgrade video card?

    yea i hear BC2 is pretty heavy on physics so i think the cpu could've been the problem if your graphics slot is agp i it's not worth it to upgrade pcie? still not worth it. but then again i don't upgrade anything after i've finished building i just add more stuff
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    RAID: 0? 1? 0+1? 1+0?

    that's if the controller can do striped reads from both drives. i'm not aware of what controller capable of doing this
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    RAID: 0? 1? 0+1? 1+0?

    not so sure about that sequential reads on SSD are anywhere from 60MB/s to 150MB/s faster than HDD and with random reads there's no contest. raptor's are faster than regular HDD, but now it's not a good way to spend your money when SSDs are about the same price but alot faster...
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    i7 860 vs i7 920

    +1 but i'm quite happy with my msi gd65
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    i7-860 in lanbox w/stock HSF hits 90C!

    that's what i got when i had stock HSF on my 860....quickly got rid of that POS. it's a really weak cooler. tiny bit of copper at contact point and short aluminium fins
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    AVP thoughts and impressions

    disappointed...wanted to see what dx11 was like
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    Hard drive sizes have stopped improving

    ....? i don't understand how one drive failure of a 1TB drive in a 7disc raid5 array would be less protective than a 500gb disc in a 7 disc raid5 array
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    Backup Solution for Multi TB Storage System?

    how long would it take to backup a few terabytes of data over a broadband line?
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    Physx on p55 1156 board

    you can always stick that phyx card on the bottom pcie lane and keep x16 on the 260
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    Physx on p55 1156 board

    i love the p55 but i don't plan on upgrading graphics cards ever..... and i mean ever my last computer had a 6600gt from the day it was built to the day it was disassembled. which was last december i bought the p55 cuz it didn't need the extra northbridge chip, that uses extra wattage, and...
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    GeForce GTX 480 and GeForce GTX 470

    i'm dying to see numbers!!! even though i'm not buying one..... i don't upgrade my system after i already have a part in place too cheap to do that:D
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    New SSD for OS and WoW only

    just one 1TB drive and one SSD drive? no redundancy at all so no raid
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    Upgrading from 8800gt

    what problems? i'm running 64 ultimate, wondering what i need to look out for
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    SLI or Crossfire?

    2x260 is probably not much faster than the 5870.... why spend money on getting the same performance? and if drivers are immature right now they'll only get better so why spend more to get the same performance
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    5770 at 1680 x 1050?

    i have a 5770 clocked at 880, 1350 run MW2 at 2048x1152, with max settings, no AA with crysis 2048x1152, high settings no AA there are seconds where things get slightly choppy but that's only seconds. in hours of gaming so it's no big deal to me