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    keyboard not working on XP Pro installation

    yeah, all i can come up with is it having a bad board. kinda a funky problem because nothing bad was reported on that machine until it had an image deployed, and it's the only one in that lab with a problem
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    keyboard not working on XP Pro installation

    hey there, I don't know what to search for regarding this topic so I apologize if this has been brought up before I have recently installed Windows XP Professional via Windows Deployment Services at work. It is the only computer in the lab that will not type 0's, 5's, 1', or L's no matter...
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    Worth getting into css now?

    cs:s != 1.6 unless CS:S is on the 6th patch, which i don't think. i'd go for it. you really can't go wrong with half life 2, i think it's probably my favorite single-player experience of all time.
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    FS: Wii, PSP

    TTT for day crew. thanks for bumps, emails, and PM's.
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    FS: Wii, PSP

    car mod bug's got me in its grip edit2: both items have been sold, THANK YOU VERY MUCH to everyone who's kept me bumped and thrown me offers!
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    PS3 vs. Wii, apple style

    swiiing and a miss.
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    Does an expensive mouse affect ur gaming at all?

    it depends on the mouse, there's a certain point where more expensive doesn't help me at all if i were to use a 2-button ball mouse, my gaming would suffer but i dont think that I would need anything more than the MX510 logitech optical that I use now.
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    Jack Thompson on FOX News right now

    pretty much went like this Jack Thompson: Cho Seung-Hui trained on CS, just like a few other kids in previous shootings Reporter: I've been researching all morning and haven't heard the game counter-strike mentioned in any shooting but this one Jack Thompson: I went to Google and...
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    Jack Thompson on FOX News right now

    spewing some garbage about Counter-Strike being a training source for Cho Seung-Hui as well as many other school shooting students good thing the reporter is making him flustered and look like a general idiot :D
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    The game that started it all!

    Myst and SimFarm on my Apple Quadra 610 edit: first online were a mix of three...Soldier of Fortune, StarCraft, and Ultima Online. All 3 were on my 300mhz p3 boxen, which was the first pc my family had on the internet.
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    Halo 3 Rule of Three

    go figure, hehe i got my registration in about noon central yesterday.
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    The game that started it all!

    ultima online was my downfall a friend of mine conned me into playing it at his dad's house 25 days of WoW and countless FPS hours later, i'm just a bit worse for the wear
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    I spend more time building gaming machines than using them

    yep i have much more fun actually building the hardware than i do using it. i can't count how many hours i've spent on newegg and anandtech
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    Halo 3 Rule of Three

    im thinking it's based on PST because the bungie offices are in california, iirc
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    any one want to start a clan for the [H] in halo2

    nah, i think he's talking about line of sight RF not bad stuff for people who can't get anything but dialup :D
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    any one want to start a clan for the [H] in halo2

    hey i used to be like that, until line-of-sight wireless came into the vicinity :) now i have a 10mbps line at school and i never wanna go home :)
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    I'm not waiting any more to find a Wii .. So now I'm a DDR newbie!

    although I really like the Wii, picking up a ps2 isn't really a bad choice. still good games coming out and an unlimited library of outstanding games (gran turismo series, FFXII, metal gear solid 3, god of war) to keep you occupied happy gaming :)
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    The Story of a Best Buy Worker who wants a Wii

    hah i might work at best buy over the summer just so i can get a big screen TV at the end of the summer :D
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    Gears of War

    am I the only one underwhelmed by this game? sure, the campaign is friggin awesome. especially with co-op on Live. however, the multiplayer gameplay feels clunky (mostly due to the cover system) and slow. i much prefer halo2, still.
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    some direcdraw problems

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    need artec drive firmware

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    Your favorite Zelda game?

    you don't need that many rupees to buy the magic armor. and you really only need it for the cavern of trials, anyway.
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    Your favorite Zelda game?

    i like twilight princess way more than should be legal. i put TP in my top 3 of all times list.
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    Xbox 360 folks that know about the a/v port

    microsoft can program firmware to output digital content a la HDMI, right? is there anywhere i could find some sort of white paper on this?
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    Which one to buy?

    i concur. i love my 360. there's just not enough games for the Wii to put it above the Live online play and deep games out for 360
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    I'm starting to be thankful I missed out on the Wii.

    i enjoyed my wii for all 75 or so of the hours that i played zelda (to completion), red steel, and wii sports my mom got me GT Pro Series for christmas and it sucks. it's pretty tough, i might just need to give it more time though. but i haven't played it past the 60+ hours of zelda and...
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    US Wii Forecast Channel is up

    haha, nerd :p two step as well :D
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    xbox 360 DX10?

    by leaps and bounds, just like PC's of last year looked much much much better than PS2 or XBox
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    Is the Wii hard to play sitting down?

    i played all 60-70+ hours of zelda sitting down.
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    wii component cable

    why on earth would HDMI factor in anywhere to a wii component cable? it goes wii a/v connector to component male
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    Xbox 360 - Component Connectivity Dropping

    you need to flip the switch on the av/out connector to HD instead of composite. RTFM
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    looks like you missed the bandwagon on this one. all of the people who failed to sell theirs for alot around launch are keeping them to sell before christmas. good luck :)
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    Ordering a Wii Component Cable

    my shipment just got delayed from tomorrow to wednesday <----- unhappy camper
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    ASUS Striker as Newegg

    so remind me again what justifies the price of this board? is the 680i chipset the only quad-core compatible chipset?
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    COD3 Xbox 360 vs PS3 vs Wii

    exactly i've been playing every version of call of duty since 1.1 (god bless the m1a1 carbine of death) and i was pretty angry when i heard that CoD3 was console exclusive so i just decided screw it, more time to play CS on the PC :)
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    COD3 Xbox 360 vs PS3 vs Wii

    to be honest, i didnt think the wii version looked ALL THAT BAD
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    Ordering a Wii Component Cable

    oh my...i desire those cables i think im gonna hack up my ps2 cables tomorrow and do the ghetto component mod :(
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    Zelda: TP, what are those owl statues?

    nononono that's not an owl statue, that's one of the hidden skill statues (i have all 7 hidden skills) im on the last dungeon now :) only have to do some of the fishing, about half of the bugs, and about half of the heart pieces and i should be near 100% complete :)